iOS 6 Beta Gets Developer-Only Tethered Jailbreak


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Yesterday we brought you news that the public jailbreak of iOS 6 may be a long time in coming, thanks to Apple's efforts to close holes in the software that have been exploited by jailbreak devs to jailbreak previous versions of iOS.

Nevertheless, progress has been made in jailbreaking iOS 6. In fact, on Tuesday Dev Team member MuscleNerd managed to get a fourth generation iPod Touch jailbroken, though many features - including Cydia - were non-functional. Nevertheless, a tethered jailbreak of iOS 6 beta 1 is now available to jailbreak developers courtesy of the Dev Team. MuscleNerd announced the release - an update to redsn0w - via Twitter today:

The link in MuscleNerd's second tweet goes to a Dev Team blog post with more information. As both MuscleNerd's tweets and the blog post point out, this is not a public jailbreak. Cydia doesn't work, the jailbreak is tethered (meaning that the phone has to be re-jailbroken every time you reboot), most of Apple's stock apps are broken, and it only supports the iPhone 3GS and A4 iOS devices (i.e., the 4th-gen iPod Touch and the iPhone 4). This jailbreak is meant for developers who will be building iOS 6 compatibility into their jailbreak apps.

While it's encouraging that progress toward a full iOS 6 jailbreak is being made, we're still probably in for a lengthy wait, even after iOS 6 releases to the public alongside the new iPhone in October.