If I Could Be Like Mike Ehrmantraut [VIDEO]

    September 4, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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SPOILER ALERT: Do not watch if you’re not caught up with Breaking Bad.

Now, that’s out of the way. Breaking Bad fans, do you love Mike Ehrmantraut? Yeah, I thought so. And apparently, someone out there finds TV’s best grandpa pretty damn inspirational. They’ve mixed scenes of Mike Ehrmantraut, well, being Mike Ehrmantraut. That would be watchable on its own. But the fact that they’ve put it all to that “Be Like Mike” song from the 90s Gatorade ads makes it pretty special.

Very few TV characters come along and instantly demand a following quite like Mike Ehrmantraut. If Jonathan Banks doesn’t eventually receive some recognition for his performance, there’s really no justice in the world.

If you’re looking for more awesome Breaking Bad viral vids, may I suggest Jesse Pinkman’s spinoff comedy series, this Walter White Mentos ad, and this amazing mashup.

BONUS: Some fine soul took the time to create a Twitter account for Kaylee Ehrmantraut. Bless this person…bless them.