iPhone 5 to Release in Two Models This Fall?

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Multiple sources have reported that Apple will ship its highly buzzed about iPhone 5 in the fall, possibly September. Little by little, more rumors are surfacing about what the new phone will look like and today finds an interesting on floating around.

iphonedownloadblog is reporting that their Apple source, who is an employee of an Apple part supplier, says the iPhone 5 may come in two different models when it finally releases this year. The source was vague, but suggests that buyers might have the option of purchasing a "standard" version and an upgraded or "pro" version.

From IDB:

Our source says that Apple is ordering components of similar function, but some of them are the very best of what you can get right now.

While the rest of the ordered components are just the standard versions, Apple is also ordering better quality components of the same function. Our source says that both types of components wouldn’t go in one device together, which makes him believe Apple is up to something with a ‘pro’ version.

Recent iPhone 5 rumors have said that the new phone might just be a hardware upgrade of the iPhone 4 and will look similar.

Other, more ambitious rumors include NFC capability for mobile payments, T-Mobile access, a larger (perhaps over 4 inch) screen, a much faster processor, a thinner and lighter design and a built-in bumper.

On Thursday, Apple's white iPhone 4 was finally released to the joy of those who think the original black iPhone is too easy to keep clean. And just today, it was reported that users will receive the iOS 4.3.3 upgrade, which fixes some of the notable tracking controversy bugs and improves battery life, within the next couple of weeks.

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