iOS 7 Download Problems Run Rampant

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Apple released the iOS 7 update on Wednesday, and some users have had a lot of issues when trying to update their devices. Not only are many users having trouble downloading the iOS 7 update, they are having difficulty activating the download as well. While any Apple update is going to have glitches, some users are reportedly spending hours and hours trying to update their devices.

If Apple is trying to get their iPhone users to smash their old devices in a fit of anger so they’ll buy the iPhone 5S that is released today, then well played, Apple, well played. If their goal isn’t the destruction of older devices, however, then the company is off to a rough start with the operating system that is supposed to compete with the Android.

While slow download times is one huge problem being mentioned with the iOS 7 update, many users are reporting getting download errors.


So far there is no word from Apple on all of the iOS 7 download problems, but an update that is (at least mostly) bug-free should be released eventually. Hopefully an update won’t take months, as was the case with the iOS 6 bugs. Just a side note–the writer of this article has an iPhone 5 and updated her phone to the iOS 7 yesterday with no problems. The download and update took all of 15 minutes. From the looks of some humorous Twitter posts, however, such an easy download and installation wasn’t the norm.

Do you plan to update to iOS 7? Discuss your experience below.

After users eventually update their devices to iOS 7, the new operating system does have some pretty cool updates. In addition to flatter, more simplistic icons, the camera settings are improved, a Control Center was added and multitasking is made easier.

Main image via YouTube; Error image via Sun

iOS 7 Download Problems Run Rampant
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  • Mrs m

    Since updating my iphone 4’s soft wear to iso7 I can’t send picture messages. Any ideas?

  • Jen

    I updated to iOS 7 today and experienced major lag in everything…from entering my password to texting and emails. I tried doing the restart which didn’t fix it. I then went into the iCloud Documents & Data and turned it off and now I have no problems.

  • Reza

    I’ve installed IOS 7 on my ipad mini with no problem, but downloading any games from app store takes very long time. I didn’t have this problem in ios 6. anybody any suggestion?

  • Marion Gillanders

    I have just downloaded ios7 but cannot now get past the screen with the user agreement at the end! I keep hitting the ‘Agree’ button but nothing is happening. Help

  • Ivan Deshmukh

    I have used ipods/itouch for the past 10 years with no problems but I find the new ios7 had caused most of my videos to appear as empty files (0 bytes)…I have lost most of the videos it took hours to find and download. Now when I download videos via Rocket/Youtube iTunes keeps stalling and often deletes all my videos. Please tell me if this mess is going to be resolved. All I keep doing is repeat downloads to restore the videos that iTunes keeps deleting.HELP!

  • patches53

    Can’t update due to:
    Size of phone – 16Gb
    Size of update
    Available space left on my phone.

  • Jay

    If you want your IPhone 4S and 4 to keep performing well, then do not install IOS 7. Anytime there is a new IPhone, Apple comes out with an update then makes all older models crash or lose performance. I have been an iPhone user since the first iPhone and experienced this everytime. I am completely happy with my 4S and until Apple comes out with an Iphone that is an extreme upgrade I’ll just stick to the current IOS I have installed. I would rather upgrade by personal choice rather than be influence by a debilitating software update.

  • Liz

    I am selling my Apple shares. This is so bad. I lost all my contacts. If this is the best they can do there is no future for this company.

  • Karen Caprioni

    I didnt have any problem with the download other then the fact that I cant get my old version back. This supposedly “wonderful” update eats my battery life like no other. I have turned off a lot of unused things to try and conserve my battery but nothing helps. HELP I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK! I hardly use my phone yet just one thing eats up battery like heck. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Jill

    Love the new update, however everything I text to anyone my husband gets the texts as well and the same with him!!! How do I fix this????

  • Maggie

    I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7. But I have a contact who is getting all my texts 3x.

  • Larry Stovall

    I downloaded iOS7 on my iPhone 4S, and it worked flawlessly, looked really nice. Apple released an update iOS7.02, and now my phone cannot connect to WIFI. I have tried several approaches to correct this but my phone now provides about 25% of the value it had yesterday. Apple needs to address this, as there is a lot of traffic on the internet about this same problem–and no one has answers.

    This is a major FUBAR and the competition, no matter how disgusting some of their products, are now looking like a good alternative. Apple historically does not stumble; in this case they fell off the chair.

  • Jack

    Updates iPAD 3 to IOS 7 and no problem. IOS7.0.2 came out and the iPAD no longer works???

    I will never trust an update from apple again.

  • Linda

    Since I downloaded operating system 7, my iPad mini which I purchased in March 2013, takes longer to charge and is hard to get to 100%.

  • http://webpronews mercedes

    I downloaded the new app. for my Ipad and added a new passcode and it has now locked me out! I cannot open my Ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

  • darren

    If got iPhone 4,downloaded ios7 and now I can’t make or receive calls…..help please

  • danielle twomey

    Since I have download IOS 7 my phone freezes and stops working, I do not get my texts as I should. I called ATT they advised me to back up and restore to original settings…still not working. This is my work phone as well it has been horrible experience.

  • Rae

    Has anyone else had probs sending email since iso7 had my iPad 2 working fine before now I can only send emails to my own accounts on my email personal to business and vice versa but to no one else, can’t reply to any emails I get

  • Sheila

    I updated my iphone only today and what happen was can’t see my facebook, fb messenger, skype, ebay and etc. I can’t open and asking old password of an apple Id because I change it when I tried to update all the aps. I need help. PLEASE!!!

  • Jill

    Apple has officially ruined the “user friendly” version of the iPhone. When I first got my iPhone 2 weeks after it came out, my kids could use it. Now in 3 days, I have NO idea what to do. Everyone I know who hasn’t downloaded iOS, I’ve warned them. DONT DO IT!!!!!!

  • Janine B

    I am able to send text messages but can’t receive any. I also am unable to connect with iMessage because it says there is a network issue. It is awful. I use the phone for work and this is a huge problem. So upset! Does anyone know how to fix this? I have spent so much time trying to fix it without success.

  • Angery customer

    Absolute horrible update. Since I’ve upgraded to the new ios 7 I’ve had nothing but problems. Every night around 7-8 o clock I no longer receive anybody’s text messages for several hrs until around 11-12 I will receive every text people sent me all at once. Also my imessage will no longer work around this time and all my texts take up to 30 minutes to send and when they do people complain to me they received the text several times. My battery dies twice as fast as before even with all my apps off and using the same previous battery saving settings I had before. Apple has a lot of work ahead of them to fix this garbage upgrade

  • Nathalie

    Since the update trying to put a photo as my wallpaper has become a serious problem it magnifies the photo x 10 so u can’t move it scale the photo or anything it looks obscure n pixeled, n that’s only the minor problems someone please let Apple know “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” the wallpaper feature was fine before now it’s just annoying

  • Zoe

    I have updated my I phone 5 to ios 7 and now I cant receive MMS messages, I can send but not receive, any ideas? I have checked that data roaming is on, mms is on, any other ideas?

  • Glennis Couprie

    My husband and I both have ipads – since installing ISO7 both of them completely lose their charge; I charged to 100% before going to bed and in the morning both of them were as flat as a tack. Yes, I did close off anything that was open and this has only happened since installing the ISO. Tried different power cords in case one was not working but no good. Any suggestions please? Oh my Ipad has changed to Telstra in top left hand corner.

    • greg terterian

      i am seeing big downgrade on battery and big time logging when i am typing. while u type suddenly you wont here clicks and it wont type anything , next thing you know it displays 6-7 letters at once

  • Marci ascherman

    I cannot play words with friends keeps telling me to connect through i tunes…this message will not go away … Have to turn off my phone…Have taken off the app and reloaded several times ..will not work.. Has anyone else had the problem with the newest upgrade?

  • Norene,

    Can’t texted pictures from my camera roll since the update. Whether it’s one picture or more

  • Norene,

    Can’t texted pictures from my camera roll since the update. Whether it’s one picture or more

  • Barbara

    I wished I had never installed it on my iPad as now I can not get it on
    the thing won’t turn on and I have tyres all the things I can to get it going with no luck
    Why don’t they just leave thing as they are

  • http://facebook ivan


  • Shstrang98

    One reason I dumped Android and got an ip5 was to avoid androids instability. Low and behold Apple has found it necessary to force a large o/s download that will not only eat up space on my 16 gb phone that I could have used to shoot video I may not be able to use my device because it may lock me out and be a useless brick.

    The old O/S on my phone is working fine. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE. Can’t Apple that?

    After my ip5 croaks out I guess I’ll back over to android.

  • Shstrang98

    One reason I dumped Android and got an ip5 was to avoid androids instability. Low and behold Apple has found it necessary to force a large o/s download that will not only eat up space on my 16 gb phone that I could have used to shoot video I may not be able to use my device because it may lock me out and be a useless brick.

    The old O/S on my phone is working fine. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE. Can’t Apple that?

    After my ip5 croaks out I guess I’ll back over to android.

  • Dino Beganovic

    this morning I got msg to upgrade my iPhone 4 to update 7,2, I did that, and since then I can’t use my phone at all, there is just iTunes icon and charging icon, my phone is dead, do anyone have trouble similar to mine? I need help!

    • Stacie

      Yes my iTunes app won’t open without crashing tried everything :(

    • greg terterian

      same here

  • Keith

    Download ios7 videos wont load how can I get ios6 back

  • Angie

    I also had the problem of the screen locking up showing the USB iTunes cable on my iPhone 5. I’ve tried several times to hold both buttons down to force a restart with no luck. HELP! I have no phone! Wish I never would have tried the upgrade! Oh and I upgraded my iPad with no problem.

    • greg terterian

      i have the exact same problem… will u please keep me updated when u fix yours?

  • Unhappy with this

    I deleted good music for this nonsense. Took forever. I am underwhelmed. Fix this. The text features are horrible.

  • Stacie

    My iTunes app keeps crashing and Lloyd’s bank app won’t let me log in anymore I need this app urgently!!! Apple sort it out! Where do I go to sort this? Iso7 is as slow as a PC!

  • greg terterian

    they really did it this time. yesterday my phone said there is a new release even tough i updated to 7.0 on friday, so i thought that there might of been some secutity problems so they came up with a patch right away so i did it…
    my phone is useless piece of shit (i am at the hospital and was using my phone to stay connected) and does not turn on anymore. it shows power cable and itune icon but the phone does not response to anything. hard reset simply takes you to the same place. however my ipad went through it w no problem even though since 7.0 os typing on it is lagging big time….

  • http://www.facebook.com abie

    I can’t download games because I updated my iphone4 to ios7 so embarassing hoooo!!!

  • linda

    How do I get a normal screen. Can’t open phone. Only get an itunes icon and an arrow with what looks like a credit card slot
    Am very angry

  • Meg

    After I updated my iPad 4 to OS 7 now I can’t save any images or photos . Please help

  • irene

    I downloaded IOS7 with no problem. Now I have to enter my pass code . I hate it . When I go to settings …general …passcode lock …it says Immediately. It gives me no choice to turn off . Why ? Help !

  • Stephanie

    I have a iPhone 4s and every since I did the update my phone won’t update my Facebook page. If I turn off the wifi my Facebook updates just fine. I have done the hard reset and reset the wifi and still no change. What do I do now?

  • susan

    hi i have down loaded ios7 but now i can not send videos vi email can anyone help please.

  • Crissy

    I just would like to put a picture of my family on the back ground of my phone and can’t!

    That’s it. Everything works fine.
    What’s the point of the cool camera stuff if you can’t put the picture on your phone.

    What I think is weird is how not everyone is having this problem. My Sister has the iPhone 5 too and doesn’t have this problem. But somebody PLEASE tell me what to do!

  • Lynn

    Wished I’d never updated. Graphics are child like, texting is frustrating and functions are minimized… Can’t wait to get back to an android–should never have touched the Apple!

  • cheebase

    I wish I never upgraded to iOS7… this new interface sucks. And I was generous with that phrase. Its a bona fide poison-Ive…
    Can anybody tell me how to revert back to the previous one?

  • Julie

    I have a 4 and when I go to update I get an error saying I don’t have enough storage. I have tried to delete apps etc please help!

  • Delay

    Since I did the new update on my iPhone 4. I can not find my emails . I hit the email tab and my in box is not listed.
    Can anyone help?

  • Melissa

    Ever since the update, 3 out of our 4 iPhones are receiving delayed texts. And when they do show up, there is no sound notification, and the time stamp shows the time the sender texted them to us even though we are receiving them up to 2 hours later. I had no idea that my son texted me after school for a ride home. Finally he called me after I never showed up

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