Jada Pinkett-Smith Goes On Vacation After Photo Scandal

    June 10, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted on the beach in Hawaii recently with husband Will, the two of them kissing and being playful with one another like teenagers. The couple’s getaway follows the news that an investigation into a scandalous photo of their daughter, Willow, was being closed by Child Protective Services.

13-year old Willow was photographed lying on a bed with a shirtless Moises Arias earlier this year, and the image made its way online, where speculation grew that there might be something inappropriate going on. However, there was nothing in their poses or body language that suggested so.

“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool,” Jada said shortly after the picture made the rounds on the internet.

According to RadarOnline, the case has been closed due to lack of evidence.

“There has been no evidence presented that Willow has ever been in any danger around Moises, or that she has ever been physically or emotionally abused. t’s likely the investigation will remain open for the next two weeks out of an abundance of caution, with no findings of reprimand against Will and Jada. Willow is a very well adjusted, smart, and articulate young lady,” a source said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Bonelipus

    Looks like you’ve been on vacation regarding your whole families well being. You are a terrible mother and if you think running away from this will solve the problem, you are very mistaken. Your daughter will end up pregnant or hurt by your lackadaisical parenting approach!!

    • stoneloc

      will and jada are a couple of wierdos!!

      • happyascanbee

        That is what open marriage does to your kids. If your kids see u screw around like stray dogs, then they will end up the same. Kids learn from what parents do.,

    • getagrip

      judgemental! reading is fun to mental fundamental.

      • Bonelipus

        Yup, Getagrip, you are probably the same kind of horrible mother/father this wench is…keep up the good work. When your children turn out to be losers, you will blame everything else in society but yourself. Take a bow!!

        • don’tjudgeothers

          Bonelipus who are you to judge others parenting skills just bc that person made a comment on yahoo. Getagrip said nothing about being a parent. Your just trying to get attention with your mean words to others. If you don’t have anything nice to then don’t say nothing, maybe your mother and father didn’t pay much attention to you since you don’t already know that golden rule

        • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

          Bonelipus: How do you know this lady is a terrible mother? How good was your mother that you can speak to others this way, call people names and talk like you do? My gosh, CPS (albeit the most worthless entity in the world, however, tasked to make these kinds of decisions) already CLOSED their case…they didn’t see anything, how is it you do?? OMG. What a neurotic mess right there.

          • Bonelipus

            Because all the money in the world will make any investigation go away. What Earth are you living under? These people have all the money in the world to make anything go away, you are not dumb, you know this. But I get it, ur probably a worthless mother/father urself and u have to look at others like urself for support…….

          • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

            I know what Earth you are living under (Hades).

    • areunuts

      what a bunch of worthless crap you are saying… get over yourself loser

    • VEE

      People like YOU make me sick, with your opinions on others parenting skills. Are you in their house everyday? Do you know any of them personally? There are plenty of parents who follow the conventional way of parenting, and their kids turn out to be criminals, get pregnant, do drugs, and partake in mass killings. I applaud Will and Jada for being close with their kids and letting them be themselves. They have very gifted children. You don’t parent every child the same way. I have been in my brothers room as a teenager on a bed with his friends plenty of times playing video games or watching TV in our pajamas. Stop trying to take innocent things and turn them into perversions.
      In short, YOU are not GOD so stop judging!!!

    • Scottie Richardson

      Yeah, I heard Jada reads the comments of http://www.webpronews.com. Good job.

  • turtle_avenger

    Thank you! Even CPS didn’t find anything wrong, and they investigated not just read tabloids.


    There may not be anything sexual going on but, it does look suggestive.Willows’ frequent actions have shown she is out of control. Instead of the parents blaming the public for “being dirty minded” like Jada said, perhaps she and Will should get their daughter under control.

    Willow thinks she is an adult. She isn’t.

    She thinks she knows better than everyone. She doesn’t.

    Send her to boot camp. It is her last chance to grow up right and stop being the animal she is.

    • V

      It does not look suggestive at all. Get your grown up mind out the gutter. I’ve done that plenty of times with my brothers friends. If you did your research you would see that they were watching TV. Do you know Willow personally? How do you know she acts like a grown up? Like I told the idiot before you, you don’t parent gifted children the same way as ordinary children.

      • happyascanbee

        I know right ? Based on these kids actions and looks, they are very good and well behaved kids. It is like watching a straight A student work hard for success. And that is exactly what these kids do. Prodigy kids. I’m sure they are academic smart as well. Yeah.

        • Sheila Freeman

          how do you know she’s a prodigy? because she can whip her hair around in a video? what is your criteria for claiming she is a prodigy, because she has two famous parents? Jada is at best a b movie actress and I used to love Will, but man this makes me question his state of mind when he thinks a child can make their own decisions and raise themselves…

          • happyascanbee

            Sheila, it was all sarcasm on my part. I don’t think they are not smart at all..if they are, they won’t do the stupid things they are doing now. And the parents are neither. No respect for their marriage since they sleep around.

      • Sheila Freeman

        who says she’s gifted, who says she’s better than any other kid her age. you sound like a weirdo.

    • Neci

      Ha she a lil girl thinks she is better than anyone else. You sound like an 11 year old jealous lil girl lol

    • Sheila Freeman

      I agree with everything except the animal. It was not her fault, at least not yet. A few more years and it will be. Will and Jada think that being a parent means being a friend. Well, just the opposite. Your children look to you for guidance, setting boundaries and showing them how they should behave. Why on earth a guy in his 20’s is hanging around a little girl is beyond me. Why would they think that was ok is even more bewildering. If that weren’t Will and Jada, I’m sure CPS would have taken her out of that home. Will and Jada, you two grow up, learn what commitment means, and teach your children how they should conduct themselves, teach them to have respect for other people as well as themselves and teach them to respect their bodies. Something, both of you lack! If you two show that even your togetherness is negotiable, they’ll think it’s no big deal to sleep around themselves. She’s only 13, she’s still just a child. Do right by her, love her enough to say no and to set limits for her. Good luck, you don’t take control now, you are going to need more than luck! You can be a parent and not smother, you can be a parent and show love without being a tyrant.

  • babette

    That was the biggest much ado about nothing ! All teens hang out in bedrooms, where their music is and where their parents are not present .. not that they do anything wrong, they are teenagers ! they don’t want to hang out with adults.
    A photo- a moment caught … shows nothing. It looks suggestive but what happened next ? or before ? Everyone is suspicious about everything now.

    • Sheila Freeman

      she was not hanging out with a child her own age. if she were, there’d be no problem. she was hanging out with a young man. she is 13, he is 20 something. do you see that as right??

  • http://www.dachia.com/ Dachia


  • Al

    Will and Jada went to Hawaii. Williow went to boyfriend’s house. A good time was had by all. Pictures to follow.

  • Kenneth Owen

    The photos being circulated on the internet of Will and Jada on vacation are another photo scandal themselves. At least Will had enough respect as a father, husband and man of a certain age to dress appropriately to be seen and photographed on a public beach. Whereas, Jada appears in the vacation photos inappropriately dressed for her age, which only gives credence to their daughter Willow taking more so after Jada in her appearing inappropriately placed in a photo for her age.

    • v

      You must be out of shape! Only someone ashamed of their body would think something like that. Jada looks good for her age. Plus it’s the beach, isn’t this where you wear a bikini?

      • Kenneth Owen

        There was no need to attempt to insult my bodily appearance simply because you didn’t agree with my opinion of a skimpy bikini being age inappropriate beachwear for the 42 year old mother and wife Jada Smith. I’m quite sure there are many 42 year old men, fathers and husbands out there that meet your idea of looking good enough to wear next to nothing at the beach. However, there’s a reason why most in shape and bodily unashamed fathers, husbands and men of a certain age choose to dress modestly and respectfully in public. Women are in need of taking heed of that reason, for more and more women of all sizes, all shapes and all ages are choosing to totally disregard dressing modestly in public. And in doing so, women (like Jada Smith) are choosing to show no respect for themselves, their children, their family or the public in general.

      • happyascanbee

        If Jada is a woman , then where are her boobs ? Did she misplaced them ? And landed on her butt ?

      • babette

        some people are modest , it has nothing to do with body shape. some people think of intelligent answers. some resort to insults.

    • baaziiiinga

      And here I thought you were supposed to wear a bikini to a beach !! LAWD JESUS WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!??!?!?!

      • Kenneth Owen

        Don’t know where you’ve been???? But, if “THE LAWD” was there “THE LAWD” would have told you that bikinis is not what he created to be worn at the beach, birthday suits are what “THE LAWD” created for beachwear. “THE LAWD” also created this earth a dangerous place filled with dangerous waters, fish, plants, insects, animals, pedophiles, rapist and more. So, if “THE LAWD” had been where you were, you would know by now why “THE LAWD” gives common sense, because “THE LAWD” wants you and everyone else to know that it’s never in anyone’s best interest to come out in this dangerous place wearing nothing or very little to cover up the birthday suit “THE LAWD” gave’um.

        • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

          Yeah, but he would have told you to throw the first stone if you haven’t done something inappropriate.

          • Kenneth Owen

            The issue is not about whether I’m a closeted sinful hypocrite throwing stones at someone whose sin has been outed. The issue is about social condonation being given to the sin of pedophilia being enticed to be committed through condoning 13 year old girls to get in bed with a half naked adult man, an issue that stems from social condonation being given to women of all ages to wear in public fashion that shows everything God gave them to honor and respect as a temple, not as enticement for all the sinful fornicators, adulterers, molesters and rapist to commit their sin.

          • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

            I would have agreed w/ your point more, had she been inappropriately dressed, and had you not inferred that women are enticing men, rather than men not keeping themselves in check by wearing inappropriate clothing. Wouldn’t it be more about a man who lusts to commit a violent act and not having any sort of control over himself, rather than a woman wearing what she wants on her body? It is not our responsibility to keep men in check.
            And, I submit the issue is just as much about you being a sinful hypocrite–in that its an issue for those you are delivering your hypocrisy to (not that I felt you were being hypocritical–but you called it like that). So, sure, its not an issue for YOU—but there was nothing loving, gentle, respectful or kind in your response to the girl who posted with the word “Lawwd”. You mocked her.

          • Kenneth Owen

            First, the person that posted the word “Lawd” in reference to the “Lord” chose to disrespect and make mockery of the uneducated and a southern brogue.

            Second, your question of why men can’t control their lust to refrain from committing sex crimes is not the question sparked by the photos of Jada Smith at a public beach wearing a next-to-naked bikini. The question sparked is, why Jada’s husband Will Smith had the self-control to stop himself from showing every man, woman and child the size and shape of every body part he has by wearing a tiny pair of speedo swim trunks and no shirt? Which is a self-control his wife Jada obviously chose not to exercise.

            You may feel that I’m a sinful hypocrite throwing stones, but your statement of men controlling their lust makes you sound like a hater of men that sexually prefer women instead of men. If you’re a woman that respects herself, you should be sounding like a hater of women that are disrespecting themselves by not fashionably controlling themselves (as most men are fashionably controlling themselves) from buying and wearing in public clothing that’s too small, too tight, too short, too transparent and too nudity revealing.

            Yes, it would be ideal if the world could be rid of all hurt, harm and danger. Unfortunately, mankind has not been vested with the superpowers required to accomplish that ideal. Therefore, you, me and everyone else must educate ourselves and others of all that’s hurtful, harmful and dangerous in this world, which is what all of us can do to help ourselves and others try and avoid the hurt, harm and dangerous men that live here with us.

            You know, those dangerous men you mentioned in your reply that can’t control their lust, especially when they see women out in public dressed next-to-naked, for unlike celebrities, most women don’t have an entourage of assistants, managers and bodyguards with them to protect them from becoming a victim in this dangerous place when they’re out in public dressed next-to-naked.

          • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

            But: You continued that “mockery” when you used the word yourself–that’s no example to set if you were defending the Lord. I did not ask why men could not control themselves….I posed the suggestion in the form of a question that perhaps the issue was more about men keeping themselves in check than it was an issue about women preventing men from being enticed through their choice of fashion. There is no question of whether or not men can control themselves….most do, some don’t–but they are accountable for their own actions, the scantily clad women are not.
            You have no right to impose upon me your standard of a woman who respects herself by telling me what you think I should be doing if I am in that category….and if I do not think that way, then therefore I am not a woman who respects herself. How pompous and judgmental of you.
            And, then, in a juvenile attempt to disrespect me–you project your own stereotype by saying that I sounded like a woman who prefers women…and that I sounded like a man hater. Neither of those things did I say or even infer. Nor are they true of me. I wouldn’t be much of a Christian if I hated men, or if I preferred women.
            You failed to complete your thought in your last paragraph, but I think you were saying that most women do not have an entourage—and I think that’s a moot point, because again, it is up to the individual to control their UNLAWFUL desires.
            It is lawful to dress scantily….but unlawful to assault someone—or use how they were dressed as a defense.
            As to our superhuman powers…you show your lack of faith. We most certainly DO have the power to stop anything, heal anything, claim anything–because we were given that power by Jesus Himself…and power over Satan as well—God’s plan will be done—not ours, so we call it, claim it and condemn it—then leave it to God to work it out.

          • Kenneth Owen

            Calm down Ms. Stone. You’ve comprehended from my replies offenses directed at you that simply haven’t been written in there. You’re comprehending way more from my replies than I wrote in them. My replies have never been written to offend you, they’ve merely been written to communicate to you why I feel it’s inappropriate and dangerous for one to fashion themselves next-to-naked in public.

            I have no problem with you not sharing with my opinion on the subject of appropriate public attire. You go right ahead and encourage yourself and everyone else to fashion themselves just as scantily in public as the law allows. And, you continue to justify dressing scantily in public by promoting it be lawful to do. You are one that can afford to dress next-to-naked in public, because you claim you’ve received from “Jesus” superhuman powers that can stop anything, heal anything and claim anything.

            So, you can fashion yourself next-to-naked in public and use your superhuman power from Jesus to force God to execute almighty power to save you from any molester, rapist or attacker out in public. And, just in case God happens not to save you from the dangers of dressing next-to-naked in public, you can use your superhuman power from Jesus as a backup to force God to execute almighty power to heal you if you happened not to get saved from being used and abused from being molested, raped or attacked.

            In case you don’t know, Satan isn’t the worst enemy one can have. One can be a worser enemy to themselves than Satan could ever be, especially when one allows a system of laws and justice made by mankind to justify fashionably putting one’s self in harms way, when the common sense God gives all of us tells us it’s never in the best interest of anyone’s well-being to fashion themselves next-to-naked in public, be one a woman, a man, young or old.

          • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

            Kenneth: I definitely agree w/ your position that Satan is not the worst enemy–I’m thinking that would be contrary to our having authority over him–how can he be the biggest enemy if we know he is defeated already? So your point that we are our worst is probably true. I do not dress scantily–but not because I feel I might get raped, or I feel I have no right to do so. I do not dress that way out of choice—because I’m more modest than that, and my “attributes” are not as big a value to me, as they are to maybe some younger girl. Let’s not be so harsh, but rather pray for those that we think are not in line w/ God’s ways. You made some great points…thanks!

          • Kenneth Owen

            Ms. Stone,
            God’s way is always the best way. However, the all-knowing wisdom of God saw fit to make mankind self-will creatures, which gives all of us dominion over abiding by God’s way or not. Our self-will wants our way. But, our gut feelings and second thoughts always give us insight to God’s way. Whose way we will follow is a constant dilemma to be decided as we travel life’s tedious journey. I pray you’ll decide life’s dilemmas of God’s way or your way in the favor of God. You pray for me to do the same.

            Keep smiling, keep forgiving and keep living.

    • kelh

      inappropriately dressed? in a bath suit…on the beach……………ok then! i am guessing you would approve of a lab coat for the beach?

      • Kenneth Owen

        I’m guessing you’re one that approves of seeing their parents exposed derrière or practically exposed private parts in beach wear that’s too small or designed not to cover up certain body parts. Be one young or old, or a parent or not, the appropriate place for anyone to show whatever body parts they want to show is in private. That’s why laws are on the books against being indecently exposed in public; be it a public place, a public street or a public beach.

  • BlackPorcelain!

    Let them live there life!

  • jackson124

    So why post a photo like that on the internet in the first place? Who’s kidding who? Its all about free publicity and apparently it accomplished exactly what it was intended to.


    OH WELL They have money this situation will quickly sweep under the rug it is not like if it was us we will by now be in jail or the child removed from our home
    we (the parents) and the guy will already be jailed and label sexual deviants
    Power Couple, Power Kids can do what ever they want
    God forbid my little was in bed with a naked or half naked male not only will she has a lot of explaining to do but the male would have wish he was lock up in jail instead of me dealing with him, the only investigation Law enforcement would have to do was to see why did I cut his dinganling off

  • mary

    Ummmm. Vacation? Where are the kids?

    • Bonelipus

      They are in bed with older people because it’s their bodies to decide what they want to do……..

      • Christina_bdba

        In California not until you are 18 is it “your body” to decide what to do with it.Age of content is 18 in that state until then it is up to your parents and the law what is done.

  • Iamdisgusted

    Who cares about any idiot in Hollywood………If people trashed the TV and parents started being parents and kids’ stop having the stupid fantasy of being a “star” oh it would be the beginning of hope!!
    I read this because if you really believe that CPS would do anything when money talks………then you are really ignorant!!…..They can’t even manage the horrific cases that really need investigated!!

  • Guest

    Everyone has an opinion! Jada just people all the speculation to rest. Keep your thoughts and your feeling’s you dont know the SMITH”S!

  • Carmen

    Well, Well !!!

  • cltaylor

    Looks like the author of this doesn’t use spell check…. ” It’s ” likely,….. :eyeroll:

    • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

      ROFL: Looks like you don’t either: It’s “eye roll”…..:eye roll (oh, and no colon at the end). No emoticons here, duhhh.

  • Tony

    you know one day they would go to far the way they act. if they didn’t have money they wouldn’t be doing anything. they use money for everything.

  • cactusjo23@sbcglobal.net

    the kids stay with their friends?

  • JoJo

    Who gives a shit who she is blowing….this bitch is one ugly ass scank!

  • Lara

    I saw the picture. It looks like two friends watching tv.

  • nlightgirl

    lol who are you people who post crazy, hateful comments. are you bitter or mad at the world? THIS is entertainment reading the comments. The Smiths, I’m sure are fine, as well as their children. Big to do about nothing.

  • Taja Brown

    Why does everyone care about what these people do with their kids? Stop passing judgement about what type of parents they are…

  • Joe Robertson

    Talk about over-rated celebrities .. and questionable parents.

  • Hazel

    There was nothing scandalous about that photo. I agree with the Smiths.

  • American

    Who is surprised by these parents pimping out their daughter. This is the future of Hollywood influenced Liberal America.

  • http://www.gofundme/5wpas Jade Stone

    No…she’s just a spoiled child who has a sense of entitlement and speaks w/ a fake aristocratic accent…that’s all.

  • happyascanbee

    You are on vacation everyday. U do not go to work like us ordinary people M-F 8-5, so do not use the word vacation. Unfit parent.

  • Neci

    This is the dumbest crap I ever read. So they went on vacation because of a photo or because they went on vacation, that is what people do now a days, go on vacation. And I still say, where is Moises investigation, she is the child he is the grown up, why isn’t anybody investigating him!

  • Teddy Burkett

    I myself not impressed of the Smith’s parenting style, their daughter is just 13 years old and for God’s sake dress her accordingly not like some 25 years old trying to seduced a guy, she put in a make up like she is walking in the street selling her products, we must be pro active of what our kids does make sure their well being is protected and out of any harm.

  • BlackPorcelain!

    I’m sure if you guys were in the spotlight they will find something to judge u on every two mins! No one is perfect who are you to judge? You can’t it’s there life let them live it how they see fit. They can give a two flying fucks what y’all think honestly! And here you are ranting and raving on a social media website don’t no one even know who u are why because u guys are nobodies are u famous hell no! Until u can’t get to there level shut the fuck up and stop bitching.

  • heather

    this isn’t about what jada said but about allowing an adult/man in your 13 year old daughters room. i don’t care what did or did not go on. in the eyes of the law this could definitely bring about some issues. if jada was unaware that this adult man was in her daughters bedroom, her defensive comment is not the way to solve the bigger issue. this guy is not a relative and does not belong in a 13 year olds bedroom point blank regardless of what is or is not going on.