Jade Jagger Marries DJ Adrian Fillary in England

    July 2, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, tied the knot at a celebrity-infested event in England over the weekend. The lucky guy: DJ Adrian Fillary, who spends a large amount of his time promoting festivals. Also in attendance was Jade’s mother Bianca, a former jet-set darling who would often leave her daughter under the care of friend Andy Warhol when the girl was just a child. How many people can lay claim to that?

According to Refinery 29, Jade decided on a very unconventional wedding dress: her own. Instead of snagging a pre-made gown off the proverbial rack or commissioning a high-profile designer to piece one together, she went for the do-it-yourself alternative, which is apparently receiving rave reviews. A bride who doesn’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a dress sounds like a fantastic catch in my book.

For the couple’s first dance, daddy Mick hopped on stage to perform “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, a song that, depending on your perception of the piece, is either sweet or slightly insulting. I’m assuming the former was probably Mick’s intention, so I’ll refrain from further speculation. Still, it’s an odd choice, that.

In addition to mom, dad, the bridge, and the groom, several other celebrities made an appearance at the shindig. Kate Moss, whose daughter was a flower girl, also showed up for the festivities. Jade’s daughters from a previous marriage, meanwhile, served as bridesmaids.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

  • Harvey Lain

    Photoshopped! Mickon the right, sort of straight, Mick on the left in drag.

  • Maru

    OMG, Bianca looks like Mick in drag…
    Congratulations to Jade and Adrian

  • Susan

    Wow can you say oldies but goodies. It just seems like yesterday Mick and Bianca were getting busted with pot at an airport somewhere. LOL.

  • Nicole

    Yes, I was just about to ask who’s that monster on the left. Bianca has hit the pavement.

    • http://yahoo Jeaux

      And skidded down the road about 500 feet! If ever there was an argument for plastic surgery….

  • jaggersjagger

    Some girls give me money
    some girls buy me clothes

  • Lillian seymour

    Wow seeing Bianca was a shock,she was sooo gorgeous,I hope it’s just a bad picture, of course lets all of us turn back the clock 30 plus yrs.

  • EC

    Big rolling stones fan – but Mick needs to trade-in the beetle juice outfit.

  • linda

    What’s up with that hat?

    • Luv

      what a “stoopid” remark

  • Cal

    It’s the only words to a song he can remember.

  • http://www.wildcaTVision.com lynx

    easy low blows. How many of us are going to leave a legacy of the greatest rock’n’roll songs on the planet? He’s still a charmer, and I’m sure he could afford it. THE ROLLING STONES ROCK!

    • Luv

      you hit the nail on the head…. lol….. I was thinking how harsh she looked….. but then….. lol… there was something familiar and that was it … Michael Jackson in his Faye Dunaway as Mommy Dearest look !

  • Shannon

    Wow, I thought it was Michael Jackson on the left.

  • ann coley

    what a shock to see Bianca,she looked liked something in a wax musemum

    • Laura

      Just scanned the article I didn’t realize who it was till I read your post—I agree I think they need to return her to the wax museum

  • Janet Canter

    Congratulations to Jade & Adrian.

  • Laura

    Who’s the grouchy hag to the left of the bride–she don’t look to happy!

    • Edek

      That would be her mother Bianca Jagger, former wife of Mick Jagger – the bride’s father.

  • dwebb

    In addition to mom, dad, the bridge???