iGoogle Will Officially Be Dead In 3 More Days

    October 29, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced in July of last year that it would be shutting down iGoogle, its personalized homepage product. The announcement came in one of the company’s semi-regular “spring cleaning” announcements, despite being in the summer.

Google is able to shut down some products with little outcry. Other times, Google upsets users by taking away services that they love. The biggest case of this was probably Google Reader, which was officially killed earlier this year. iGoogle, however, appears to have its share of fans as well.

Unfortunately for them, iGoogle will officially go away in three days. If you go there now, you’ll see a message like this:


We wrote about the pending demise of iGoogle about a month ago, and the comments have trickled in ever since, with users expressing their disdain.

“Extremely disappointed that my iGoogle is being taken away. What is the point of taking away something that people use and like? Yahoo, here I come,” said one reader.

Yahoo, perhaps trying to capitalize on Google’s move (and knowing the value of a good homepage), recently released an updated version of its My Yahoo product, complete with an iGoogle import tool. This is, however, only one of many alternatives on the market. You can see a list of some of them here.

  • Saint Saintly

    Google was once good at something. Now, their search results are sometimes better than bing’s, sometimes not. Now, often, their maps are less accurate than yahoo’s or bing’s.

    But they’re now a household word, proving the old adage which I am not enough of a snob to repeat.

  • Morenthal

    Google evidently couldn’t get enough of our personal information using igoogle. Since they are money grubs they needed to come up with something we can get even more personal with so they can slowly collect data that they will sell to the highest bidder. We must not forget that some nutcase will try to put all that info together and put a sane or insane stamp on you. Just remember folks, all your conversations and all your information that you put out there IS being gathered and will be held against you in this judgmental world.
    We all need to look hard and redefine the word free because we are NOT free people.

    • westprogram1

      Very well said…

  • http://iGoogle Joe

    I am very very sad. iGoogle I am so sorry to see you go . I am 100% sure will never find another iGoogle. I will miss you for ever. Millions of people will be disapointed from tomorrow.

    Good bye…

  • rod

    Just like our government, craming things we dont want down our throats. I personally will find another go to page other than Google as i have had enough.

  • Morisaa

    I am sad too It was my favorite :(

    Tried some alternatives too and I like startme most among all alternatives