iPad 3 Release Date March 16th [RUMOR]

    March 6, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Although we know that Apple is set to unveil their newest iPad tablet at an event on Wednesday afternoon, we haven’t yet heard anything regarding the actual date in which it will hit the shelves. According to sources inside an Apple Store, the new iPad will release just nine days after it is announced.

Google+Reader”>9to5Mac is quoting “reliable” store sources that hint the iPad 3 will be available on March 16th. Apparently, they are busy making preparations for a “big Apple store event” on that day. It’s important to note that March 16th is the Friday following the expected announcement. That’s because the iPad 2 was released on March 11th last year, the Friday after it was announced.

About the whole “iPad 3″ name.; we’ve been seeing mounting evidence that they new tablet will not have a number attached to it, and rather be called the “iPad HD.” Today, we learned that it’s looking more likely that that will be the case.

Other finds from today include the rumor that the new tablet will in fact sport 4G LTE capabilities (despite previous assurances to the contrary), and the fact that Verizon has already begun to tease us about the new device on their website.

9to5Mac’s sources also mentioned a separate launch event to occur a week later. Would Apple split up the iPad and Apple TV announcements? All will be revealed at 1 pm EST Wednesday.

  • http://www.webhostingreviewinnovations.com C.Lucia

    We not only haven’t yet heard anything regarding the actual date in which the new iPad will hit the shelves, but we haven’t heard anything about the potential cost. At $500.00, iPad2 was out of my recession battered, cost-inhibited range. Apple products aren’t cheap because they don’t position their products on price. Their positioning strategy is based on “providing superior quality and technologically advanced products” to customers. When iPad2 was launched, most people who buy tablets were still willing to pay a higher price for a quality product. Though it’s been only a year, it’s been a hard, harsh year. The job market and financial climate is frigid. It seems to be frozen in the same suppressed, recessed, depressing place. Surely Apple knows this and it will be a consideration in pricing their bright new bauble – because I just know I’m going to want one and I’m hoping this will be the year I can afford it.