Introduce Your Child To The Surveillance State With The FiLIP Smart Watch


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Kids just love to scamper off into the nether when their parents aren't looking. Previously, the only way to prevent this was to either actually educate your children or slap a leash on them. Disturbingly, too many parents often choose the latter. Well, they don't have to anymore as they can now trade that leash in for constant, pervasive electronic surveillance.

FiLIP, the wearable tracking device for children, is out today at AT&T stores nationwide. The device disguises itself as a colorful, playful watch that your children are too stupid to question. When worn, parents can track their child's location via an app on their smartphone and send them texts telling them to get home. Parents can also set up safe zones so the watch sends a[n] electric shock notification when the child leaves said safe zone.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with sales of FiLIP online and in AT&T’s flagship store in Chicago since we launched in November last year,” said Jonathan Peachey, CEO of Filip Technologies. “We know that many people want to see FiLIP and try out its features with their kids in-store before buying, and with this expanded availability they can do just that.”

AT&T seems to be a fan of the device and thinks it will be a hot seller. To prove it, they will give parents a $100 bill credit when they buy the device. The bill credit will come in handy as FiLIP costs $10 a month when adding it to your existing plan.

“FiLIP is an innovative form factor that is generating a lot of buzz and attention in the wearable space. We are excited to expand its distribution into our retail locations to make the product even more accessible to families,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility. “FiLIP has been a great addition to AT&T’s product lineup as a device designed specifically to improve family communication and provide parents peace of mind.”

FiLIP is available at AT&T stores across the nation today for $200. It's a great way to acclimate your children to the constant surveillance they'll face as adults.

Image via FiLIP