Jada Pinkett Smith Shows Support For Teenage Rape Victim Via Facebook

    July 14, 2014
    Val Powell
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A 16-year-old girl named Jada was the victim of rape and kids have been spreading the incident on their phones and social media. “Everybody knows. And everybody’s texting me are you OK? You’re going to be OK, and I was like alright.”

Now, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith wants justice for 16-year-old Jada. The 42-year-old actress posted a note on Facebook with the hashtag #justiceforjada. “This could be you, me, or any woman or girl that we know. What do we plan to do about this ugly epidemic? #justiceforjada.”

According to Jada, she passed out during a party after consuming a drink that she believed was spiked. She was then undressed and raped. Her attackers also videotaped the incident. Furthermore, they took pictures of her in different poses. Jada said that she did not know that anything happened to her until pictures and videos started showing up online.

“I had no control, I didn’t tell anyone to take off my clothes and do what they did to me,” she said.

Right after her photos were spread online, students at her school and people online started bullying her and using the hashtag #jadapose.

Jada’s mother said, “No one’s daughter deserved this. No human being deserved this.” Though rape victims are not required to identify themselves in news reports, Jada said that there’s no point in hiding her identity. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

Houston Police are still investigating Jada’s case.

Pinkett-Smith is not the only celebrity showing her support for Jada. Mia Farrow also showed her support by urging parents to teach their children about how serious sexual assault is. “Parents & Teachers it’s time to step up! Teach boys to respect each other and all girls and women #JusticeforJada,” she wrote.

Amidst all the controversy she is facing, Jada says that she hopes her story will bring her justice.

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  • Joy

    You have to be very careful at parties young ladies…Don’t get falling down drunk,because it’s not ladylike.Never consumed a drink someone gives you,and don’t leave a drink to go to the bathroom which a lot of you do,or accept a drink from a guy that you think is so handsome and romantic(There are some handsome devils out there to you know)If you don’t put yourself in those situations no one can take advantage of you are embarass you later with naked pictures on the internet.

    • eleven

      WHAT?? your first “instruction” is “Don’t get falling down drunk” Are you actually living on this planet? Alli it takes is a sip or two from a doctored drink and the drug can seriously affect the woman or girl. You must be one of those morons who say the girl was dressed like she was asking for it. I was raped at age eleven, there was no drink involved, there was just violence, and him beating me and yelling at me during his “performance.” Your other advice isstandard common sense, but often these drug or date rapedrugs are worked togetheras two or more boysor men. They switch the drinks, and even hold the girl down while another pours the stuff into he rmouth.Too bad you never get to read actual crimnal reports, or you’d change your judgemental tune.

    • Rayvyn007

      While some of the things you say TJ are good advice, let’s not forget the real issue. If a woman gets falling down drunk, she is not asking to be raped. Men get falling down drunk, are they asking to get raped. It is the rapists fault because women get falling down drunk all the time. Also plenty of women get raped without any drug. In the military I heard about a woman getting raped by a guy who put a knife to her throat. Tons of rapes go unreported in the military because if a woman in the military reports a rape, her career is practically over. They punish women for being raped in the military because some in the military, some old soldiers feel it’s OK to rape women. Thankfully that is changing.

    • Crmy Coco

      Stop blaming the woman, you moron! Women who have not been drinking get raped all the time. You sound like a POS.

    • useyourbrainforonce

      Yet another “blame the victim” train of thought. Women are raped at home too. It’s not gentleman like to not be able to control his sexual urges either. It’s not gentleman like to drug a woman’s drink and “have sex” with her when she can’t give consent. That’s not sex, that’s RAPE. It doesn’t happen only at parties, moron. Someone broke into my house in the middle of the night, and raped me several years ago. Is it my fault, because I was asleep? No, it wasn’t. Stop blaming the victim and put it where it belongs, with the person DOING the raping.

    • N. A. Crawford

      She didn’t get drunk, she was handed a drink. she sadly, took it for a regular drink, but it wasn’t.

  • michelle miller

    however, If you were paying attention to the article, she drank a spiked drink… she didn’t get drunk on purpose, she was drugged. I do have to agree that these girls need to be more aware of what’s going on around them.
    These little ‘BOYS’ who like to take advantage of drunk girls needs to have their little things cut off…….. where are the parents of these boys?? why aren’t they teaching them how to be responsible men?? wtf!

    • DM

      The boys parents will be there to defend them, and blame Jada?!
      They’ll take it further and say the boys have their lives ahead of them blah blah blah. I say they need to go to jail.

      Now the only comments i agree with here, as we were told in the ’90s, is to not accept drinks at parties period!
      Basically girls have to have their guard up when in a situation like this.

      • michelle miller

        so true :)
        They need to go to jail for a longtime. this is another Steubenville case right here….

  • TM4Real

    Don’t leave a drink and then go back to it. Don’t take drinks from people you don’t trust, or if you do not see them preparing it. Go with friends you trust and stick together. Do not leave anyone behind like the girls did with Natalie Holloway.

  • Dee

    Why should we have to tell girls not to go hang out where you don’t know everyone, be careful not to drink from an open container, travel in large groups, and never dress in anything that could be considered attractive? Instead, teach young boys to be men, not to look at a girl as a piece of meat, but as someone valuable, worth protecting. Sorry if this isn’t the feminist answer, but look at every girl as a princess, valuable, highly sought after, and compete for her attention. She is more precious than anything you could buy, she can grow a life inside her, nurture even when she is exhausted, and still find the strength to fight for those she loves when she has cast aside all concerns for herself. That girl is beautiful and precious. Be a man, protect her, not because a girl is weak, but because she needs to know she is worth it. Stand up for her, so she doesn’t get tired of doing it all on her own. If someone drugs her, pick her up, and carry her away from them. Instead of telling girls how everything they do reinforces that they get what they deserve, teach boys to be men so they can deserve a woman that doesn’t have to be afraid.

    • kenya

      I really love what you just wrote. It is so true that really men protect and provides for a women not hurt. That what separates boys from men. A really man knows the value for a women. A man is to love a women as God loves the church. Thank you for what you said and taking it back to the way it should be. A women cant be blamed for the action of another which cause her to be rape just like she can’t be blamed for the action of a BOY that hits her. She didn’t do anything that girls and women don’t do everyday. I feel like if a woman walks down the street naked that still gives no man the right to put his hands on her. You could blame her if she was getting in her car and got rape why blame her now.

      • kenya

        sorry couldn’t blame her if she was getting in her car. Typeo

    • Renee Boudreaux

      But in the meantime, a woman or girl better watch her own back.

  • guest

    I want justice for Jada. Upvote if you do too.

    I”ve always had respect for Jada Pinkett Smith, she’s not only and actress and a mother, she has good judgement on what issues to draw attention to. Everyone should pay attention to this case–todays teen rapists who drug/rape a girl are just getting started in a life of more serious crimes. What’s next for these punks?! Rape/Murder/Serial Killers?

  • none ya

    how about instead of telling her not to accept drinks or drink too much..how bout you tell her to stay her ass at home and do some damn homework.she is 16 and shouldnt be drinking any damn way and if her parents gave a half a shit about her maybe they would have be more involved in the who what when and where of this party…grant you I am not excusing the actions of the people who did this to her..she did not deserve it but at the same time where was her parents? If my 15 yr old came to me and asked to go to a party the only way she ever would is if I spoke with the parents and was certain that a RESPONSIBLE adult would be there and that no alcohol of any kind would be allowed and if I was the least bit skeptic about it then trust I would be the stalker mom parked a little ways down the road watching what is going on…you dont have to drink and do drugs to have a good time with friends…

    • kenya

      You are blaming her by saying she shouldn’t have been there. I don’t care where she was and who was or wasn’t there she did deserve to be drugged and rape. Bad things can happen to anyone at anytime no matter who is around. Women get raped in their home on buses in parking lots. Next thing we will be telling women be in groups at all times as thou we are held responsible for whatever happened to us in which we had no control over. Rape will and have always been about control and power not what is had on or how much she had to drink. Its not boys will be boys or she was asking for it. We need to stop making it about the women and put the blame where it belongs and that’s on the Boy who do this.

  • Miss B

    To Miss Jada I am praying that you find justice in this traumatic ordeal that you have experienced. To offer advice I would be a day late and a dollar short at this moment. Just you speaking out is showing strength and the ability to move forward. Stay focused and you will be blessed with all that you strive for.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Why bother still discussing bout this pic? Shes probably a slut just like her mother. and he already bang her. Jada is a irresponsible parent thinking she have millions of dollars and doesn’t even take care of her child

    • noneofyourbusiness

      You make me sick. Get a clue, and I pray it doesn’t happen to you or anyone you love FOR you to get it.

  • Ulina Gustave

    My question is who is raising these kids? Why would your son rape someones’ daughter and think its’ ok to advertise it Where are the parents of these creeps…

  • meme

    she should kill those bastards the court want give her justice

  • meme

    any man that rapes a women should get killed case closed most judges are freaks pedophile they dam selfs justice not coming from people like that look at the fact they did not get charge yet what does that tell u

  • meme

    rodney king incident caught on videotape no justice in court study history people never look for justice from the courts u will repeat history if u dont learn from it

  • jennifer

    is this the same jada pinkett smith that allows her preteen to lay in bed with a 20-something man?