iPhone 5 Best Buy Pre-Orders Not Being Fulfilled

    September 21, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Best Buy today sent out emails to some customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 from their stores, informing them that they might not actually be receiving the device for quite some time.

9 to 5 Mac also obtained a copy of a Best Buy internal memo that states: “Based on current inventor allocation, we understand we will not have enough iPhone 5 devices to fulfill all pre-orders this weekend.” It goes on to say that Best Buy is dedicated to getting the iPhone’s into customers’ hands “no later than 28 days from launch.”

The email sent to customers took a decidedly more personal tone than the memo, calling the customer by name and using empathetic language. A screenshot of an email provided by a 9 to 5 Mac reader read:

I know that you’re excited to get your new iPhone 5 and you can be sure we are as excited to sell it to you. Unfortunately, as of the night before the official launch, Best Buy has not received enough of the specific model phone you ordered, and we will not have it available on launch day. You can be certain that we are working very hard to get you, as quickly as possible, the exact iPhone 5 model you pre-ordered. It could take as long as 28 days to find the iPhone you want. However, there is no doubt that the fact you pre-ordered a phone from Best Buy means you will be able to buy it before any consumer trying to find one on their own.

Trust us, we will be able to get you the phone you want – maybe not as fast as you might want, but likely as fast as anyone else at this point.

I really appreciate your patience and willingness to shop Best Buy. We look forward to getting you the phone you ordered with us.

So, did Apple promise Best Buy more iPhone 5s than they delivered, or has Best Buy been selling pre-orders to customers without knowing whether they would be able to fulfill them? Well, consider that this isn’t the first time iPhones at Best Buy haven’t been available on launch day. According to Consumer Reports, the company pulled the same move last year, and some customers ended up having to wait weeks for their iPhone 4S.

  • MATT

    I just returned my preorder. That’s the only reason I preordered the phone through Best Buy. They tried to convince me that everyone will have to wait 30 days for their phone. I said” Well i want to keep my options open and not locked into your company sice you could;’t provide me with my pre-order” I think it’s all ridiculous and at least I now can buy anywhere as soon as it becomes available for regular purchase. I’m in no hurry but come on.

    • Naej69

      I’m Thinking of doing the same :(

  • C

    I was the 27th pre order out of all carriers at my Best Buy and they still couldn’t get me mine. That means Apple sent them next to nothing. It’s not like it’s a Best Buy in the middle of nowhere either. It’s 12 miles from downtown Boston in a big mall! So disappointed… especially since at pre order and the day before launch the employees told me I should definitely be getting my phone on launch day.

    • Play13

      Then best buy shouldn’t tell people they will get there phone on launch day then a$$hole. Why not tell the customer they may or may not receive their phone that day because best buy is uncertain about the quantity they will receive from apple. Rather the stupid punk sales kids tells them a bu!!shit lie about getting it just to make a sale. Fukt best buy, can’t wait for them to be shut down by amazon or even eBay over the next year or so….lesson to best buy, don’t sell what you don’t have. Period!

      Ps. Funny how AT&T, Verizon, and sprint didn’t have this problem of filling preorders, only best buy for some reason…hmmmmm!

      • Akila

        28 days is BS

        my friend did not pre order and she waitied in line on launch day and obtained it. not to mention many apple stores HAVE the black iphone 5, ive been going around trying to find the white iphone 5 but all they have is black. Im sure many customers should drop the pre order and actually go into an apple store.

      • Angry Too

        I concur, I went to the apple store and they had filled all their pre orders! and still had a couple on shelf…. Sprint and even radio shack filled thier orders – If I had not committed to BB – I would have purchased. NEVER AGAIN. BB the only one with this problem

  • B

    I was the 2nd on the waiting list of all carriers at the Best Buy in the MALL OF AMERICA in Minneapolis, MN! Are you kidding me Best Buy? I am guessing they only received what their own co-workers only pre-ordered! Bogus!

    • C

      Wow, 2nd?! That is insane! I thought the same thing about the employees… It so better not be the case.

    • AA

      As a former employee at best buy I can personally guarantee you that it’s not due to employees pre ordering or getting their phones first. Employees are BANNED from pre ordering ANY new apple products for at least the first 30 days. I’ve seen employees get fired for attempting to purchase an iphone before the ban was lifted. Like many others have said all of best buy’s inventory is at the mercy of apple and how they decide to allocate the phones. For those that say they were “guaranteed ” a phone on launch day are dead wrong because in the terms that you are issued for the preorder it STATES that no phone is guaranteed upon launch date regardless if you were the 1st person to preorder or the very last. If you wanted your phone as close to guaranteed on release day then you should of purchased it directly from apple.

  • Dave

    i am going to return my pro order also, F them all..

  • Double L

    It is not the fault of best buy. You should be angry at apple as it was apple who did not inform beat buy of THEIR inventory. Many Verizon CARRIER locations didn’t even get inventory because apple did not anticipate enough orders. Beat buy and other retailers are at the mercy if apple for phones. If best buy, target, Walmart, or whomever doesn’t get then then it is because of apple. Why Wouldn’t they want your money?

    • Naej69

      If they dont have any idea of their inventory then they shouldnt tell customers that they will have iphone 5 on launch day ! So I am one to say F**K Best Buy….

      • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

        Now Naej69, U could have used a different and more adult adjective than the one U used. :-(

  • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

    No one really knows who’s at fault here. Things happen, but Best Buy is know for it’s terrible customer service & who knows, look to the main source, it’s sounds like Apple is too blame here & Best Buy got caught in the middle of it.

  • greg peters

    i still balme best buy, they assured me when i preordered my 5 they would have it on launch day, theres no reason for them to allow taking preorders when they have no idea how there inventory is!!

  • Micah

    It’s not the fault of Best Buy. Apple tells them to take pre orders but does not tell them how many phones they will be sending. For the 4S our local BBY got almost 200 phones and only had a little over 100 pre orders. For the 5 they had over 150 pre orders and were sent only around 30 phones, all of those being Sprint orders. Also, employees are not allowed to place pre orders on items like this. Apple basically says you can sell our product but we won’t promise you anything and you will be happy with what you get. I’ve had my fair share of bad service from BBY in the past but I’m not blaming them for not getting my pre order, I’m putting the blame on Apple.

    • Joe Marzen

      They do this every time. It’s not like they don’t know they aren’t going to have enough. This way you’ve preordered with them, which means giving them $50, and probably you’ll still get the phone through them. It’s more or less stealing, fraud perhaps, if you’re going to be nice about it.

  • Glenn

    I ordered a 64GB white iPhone 5. I was the first on the list and perhaps one of only a few in that format. No go. So I cancelled the order and returned the “preorder gift card”.

    It’s not like I’m waiting for a new liver. It’s just a phone. I tried. Best Buy lied to me. Now we’re seeing other people.

  • Gbuzz

    The same thing happened to me. I was the first person in line at my local Best Buy on preorder day and was the first to reserve my iPhone. However, because I ordered the 64gb white iPhone 5 and apparently no Best Buy in the country received any 64gbs, I’ll be watching everyone else enjoy the iPhone 5 for who knows how long.

    • cclove22

      Funny because my best buy informed us that is the only iPhone 5 they received…

  • Jesse

    Same thing happen to me I was the fifth person in line and they say they only receive 3 white phones that’s BS” why they selling some thing that they don’t know is coming for sure that’s what I call a genius marketing idea! Very disappointed wt best buy.. Ey that is going to happen one time in life I will never buying another phone from best buy.

    2 mill iPhones sold in 24 hrs sold out on pre order and the same day they released people are buy in them in line at the apple store wt no pre order that’s BS!! And all we have was a F***NG email Sorry you have to wait 28 days

  • Ian

    i am going to return my pro order

  • Ruthie

    I ordered a 32gb for my grandson and a 64 for me. His came in on 21st. I am waiting for mine.

  • jason A

    Best buy used dirty marketing strategy, promised customers I Phone 5 availability on launch day and collected up front huge revenue by forcing purchase of a 50 dollars gift card when placing pre-orders.
    BestBuy knew prior to the night of launch how many phones they have received, however this is did not stop them from continue selling their $50.00 dollars gift card to thousands of deceived customers. I placed my order on the 15’th , three days after official launch and I was told at the store I will be getting the phone on Friday, now they are telling me it could be up to 28 days. Why did they continue to offer pre-orders and they already know they do not have enough. Can you imagine how much interest BestBuy generated selling their gift cards…
    Shame on you BestBuy, I will never fall in this again, and I encourage you too..
    “Unfortunately, as of the night before the official launch, Best Buy has not received enough of the specific model phone you ordered, and we will not have it available on launch day…” what a joke..

    • Greg peters

      Agreed! Bb assured me they would have my 32 gig black AT&T 5 on launch day, I was the first person to preorder at that bestbuy, the gift card is bogus! They just want you to buy something from them, the gc is non refundable

      • Steve_D

        The Best Buy gift card you purchased is refundable, just go to the store and ask. Two friends did with no problem.

  • Dustin

    I ordered my iPhone 5 White 32GB ATT, and my wife ordered a Black 16GB ATT, an hour after our local BB opened. All in all our BB received 170 pre-orderes and on launch day the only received 30. We both didn’t receive ours, and on launch they didn’t even receive a White 32GB for ATT.

    Think about the fact that BB carries ATT, Verizon, and Sprint…there are also 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB in both White and Black. If Apple only sent our BB 30, out of the 18 possible configurations that certainly wont make everyone happy….

    Best Buy isn’t wrong for offering a pre-order solution…what would be wrong is if they hoarded their stock for people waiting in line, but no, they are giving first priority to those who pre-ordered first (so i’m told).

    Apple needs to not play the hype game and limit their million country release on the same day nonsense.

  • http://www.itsgottago.co.uk www.itsgottago.co.uk

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  • Juan

    It was almost a scam from best buy they do the pre order and then on top of that a waiting list like come on best buy couldn’t even get the preorders in now why are u oing to open up a waiting list good thing they don’t request no money for the waiting list

  • Jon

    I think this whole situation is messed up. I was the very FIRST person to pre-order an iPhone at the Albany, NY Best Buy store. I was then e-mailed at 12:30 AM on the day of release that my iPhone would be unavailable; for potentially up to 28 days. They didn’t receive any Verizon iPhone models. They told me when I showed up to the store that they didn’t know when my iPhone 5 would be available. They said that they hoped that they were on the delivery truck either that day; Friday, Sept 21, or the following day, Satursday, Sept. 22. Here it is Monday, and I still have yet to hear anything from them.

    The ironic part of this situation is that I used to work for Best Buy and still know several people that do still work for the company. Even, they have no clue when Best Buy will be getting the iPhone 5 (Verizon) in.

  • Allison

    Sprint did the same thing with their online pre-orders. I pre-ordered and was told it would ship in one week. Now they are saying anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Not happy considering I would have gone into a store had I known this. Just another reason to switch carriers.

  • Susan Byrd

    I am very unhappy with best buy and I will NEVER patronize that store! I pre-ordered phones on the 14th and received the same email published here, however,yesterday morning, Sept. 24, I got an email informing me that my order is ready to pick up at the store at Independence, Va Beach.I went to the store later that night and lined up for 20 minutes only to be told that there is no phone available! The store emailed that my order is ready for pick up and yet there really is none! I called their customer service number and the lady said its the store’s fault. This is not acceptable. Whoever is in charge of the store is doing a very poor job. I left fuming bad, there’s just no excuse for what they did.

  • Bestbuy need to stop taken pre-order

    Let’s make this simple for BB. Everyone return there pre-Order and get your Money back. They don’t even have the curiosity to send there Costumer a follow up email saying when IPhone 5 going to be in stock. But if you called them they quickly take $50 to pre-order. So I say screw BB and go straight to apple chances are you will received it in less then 28 days.

  • Susan

    Today, I again received an email from Best Buy thatmy second order (I pre-ordered 2). I called the store if indeed they have the item available, the sales associate said she was told by their best buy mobile team that I shoul receive a call from them not an email. I told the lady this is the first time I knew that it would be a phone call instead of an email. He then referred me to the store manager of this iIndependence Va Beach store #420 who was insisting that its not their email and asked what the logo in the email because they don’t send this kind of email . I told her its from best buy mobile email and its legitimate. She asked for both order numbers and made me wait for several minutes. I asked her why do you continue to send emails that the order is ready for pick up knowing you don’t have it? She said there is no way to stop this emails from going out. So people make your own conclusion. I might have a better chance of ordering at the apple store . I know that I would not be passed around with people who don’t know what they are doing.

  • lauren and susan

    still waiting for ours!!! very disappointed in best buy..should have just gone to apple or at&t.

  • Eric

    I’m still waiting for mine also. I pre ordered it from Sprint the day i was able to. They told me I could pick the phone up that Friday at 8am. I showed up at 730am and they told the people who were there the bad news. They then told us we would be receiving free accessories for our phones once they’re in. The rep told me the earliest it would be in would be Friday the 28th of September but couldn’t give me a good time frame.

  • MJ

    I ordered mine at best buy and I got an email saying the phone was ready. Went to pick it up no phone they cant tell me why i got the email so i put in another order and got an email the next day saying the phone was ready i called they said still not ready and i get a 50 dollar gift card for my troubles… PISSED OFF! and noone has the phone apple /att /sprint/ no one what the hell are they doing at apple why we cant get these phones!

  • Angry Too

    SO DISAPPOINTED and will never, never shop at Best Buy again. They took a deposit for the pre order (no other store did this), issued a gift card and now has no time frame to deliver on their commitment to the pre order. Not to mention, I don’t get a refund on the gift card, I am force to buy their product even if I don’t purchase the iphone pre order.

    FINANCE 101: Create a ploy for a market trend, commit the customer to the pre order, offer a $50.00 in return w/ no refund. Use the thousands of dollars via pre order to turn a profit and make interest in the market. YES EVERYONE FINANCE 101 – They are making interest on the thousands of pre order they took. YOUR OUT $50.00 and THEY ARE MAKING INTEREST ON IT! times…. thousands.

    AND WE GET NOTHING IN RETURN…. no phone, no money, just an empty promise and an email to have patience.

    • Julia

      I know for a fact you can get your money back for the $50, I just went in and did it!

  • Monica Vargas

    I preordered at BB on Sept 14th…still no phone…and have called the store a couple of times…they have no idea when the phone will be in…I think I will be canceling the preorder and just waiting it out…I am NOT a happy camper and I blame Apple not BB.

  • Nick

    I ordered a black iPhone 5 and a white Both 16gb I got the black on release day still no sign of the white …

  • AA

    BB kicked me out of their store when I went to pick my pre-order. They said availability on 21st means that you won’t get on 21st. this is how store manager explained. He said if I’d enter he will call the police. Really disappointed with this behavior.

  • SusieQ

    I went to the BB store in The state of Washington to preorder the iPhone 5 for my son. I was second in line when the store opened at 10. When I got to the mobile department to preorder, the same person was still in front of me.. And we both had to wait as there was already 2 people pre ordering!!! Who were these 2 people??? Employees???
    My son did not receive his phone on the 21st but has since cancelled his preorder as he found the phone at a local Verizon Store!!

  • Joe young

    iPhone 5 64gigs at AT&T tonight at store pre order at best buy. Got my iPhone. Lol

  • Duff

    I was able to speak with someone at the BB corporate office, and they are blaming AT&T for not allocating enough phones for their resellers, so who knows. I just wished the phone had been available at tmobile so I can get away from AT&T.

  • http://www.canliradyodinle.com.tr radyo dinle

    im looking for buy it but icant find:(

  • Pissed

    I preordered a black I5 for my husband and a white I5 for myself on 9.16. Funny thing is he received his but it is now 3 weeks later and Best Buy is unable to provide me a phone nor have I received a letter such as the one attached. I have an IPad and my daughter has a I4. I have had every IPhone that has come out but with the IPhone Hype and mess a Samsung Galaxys3 is starting to look rather nice because I am just DISGUSTED with the whole Iphone BS!!!

  • Lino

    I am still waiting for mine, and I pr-ordered mine a week before launch day!!!

  • Susan

    Update on my pre orders. Got one of two orders on Sept 26, same day I spoke with store manager. Got the second order Oct. 4. They were Verizon iPhone 5 black and white 16 GB. I was pleasantly surprised that they gave me $150 gift cards., so I paid $159 on one, and $109 for the other.