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By: Jeremy Muncy - January 28, 2010

We’re sure you’ve either seen or heard about “General” Larry Platt’s American Idol audition, Pants On The Ground. Not sure how you could’ve missed it, as it’s been everywhere… it was even sung by the Minnesota Vikings after they defeated the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL playoffs.

Pants On The Ground has been viewed well over 2 million times on YouTube and Platt has even performed his “hit song” on the morning talk show “The View”.

But, is all the publicity Platt receiving justified? Let us know what you think.

Michigan based hip-hop duo, the Green Brothers, have posted a video on YouTube entitled "Back Pockets On The Floor"  that has a striking resemblance to Platt’s viral hit. The Green Brothers song was copyrighted and recorded in 1996, 14 years before Platt graced the audition stage of American Idol. 

The following description accompanies the video on YouTube…

This is in regards to the General Larry Platt "Pants on The Ground". His song is a take off of the Green Brothers song " Back Pockets On The Floor’. Back Pockets On The Floor was written by G. Green and was copyrighted and recorded by the Green Brothers in 1996. The General’s song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message. YOU BE THE JUDGE AMERICA!!

It should be noted Gerald Green, a member of the hip-hop duo, holds no grudge against Platt and even "wishes him well".

So, what do you think: Did Larry Platt rip-off "Back Pockets On The Floor"? Tell us what you think.

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  • Chase

    I don’t think pants on the ground is a ripoff, but you can’t deny that the other song was the source for the material

  • sKiLL

    it does share some similarities…

    When I first heard “Pants on The Ground”, I thought about the song (melody) in the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds (intro)…. did anyone have that thought?

  • sKiLL

    it does share some similarities…

    When I first heard “Pants on The Ground”, I thought about the song (melody) in the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds (intro)…. did anyone have that thought?


  • Guest

    Anyone who isn’t deaf should hear that it IS a complete rip-off. “Pockets on the Floor”, “Pants on the Ground”; same damn thing different wording. Back Pockets on the Floor is a better quality toon with more than just 1 verse but “Pants on the Ground is the copycat.

  • Stupidscript

    Is it possible that The General worked up his own refrain after forgetting the way the actual tune went … retaining what he could and fashioning it into a type of mantra for his own amusement? Then came ‘Idol’ … and he did what he knew … and now he’s going to go to the Grammys?

  • suzanne

    I say use both of them to help change young men for the better!

  • Filthy Liar

    That is such a rip off, I don’t think he claimed it as his song but he certainly was singing the same song with his crappy old recollection of that song.

  • Gas Scooters, etc.

    While the two songs are SOMEWHAT similar in general message, the song by the Green Brothers is much better as far as talent is concerned. They don’t sing the same phrase over and over and over again like General Larry Platt. The message by the Green Brothers was more concise and was easier to listen to, at least that’s my opinion. I’m glad they put General Larry Platt’s performance on American Idol, after the show is becoming less interesting to watch with changes in the judges and sometimes has the feel of a poor drama, this clip made that whole episode worth watching.

  • Guest

    Hat turned backwards? Pretty funny when the old guy singing about how stupid it looks is wearing his cap backwards!