Idina Menzel Talks About Dating After Divorce From Taye Diggs

    July 1, 2014
    Val Powell
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Late last year, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs ended their 10-year marriage. Menzel, 43, talked about being a single mom and dating on the radio show Valentine in the Morning.

“I don’t want to keep introducing him to people and having him form bonds and then take ‘em away, you know,” she said referring to her four-year-old son Walker. She added that it’s bad enough that Walker has to go through his mom and dad’s divorce.

Menzel is protective of Walker, as she too, went through the same experience when her parents divorced when she was 15 years old. She said that she tells her son that he has two parents who love him very much. “At 15 I was too aware, I thought I was an adult, and I got in the middle of everything and I took on the stress for both of them,” she said.

Menzel and Diggs met in the Broadway production of Rent in the 1990’s. They got married in 2003 and had Walker six years later.

Broadway fans were devastated upon learning that Menzel and Diggs split up. In an interview, Diggs said, “I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I thought, ‘Oh man, people are going to trip out [if we split]’” Diggs said that people rooted for his relationship with Menzel, as there aren’t a lot of couples in the theater community like them.

Diggs seems to have moved on from the divorce, as he made a public appearance with his new girlfriend Amanza Smith Brown at the 2014 BET Awards held on Sunday night. Diggs looked happy as he stood with his arms around Brown. A source said that the couple is 100 percent in love. “They have been dating for a while,” the source said.

At this time, both Diggs and Menzel’s main priority is their son.

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  • k

    I just can’t believe this—with all her success in Frozen – the guy decides then that he wants a divorce…in our neighborhood we have struggling families trying to make it on two incomes and they stick together like glue. I don’t know I just think guys are kind of spoiled rotten these days and too many readily women out there.

    • Venus1

      I am not sure what you mean here…would you rather him cheat on her instead?! I think that people regardless of celebrity are people first and foremost. With that they have the right to make choices. I am not privy to the details of their lives and don’t want that but we don’t know the what their relationship was like at all only by what is reported. By the way…what does success and money have to do with a person loving another person. If anything that should be the very last reason for anyone, with character mind you, to stick around in a love less marriage…

    • skulldruggery

      for all you know she is an asshole, and sucks in bed, so what she made a cartoon movie

      • PJ

        How does anyone know who wanted the divorce? I haven’t read anything about the specifics. Where did this come from?

    • Donna Barnes

      You’re assuming that it was him that wanted the divorce how about she may have wanted it or they both wanted divorce. What does her success in Frozen have to do with anything really?

  • skulldruggery

    “dont want to keep introducing him to people” the kids 4 and the ink isnt dry on your divorce, you want to open your mind and close your legs a sec before letting the parade of cock around your kid, typical woman of today!!!

    • PJ

      Oh, but it’s okay that he’s moved on and set up shop six months later? Just because she’s dating doesn’t mean she’s whoring around. And women take the brunt of childrearing divorced or not.

  • ks

    He’s not a good-looking man anyway! He obviously does not know of any black women.

  • Rainbow!

    *It isn’t that he doesn’t Know Black Women it’s that..WE DON’T WANT HIS COMPLETELY UNATTRACTIVE SUPER DARK JIMMINY-THE-CRICKET LOOKING SELF. HE IS UGLY…And WE DON’T WANT HIM. YOU WILL see many jet black Black Men with white women because ALL OF their lives BLACK WOMEN have told them “EWWWWW, i DON’T WANT YOU YOU’RE UGLY” so, they seek out white females all of their lives because we don’t think they are attractive. THESE ugly guys couldn’t get a girl growing up and now some of them have a little bit of money and they attract white girls with that. Many top black male celebs have told the story.. Eddie Murphy..[girls used to call him PEAS because his hair was soo nappy!] Dennis Rodman also, he said black girls would never look his way, so now he only dates white females. The most racist white families will allow their daughter to marry a black man IF HE HAS MONEY! And, only if he has money…which is why the white girl is with you in the first place! Good Luck!

    • Fred Sylla

      I’m trying to decipher your argument here. Sounds like your cursing him for dating white woman then saying he’s ugly. What’s the deal?

    • dapadre

      Wow. always refreshing to hear racism coming from a sista (I figure lets go full blown ebonics). When TD met her, I dont think you could classify him as rich, but possibly in your world anyone earning above a welfare check is. Eddie Murphy WAS married to a black woman and Dennis Rodman said and I quote as I read his book ( yes I read which is alien to some of us) as well as what he told Oprah Winfrey that he doesn’t dislike Black women but that he’s found that the Black women he’s encountered don’t accept him as he is. I quote:
      “I’m attracted to White women now and I’m attracted to Black women still. But I haven’t found a Black woman willing to accept me as I am,” Rodman told Winfrey.

      So all what you said was baseless and quite racist actually. I personally think you have issues with an inferiority complex. Whenever you see a brotha with a non black woman, it reiterates your personal insecurities which cause you to wonder not why is he not dating a black woman, but why is he not dating you. Well reading your response, the reasons are quite clear as a dignified black woman wouldn’t feel slighted in anyway as she would be a kin to her qualities unlike yourself.

      I do have one question….why couldnt your dad simply jizz in the tissue or toilet and spare us all.

  • Karl Browne

    So so so many other things to think about than this. I only clicked through because I was hoping (praying?) that Taye was caught with a transvestite hooker like Casper and Hank. It would be a perfect crush trifecta. I mean, if they’ll do tranny, they’ll do manny 😉

  • raffe alexander

    Never could figure out all the hoopla on Taye Diggs. He is average looking, an average actor, nothing overtly special about him. So what he and Menzel got a divorce. It happens, lots of celebrity marriages fold quickly because there was no substance in the beginning. The fact that celebrities move on so quickly is very telling. Kudos to all the celebrity marriages that tough it out.

  • daisy

    Don”t think the woman Diggs is with is White. Looks like a woman who probably self identifies as Black or African American. But, doesn’t matter a bit, who someone chooses to partner w/, if the people involved are satisfied w/ the arrangement. Suspect, the marriage split was easier & timed to coincide w/ parties’ feeling flush w/ a few dollars (from Diggs TV gigs, Menzel’s movie; & secure in the professional recognition/success that goes along w/ that.

  • http://nevadadivorce.org/ Nevada Divorce

    What a strong woman.