I Stand With Phil Petition Inches Closer To Goal In Spite Of Setbacks

    December 26, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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When Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was accused of gay bashing, many of his fans spoke out in support. A website called IStandWithPhil was created along with a petition that currently contains over 200,000 signatures. The petition is addressed to A&E, the network that airs Duck Dynasty and has chosen to suspend Robertson from the show. The petitions was created by the Christian group Faith Driven Consumer.

While Twitter has been a place for many people to voice their opinions on the topic of Robertson and his comment about homosexuality, many Twitter users and Robertson supporters complained that Twitter was not allowing them to post links to the IStandWithPhil petition. When users attempted to share a link on the site, they got a message saying that the link could not be posted and claiming that the post contained malware or was considered spam.

Some people accused Twitter of taking sides and claimed that their posts were being blocked on purpose. The group who created the IStandWithPhil site and the petition claims that their site does not contain any malware or viruses.

Twitter reps claimed that the URL was accidentally interpreted as spam, which is why it was blocked. Twitter removed the block on December 23. Since the block was removed, the petition has gotten much closer to its goal of 250,000 signatures. It should reach its goal in the next couple of days.

Do you plan to sign the petition and do you think Twitter was purposely censoring posts that linked to the website?

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  • Leonard Hill

    We must for righteous virtues In the 1980’s I read a book by a minister in the baptist church that lived among the gay community. If you can find a copy by Don Boys and I saw him later in an interview on t.v. The filth in there sexual practices. I can see why it is an abomination to the lord. L. Hill

    • donald cook

      bigoted filth such as Your brand of “christianity” is an abomination to everyone with morals.

      • Rob

        Don it appears that it you who is being the bigot and name caller, calling names is a trait the ignorant and uneducated
        always follow.

      • JQ Public

        She is right and I guess our Creator must be a bigot too. You have no sense of Christianity at all.

    • Al Kahawlic

      and the way you spell is a clear indication of your low I.Q.

  • Nat

    I am a christian and I am so proud to say it. I love my life, my family, friends that I am surrounded with. I know that God exists because I feel Gods presence in my life every single day, Every time I read the bible I am so at peace and if I miss it for a day, I feel the difference I get mad faster upset angry. God exists and his bible is sooooo true. Everything that was prophesied in the bible many many years ago even up to this day things are being fulfilled. As a matter a fact the bible is the only book that has actually lasted for many many decades. Have you ever wondered why? Hitler and many other like Hitler tried to destroy it and none of them were or will ever be successful because that is God’s word and His word like I said before is very much alive. Jesus is LOVE so we must accept and love homosexuality that is what I have heard many times said by unchristian people when it comes to a topic such as homosexuality. What people also need to remember that yes Jesus is Love but he hates the sin. God clearly states in the bible and I have heard many people say before that oh it does not say anything about homosexuality in the bible, oh yes it does. You must have not read the bible than. People need to understand when God created man that was not his intentions. He first created the man than created the women to be mens helper. He created them both in His image and told them to multiply. How can a man with a man or a women with a women multiply? But what I was trying to get to I have noticed this happening since Phil Robertson’s interview is that many people created articles saying that he hates gays. Clearly He did not say that he hates gays. So if Jesus is Love and someone gives his/her life to Jesus Christ. If Jesus enters into their life Love will too. Because how can someone accept Jesus into their life and have hate at the same time. It is irrelevant. You either have Jesus (Love) or Satan (Hate) you cannot serve two masters. When someone has Jesus Christ into their heart, they love the sinner because that is what God created and hate the sin which comes from the Devil. Do you think that God wants you to go to hell? absolutely not but you are the one who ultimately makes the decision. True followers of Jesus Christ will speak the truth, we will not shove our belief down your throat. God wants you to come to him willingly. Satan on the other hand roars like a lion looking for someone to devour. Do not be deceived. Phil spoke it like is it that is why I applaud him because He is not afraid to speak the truth. Jesus says in Mathew 10;32 So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven.

    • donald cook

      troll logic from a delusion.

      • Nat

        Awwww Donald bless your heart lol

      • Rob

        Don, are you name calling again, just how low is your IQ?

        • Janis

          God works in mysterious ways. Phil admittedly lived a life of sin before dedicating his life to his Savior, Jesus Christ. Then by following his spirit rather than the advice of his wealth and fame seeking friends he achieved both fame and wealth in ways and to levels far to great for him to even imagine or pray for.
          Now by merely speaking the truth from his heart as it was transformed by the love of Jesus, he is carrying out another command of the Bible to “Go forth and preach the Gospel.” And like his business success, it is happening in a most unexpected way.
          Twitter executives and others who may not yet have been transformed by the love of Jesus oppose what they do not understnd, but already this simple act has impacted so many for such great good.
          For far too long Christians have been ignored, criticized, ridiculed and made to feel helpless to stop what we view as the destruction of our county by the media and the corrupt leaders they tricked our people into electing and now seem intent upon accomplishing the goals of Communism by implementing the methods of Sal Alinsky.
          But now, in the most unexpected way, we are at last coming to understand the power of our own voice and I pray we use use it to its greatest potential to save our country by speaking the truth and voting our convictions. We are a huge and powerful group and it is time we used our power for good.
          Pray for Phil, pray for our country, pray for Don who commented previously and believe for a miracle of love.

          • Matt

            What a brilliantly articulated post.

            Those who are offended by Phil’s comments are, at their core, actually offended by God’s own words… they can’t “punish” God for not conforming to their ideals, so Phil is a decent enough alternative. Anyone who could misinterpret “we don’t judge… we just love ’em, give ’em God’s word and let God sort ’em out” is just too corrupted for rational conversation.

          • JAMES HOOVER

            Well written JANIS. Maybe we can get Jessie Jackson or MILEY CYRUS be the mouth for clean living.

      • http://att Tom

        Don this life that you were given by God you should take very seriously. This is not a joke Heaven and Hell are real I at one time did not believe in these things until I made a decision to read the bible starting with the book of john chapter 1.I read this bible for 3months at this time I was in a battle with porn and going to strip clubs that was controlling my life. I asked Jesus if Hell is real and demons are here on this earth than show me the truth. At the time I was a detention officer at my desk I heard Jesus say in a quiet voice “Go to the club tomorrow and I will show you the truth”. I did what he told me to do when I arrived to the club Jesus told me to go to a quiet place in the strip club and say the lords prayer and to asked in his name to surround me with his angels for my protection so I did what he told me to do. I finished and one of the employees came into the restroom and I could see in the unseen realms I could see his eyes were black and he had a black cloud around him from the top of his head to his feet. I was shocked to see this. I left the restroom and went into the club area and noticed the people at the bar looked at me with terror on their face at the same time about 10 people got up from the bar and left the bar. I thought what is going on. I sat down at the bar the bar tender put a bottle of beer in front of me before I could pay for it Jesus spoke to me again and he said don’t order beer order red wine to represent my blood. I told her to give me a glass of red wine. I sat their wondering what would happen next I enjoyed the sinful life that I had choose lusting after woman and the power over them part of me did not want stop and part of me wanted to know the truth. I took a sip of the wine nothing happened I smiled and said to my self nothing is going to happen I took another sip and I felt a powerful energy in the room come in and then out. I could see the truth of the condition of sinful lost souls I could see in the spirit. I saw blacked eyes on the dancers they knew I could see them as they really are and they began to growl like animals at me one began to curse the name of Jesus over and over shaking her head like a wild beast I also was shone the condition of sinful man and what he looked like he looked like a dead man moving in a animated way with sores on his flesh. I was able to fill their emotions. I was able to understand their emotions of shame and bondage. I was shone the darkness in the body of dancers I saw a blackness rolling around like a storm inside them and I felt the evil I could fill the hate from them It felt worse than I can describe I was shown demons in spirit that was controlling these woman that gave their life to Satan by their free choice they could show different forms at will I such evil it was vary bad. Jesus had put his peace on me for me to stay their and witness these events to show me and also tell others that these things are real in the world and to tell others so they know. This is my mission to tell as many people as I can Jesus is real he loves us all he does not send any one to Hell we send our selves their by choice we can choose life in Christ of death in serving Satan you make your choice. May God bless you and my he keep you. Tom

    • ann

      I stand with Phil Right to free speech Let’s not lose it!!!



    • Jaes

      well said. God bless.

    • Massinissa

      You, uh, DO realize Hitler was a practicing Catholic dont you? He wasnt trying to destroy Christianity, only Judaism, bro.

      And about marriage being about procreation…

      Does that mean that men and women who are fertile cant marry?

      Or that a man should divorce his wife when she becomes infertile?

      The idea that marriage has to be about reproduction doesnt hold much water.

      • Nat

        Hey listen one thing is you don’t mess with God’s word. He created a man and a woman that is how he intended for it to be and will always remain like that. People will try to change it on papers to look different but they don’t understand in God’s eyes is evil and it will always be unacceptable. Man always change their minds great thing about God He does not.

        So what if Hitler was practicing Catholic. Name does not do much. I can call myself whatever I want but it comes down to which masters you are serving Satan or God. If he for real would have practiced Catholic He would not have killed over 6 million Jewish people. Which by the way you should know for future reference Jewish people are God’s chosen people. That it was they were targeted. So how can a follower of God kill God’s chosen people? Irrelevant.

  • Michael

    I too am a bible believing, born again Christian. The bible clearly states that God created the man and the woman to be together. One man, one woman for life. The bible, avers that homosexual behavior, weather between two or more men or two or more women is an abomination. That is not being hateful, not at all it is simply standing on the word of God. Yes, tolerance goes both ways. To say that everyone has a voice. Everyone but, Christians that is. That is not tolerance. That is hippocracy. God Bless you. Merry Christmas

    • Nat

      Well said 😀

  • http://yahoo Richard Bartz

    I think Phil is a back woods hick and deserves no more publicity. I would like to not see or here from him again.

    • Nat

      And why is it that you desperately want him gone?

    • Rob

      Censorship at it finest. You don’t want to see or hear him and that should apply to all other as well.

    • christina

      actually, that is a misconception. Phil Robertson is not just a hill billy backwood hick, he is college educated. He went to college on a football scholarship. I believe he didnt finish, but he has college education under his belt. He is extremely intelligent. I believe all of his sons are college graduates as well.

      • Tari

        Phil received a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Louisiana Tech University and a master’s in education. He spent several years teaching high school and was praised as an excellent teacher. He is no backwoods hick. And yes, all his sons are college graduates.

    • JQ Public

      Yeah think? I wish I was as rich and successful as that back woods hick. I bet he knows how to spell the word backwards.

    • http://istandwithphil pauline ballard

      that is your right and your opion. my opion is your are wrong. As long as we let A& E control our opion we will not have that freedom of speech. god bless. I will pray for you!

    • The Veteran

      @Richard Bartz….Now let’s turn your attitude around and see how it sits with you.

      I think that all homosexuals are an abomination and a cancer put on this earth by satan. I have no desire to ever see or hear from any homosexual again, and I despise the way they are spreading their word and filth to the children of our world!!!

  • donald cook

    the bigoted, narrow-minded, backward, an animistic view of “christianity” i see on these pages is truly the inspired word of a schizophrenic man.

    • Nat

      Hey its ok i’ll take that, God endured worse. Love my life would not change it for the world.

    • George Barnes

      Wow. Big talk from the keyboard, Don. Your mom must be so proud.

  • http://coccari@sbcglobal.net darlene

    Phil & Family,
    Merry Christmas! I am a Christian but also have no problem with LGTB. However, I also have no problem with people voicing their own opinions. I wonder if A & E really thought about the implications of what they were doing when they made their decision to ban Phil.
    Phil, how honored you must be to see how your family supports you! There is no greater gift than that! You have done a great job raising your family!!!
    Food for thought: Why not go to another network for one year, show A & E that they made fools of themselves, then quit while you’re on top? The last laugh will be on them.
    I am a stage 4 cancer person, with breast cancer that has spread to my bones, lymph system, and lungs, but seeing a great family show like the one that you have makes me happy, happy, happy:-)
    We all love and support you, Phil. Take care and God bless you.

    Darlene Coccari (Tehachapi, CA)

    • Pam

      I totally agree with what you’ve said. Phil is a good and decent man and a God fearing man. I pray for him and his family and that God will Bless anyone who stands up for him. The Bible is fulfilling itself every day. We see signs of the times and I saw nothing on the show that lets me feel that the Robertson’s aren’t of God. They speak the truth. And Phil I stand and applaud you for standing up for what’s right. I love your show and I love you guys. Be Blessed in anything that you guys do. If it’s on TV or where ever, continue to stand up for what’s right.
      God Bless,

  • Mgall

    Oh god, just stop–all of you–with your idiotic ideas of free speech. Yeah, he was free to spew his bigoted, homophobic, racist bullshit. You win. He’s free to say aloud all the stupid, backwards nonsense you talk about holding in your hearts.

    So, yes, again, he’s free to say all of this stupid shit and embarrass himself and those who would defend him.

    And TV stations are free to fire his sorry, simple-minded, backwoods ass.

    And you’re free to boycott and sign petitions to defend his right to be bigoted and backwards.

    That’s how it all works.

    But for the love of god, would you just spare us all the sanctimonious, self-righteous, victimized bullshit about free speech and family values and all the other ways you dress up your right to be small-minded, backwards, and bigots.

    • Steven

      What about the majority of us that don’t believe what he said was bigoted, homophobic or racist? His equating homosexuality to bestiality AND womanizing was about sexual compulsion and how we should resist carnal temptation. His supposed racist comment was describing how he saw blacks drawing strength through their faith and not at all him saying things should never have changed. I’m not religious at all, but I can see this man is being unfairly labeled.

    • Bertye

      Mgall, thanks for a bit of sanity given to situation that has little to do with God, but more to-do with the intolerance that is often spewed in the name of Christianity and freedom of speech.

  • http://Yahoo K L Neale

    where were these Christians when Paula Dean went down. He’s entitled to His opinion defend his right to it. However it doesn’t mean I agree with him or his beliefs.

    • Steven

      Paula Dean dropped a racial slur. Totally different scenario. Phil Robertson’s words are being misconstrued.

  • Mary

    A&E appears to be somewhat hypocritical. It suspends Phil Robertson but continues to play re-runs of Duck Dynasty, back to back. I checked the listings for tonight (Dec. 25th) and there was a constant replay of episodes of Duck Dynasty. If A&E is so upset over the statements made by Phil Robertson, why doesn’t it just take the show off the air?

  • steve

    I noticed this article did not mention the Facebook page supporting Phil that has over 1.7 MILLION likes!! That’s more people than have signed up for Obamacare.

    The LGBT and NMBLA are a very tiny minority in both population and opinion. Most Americans don’t support them but support not only Phil’s right to free speech, but his beliefs in living a moral life. We the majority are tired of hearing about the LGBT agenda and it does not represent us as a nation.

  • Steven

    You know I signed that petition to defend Phil Robertson’s character and really have no idea what this Faith Driven Consumer group represents. That’s my bad. I really should have researched this organization because it is clear nut jobs are coming out of the woodwork to fuel their agendas on both sides.

  • butch006

    From what I hear from the far right politicos, it appears that Phil Robertson has managed to explain the fundamental beliefs of evangelical Christianity to the uneducated amongst us.He only went off the rails when he claimed to have divine understanding of the thoughts and HAPPY LEVEL of black workers in the south.{However in all fairness ,this so-called divine understanding of those we do not know is par for the course in regards to almost all religions]Since it appears that no evangelical Christian group has come forward to challenge MR. Robertson ,we can assume overall that community is in agreement with Robertson’s statements .SILENCE CAN SPEAK VOLUMES.

    • http://WPNWebProNews Coral

      Silence is what you should practice, Butch.

  • Dennis

    I consider myself a born again christian an understand the bible verses.
    There is no doubt in my mind that God considers any relationship that does not match his original design as sin. Anything that is based on love of the flesh and the world is not acceptable to God. Christ came to the world to provide all people with love and a way to present themselves as sinless to God.

    The conflict between God’s laws and what is going on in the USA regarding the approval of gay lifestyles is that the US is not based on God’s laws. It is not a theocracy but a democracy. The Declaration and the Constitution are the law of the land. People are provided with the legal security knowing that they have a right to certain freedoms along with a pursuit of happiness.

    The law is open to interpretation of what pursuit of happiness is because only a the individual person can interpret what their pursuit will be.

    So, yes God does not approve of gay lifestyle but the Law of the US is only designed around what the people want.

    Phil has the right to make statements but will exact whatever
    actions or treatments the majority of the country consider is right or wrong for opinion.

  • sharron

    Can this guy honestly say he never put his d#%* in his wife’s mouth…or any other woman’s for that matter?

  • Norma

    I absolutely stand with Mr. Phil Robertson 100%! I have to tell you that I was a person that was living the gay lifestyle, and I could feel the nagging, and a wretched gnawing somewhere deep inside me. Even when I screamed and yelled that there was nothing wrong with being gay, it still felt so painful buried deeply in the recesses of my heart and I did not want to face the truth. I felt as though part of my soul was torn out, and it was so hard. I have to tell you, that I absolutely do believe that people are born gay, but I do believe that God lets things like that happen so people can call upon him for deliverance from anything they might be doing wrong. He proves his love by changing people into everything that he wants them to be. I believe the Lord lets things happen so he can show people that it does not matter how horrible things are, because he can heal them and take away anything, even if a person thinks that there is absolutely no hope left for them anywhere. Putting my life in the Lord’s hands because I was gay, and trusting in whatever plan he had in mind to do with me, left me feeling uncertain, and a little frightened about what the future would hold, and I think that was one of the biggest and hardest challenges of my life. I finally just said outright, “Lord, if being a lesbian is truly a sin to you, please, forgive me and bring me complete deliverance, because I cannot do anything to change who I am, and I love you, Lord, because you are my King”! The Lord started working on me in my thoughts and in my soul. It was hard for me, but I told the Lord that I could not do any half or partial deliverance or anything like that. I told him that it would have to be 100% miraculous, because it is not possible for a person to be anyone other than themselves. It took time, but I knew he was moving in my life and he was proving to me that he is the Lord, and that he does not do anything half way. I felt him stirring inside me, and it was hard and I felt so twisted up inside, but my King came through. I woke up one day and I was delivered, and it is as though that person that lived that way was not even me. It is as though that person was not even real, or that it was some kind of dream or something, like, a distant, far away thing that happened to someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I know it ‘was’ me, but I was free, finally! I cannot explain it, but I felt truly like a different person. I love the Lord so much, for his mercy is amazing, and his love is unexplainable, and he does answer prayers. I had told him that if it was a sin, then he would have to change it in me, because I could not change who I was born to be. He worked me through and through, and it took quite some time, and I could tell something amazing was happening to me, but I could find no words to even explain it, but I try, as you can see. I still cannot find the words to explain to people what he did for me. There are no words, and I adore my Lord! He will take care of people and he does answer prayers in his own time and when he is ready. He is an awesome King! I praise him always for that, because if he had not delivered me, I was doomed for Hell and I know it! So, I don’t know what else to say, other than this: People can lie to the world, and lie to themselves, they can try to hide, they can try to run, and they can fight with everyone, including themselves, trying to make excuses because it hurts, but they know, somehow they know something is not right, but Our King sees all things, and he knows the heart, and he knows the pain and he knows the fears we have. However, when he is ready to fix a person, he makes his move, and boom, it is done and he completes us!!!! I agree with everything that Phil said, and I stand with him on this, because he did not say anything other than what he thought in his heart, and he did not set out to hurt anyone. He just said what he feels, and guess what? He is 100% right. I think he is a great guy and I pray for Blessings on him and his whole family. God Bless people everywhere, and I pray for the deliverance for anyone that is caught up in the kind of Hell that I had been caught up in. Thank you for hearing me out. I appreciate the fact that Phil’s Constitutional Rights are still not overruled by insane political correctness. Freedom of Speech is absolutely paramount in this world, and I thank God for the U.S. Constitution, because without it, our country is finished for good!

  • james

    The christians come out of the woodwoork when the topic is gay bashing! So zealous! I don’t see the fervor for “loving your neighbor” or “judge not lest ye be judged” ever in these folks. You can hide behind fairy tales and printed words all you want but those same books have other words and ideas in them but for some reason if you have a hit show and the omniscient and omnipotent Sarah Pailin comes to your aid then allllll the HYPOCRITES come out {oh im sorry God is supposed to be the all powerful all present all knowing} I love DD but I knew the Robertsons were rednecks and I know southern rednecks and when cameras and minorities aren’t around they bash blacks, mexicans, gays, and they are an ignorant herd afraid to go out and shout the true “Good Word” …politicians and tv and movie stars stay the hell out of beliefs religion you are the reason religion is all f-ked up now in the USA. and why do we not bring up the happy singing Jim Crow era blacks cuz I dont think even your precious fairy tale has words to defend you there. Oh wait it does have a few lines about serving your masters {on earth} {in other words yall be good nigg;’s} and how darker skin shows that you are stained and should be told what to do. La Tech must be proud of the men like Phil R out there showing the world the deep level of thinking and reflection on life this former student portrays…okay so vocal minorities do get on my nerves and get involved for the wrong reason but this time they should be shouting louder cuz as you can see take away some americans tv characters and the closest thing in America to holy war will start and the FUNNIEST thing is that the Fox people and the republicans are on the redneck bigot side ..your all a bunch of hypocrites and horrible examples to your own children standing behind some man made white made words to justify your hate tactics. The first time Palin defended me thats when I’d have to stop and think maybe I am homophobic and rascist and wrong and then we finally do have the Af American view and it comes from that old self centered ego of Jesse Jackson the guy who raised that fine young man who is in prison now etc ad infinitum

  • johnson

    now the gays will come out of the closet and say phil molested them 20 years ago and want money from a&e and the robertsons

  • Jill G

    This is NOT about a lifestyle choice, nor about believing as Phil does… THIS IS ABOUT OUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH !! Too many people are getting it twisted… I don’t believe that abortion is the way to go FOR ME, but I’ll be damned if the government should tell anyone they don’t have a choice !! I am a straight white Midwestern almost 50 something mother of two African American adult males. I believe in God. I am college educated. I have a full time job, own my home and pay plenty of taxes. The government has it’s nose in my business enough the way it is. Every American citizen,(including television networks) have choices to make – sometimes knowing or not knowing the consequences nor rewards of their choices – we all still have a choice !! So to all you haters out there, bashing whomever or whatever you want to bash, enjoy your FREEDOM OF SPEECH, because taking Phil Robertson’s right to freedom of speech away will take yours away too – it’s not about the context, it’s about the right! God Bless America !

  • Gail

    God’s Word will stand through anything. It cannot and will not be destroyed. I praise God that Phil has the love of Christ and His boldness to speak the Truth even amidst all the persecution. And he is not backing down. I have signed the petition and I continue to stand with Phil..he is my brother in Christ.

  • ben dover

    I’m glad this topic was brought into the spotlight, and that people are stepping up to defend free speech on an issue that rarely gets its chance. We are being bullied into accepting homosexuality, and its about time we started fighting back. Lets chase them all back into the closet and keep them there.

    • me

      Being Bullied? how weak minded are you? because we watch TV, that means we are being bullied into excepting, murder, drugs, sex, crime, and so on and so on. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their own opinion. You don’t have to like it!
      And the best part is if you don’t like a show, YOU DONT watch it. You don’t like a person, YOU DONT hang out with them. See how easy that it! I am tired of being bullied with ignorant, haters, lets chase them all back to hell where they came from.

  • ben dover

    I forgot to mention…….All you homos are going to burn in hell. You may get away with your disgusting behavior in this life but you will pay for it in the next.


    The petition folks confirm my long held belief that America is made up largely of dense ignorant people. From Sarah Palin and Gov. Jindal who said, “the suspension violates the 1st. amendment” to the petition itself.
    A&E is NOT the government.
    The government has passed no law “prohibiting free speech.”
    The haters who sign the petition exspousing their long held belief advanced by their religious teachings that people who do not conform must be hated and vilified. Will be assigned to the ash heap of history alongside the
    klan, witch burners and racists who want to reinstitute slavery and who would lynch people for their love of another where that love is banned in a medieval religious tradition.

  • Bill

    Let me get this straight… They want us to contribute to support a defense fund for a millionaire? Let me think… F%$k Phil and his entire family. The show sucks and if it dies, it dies. Good riddance to bad garbage.

    • suasn Marek

      Bill you have a right to your opinion, I just happen to think you are wrong! Happy Holidays and long live Christian values.

  • ed

    I’m glad to see this petition to show exactly what kind od double standard we have in this country. Because if this garbage gets back on A&E then there should not be a problem for Rev. Wright or Farakahn to get there own shows as well. So lets see exactly how much they really believe in free speech or if just appies to the garbage of this country.

  • Jay Beiting

    There one thing I have notice about A & E channel all of their shows is based on a man and a woman. I haven’t notice any shows being advertise of two men or two woman. Are they being hypocrites also?

    • http://istandwithphil pauline ballard

      If you want to watch a gay show that is your right, you have the right to watch all the porn you want to. I have my right to do as I please so far as A&E don’t try and take that right away. you are a human being the same as i’am. god still loves you the same as he loves us all. . we all have sins, we are all human. the same is our right not to watch such a sickening sight. again in my opion. if you don’t like or love the lord and believe what he stands for and what he has done for you , don’t try and take away our rights. It is suppose to be a free country . that is as long as we don’t let people like A & E take it away from us. you love your children don’t you and believe what they stand for. . we love god and believe what he has told us too. so far we have that right to worship and have our freedom of speech . can anyone imagine of not having our freedom of speech and not being able to tell your children what is wrong or right . It seems to me this is where we are headed. god loves you and I love you. we are not perfect. god died for our sins. if you don’t believe in god , I’am sorry for you and will pray for you. let me ask you , do you believe in the air you breathe? can you see the air you breathe? god loves you and wants you to one day stand beside him and have everlasting life.

  • Robin

    let it go A&E and others he had to right to speak his mind and once again someone BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER , let it go atfer the deal with Dog the boundy hunter was taken off and people complained he got back on A&E this two will pass , LET IT GO , LET IT GO

  • http://istandwithphil pauline ballard

    If we the people let A&E get away with taking our rights away from us, then what next will they do to us , what other right will they take from us? [ our right to worship] will be next. I stand by phil Robertson in his belief. duck dynasty is a show of clean family entertainment. we need more of these shows on tv where our children will get off of the video games and the porn sites, and out of the gangs on the streets and the drugs all the other things and influences that are sending our children to prison and to hell . lets all pray that duck dynasty will be returned to tv , hopefuly with another network. It is sure that A&E is not a worthy network for duck dynasty. maybe we should get a petition that will take A & E off of tv . I will sign that one for sure. thank you all and god bless for reading my opion about this matter. I pray that god will help us all.

    • http://kenwiezer.com kenneth wiezer

      Ban all gays and queers!!!

  • steve

    they must have a I stand with a&e petition, where do I go to sign that one. I for one have had enough of phil.

    • http://istandwithphil pauline ballard

      for right now that is your freedom of speech. till A & E changes it all. at which time it will be their way . you will not have that right. I will pray for you.

  • TC

    Many Americans need to stand and state your opinion on how the country should accept this and many other issues. This is not bashing on either side, this is about your right to state a comment on any issue anywhere.
    Many on any extreme of issues know how they gain strength in the court of public opinion, however this issue with A&E is simple. If people do not like what Phil says, then change the channel. I do not like sports on TV much, so that is what I do. I do not have any issues with anyone who enjoys watching sports on TV. I do not have any problem with anyone who participates in sports.
    We all have the right to say what we will in this country. It is not a place to remain complacent about this issue.

  • Scott

    This Liberalism 101, they hate any form of Christianity. And they will do anything to shut them down, including violating someones rights. This is not just about Phil, but about our freedom being taken away from us every day. Oh and if you don’t believe me about how much they hate Christianity go back and watch the 1012 Democratic National convention when they held a vote to put God back into there platform(they had no intentions of doing this, but where pressured into it)they voted three times and the no had it all three times, but the gave it to the yeses. And watch how confused the speaker was and who the camera kept showing.

  • Al Kahawlic

    how about calling it “The Archie Bunker Fan Club” petition? Seems more accurate.

  • Shawn

    Everyone seems to forget this is AMERICA and we do have a freedom of speech. If it hurts your feelings get over it, put on your big boy or girl undies and deal with it. PUSSAFICATION OF AMERICA !

  • Lil

    America is still the land of the free. We are still free to worship, and free to speak. As a Christian, I have many beliefs that differ from others who live here. Freedom of speech includes the right to speak when we believe something is wrong. As a Christian, my total belief system is based on the teachings of the written word “The Bible”. I believe in the 10 Commandments . . . Christ didn’t come to do away with the Law, but to fulfill it. It may be removed from the Government buildings throughout the land, but God’s Word still says it is wrong to Kill, to bear false witness against a neighbor, and every other Commandment that is written there. God is a God of Love, and yet when we sin, in Love, He corrects us in love. As Christians, we are called to Love everyone; and in that love, we are to point them back to the truths that are in God’s Word . . . not because of hate, but because we love them enough to want to spend eternity with them. The only thing that can separate one from an eternity with God, is one choosing to live a life devoid of God’s truth. Here in this country, one has the right to say they are gay . . . and on the otherhand, I should have the right to say that I believe it is wrong, and totally against the teachings of Christ – the Word. Yet that same Word says I am called to Love. Following Christ is a choice, but if you are a follower of Christ, standing firm in your faith, and proclaiming God’s Truth in love, is never again a matter of choice. And proclaiming it in Love is also a command. The other issue at hand, although uncomfortable and inflammatory, is of utmost importance to all Americans. It is the issue regarding freedom – and it touches all of the freedoms that we have enjoyed these past 200 years. I love America, and I need to stand and state my beliefs and do what I can to protect my freedom to do so. It’s about my right to state a comment on any issue, anywhere. A&E – know that there is a lot of garbage on TV, and as an American, I can get up off the couch and change the channel. . . If people do not like what Phil says, then change the channel. I do it all the time when there is something I can’t stand. A&E – you can help to protect our freedom by making it possible for your customers to have a choice in what they watch. A&E, there are still those in America that want the Land of the Free. We all have the right to say what we will in this country. We all need to not be complacent about this issue. A&E – do you totally base your networking on popularity pressure? THEN FELLOW CHRISTIANS, it’s time for A&E to hear from you!!!

  • Jaes

    God bless Phil, no hate, no bigotry, plain sense. God made man, male and female created He them. No hate here, just genuine love for man and God. God is love, the REAL stuff!

  • Snake_Bite

    I like honesty, and all the positives that go with it. Phil shared his
    inner thoughts and is being made a bigot over them. NOT RIGHT and I support his Honesty and Faith !!

  • dtl535

    Every person is entitled to there opinion and Phil has his. As far as I’m concerned I will stand with Phil. To many people are making all of this stuff about gay people should just live with it and get over it. Every body has to live with the up and downs that life gives us. So why make more out of something that is one person ideals.

  • Ron Bristow

    The huge mistake all non-Christians, and some novice Christians make is they attribute human attributes to God. Things like tolerance, compromise, and emotional love. While God IS love, it is not the same definition of love that we as humans think of. There is no tolerance for sin in God’s character, nor is there any compromise in His Word. He says what He means and He means what he says. His word doesn’t change from one year to the next, or one generation to the next, it stays complete and pure throughout time, it is perfect. Mankind however is not perfect. Mankind will change direction more times than a ship in a hurricane because mankind is never satisfied with anything and is always trying to find completeness. Another misconception about God is that He is bound by the Constitution and the civil rights it affords us as citizens of this country, which is complete nonsense. God is not bound by anything but His Word alone, and that’s why there can never be any compromise in it. If God were to compromise one thing in His Word, the entire universe would cease to exist, because it was His Word that created it and it’s His Word that holds it together. Christians, those who are true to the faith, understand that it’s the world who needs to follow God, not the other way around. Tolerance is for those who are too weak to stand for the truth and therefore God and His people will never tolerate sin or fail to condemn it when it’s revealed, but it is the sin that is condemned, not the person, but the world wants to personalize its sin and say if you don’t accept my sin then you don’t accept me. They are therefore the ones who are rejecting God, not the other way around, because they can stop living the sin, but God can never tolerate it or compromise the word that identifies the sin. Of course, trying to explain God to unbelievers is like trying to describe the color red to someone who was born blind!

  • Dee Dee

    Sometimes one must get involved in order to keep what is sacred and not to be violated when it’s God and His law for His creation. The right to speak freely and openly as a Christian, and not to be slaughtered by those who do not agree with God’s law that condemns homosexuals, which is in violation of God and His law. The family life in America and most of the Western world is falling apart at the seams. It is affecting (or infecting) the whole world, and shatters the home, peace, love and stability. Speaking out against the proliferation of such a life style is “whoa is me” for those who are Christians and are taking a stand against such a moral decay upon society. The “Freedom of Speech” is slowly being removed by those who speak the truth over those who just speak for their own rebellious and ungodly wants. No matter how you come to terms with homosexuality, being Gay is what it is and that is a SIN. Mr. Phil spoke the truth, and the truth hurts. If it didn’t hurt then why all the commotion? Why the turmoil? Why even bother? Even homosexuals know the truth on this, and no matter what a Gay person does, it still doesn’t alter God’s law, it is here to stay whether they like it or not. “They have mouths, but they cannot speak; They have eyes, but they cannot see; They have ears, but they cannot hear” (Psalms 115:5). In other words, the anti-Christ believers only have mouths to hear themselves speak (which is untruthful, and they mock and laugh at God not acknowledging Him as the Living God). They have eyes that are closed to the reading of the Word of God, and ears in which they do not want to hear the truth, only those lies that motivate them into doing more of their own wicked things. I SUPPORT MR. PHIL!

  • Scott Baker

    I am a God fearing man Phil I stand behind you for speaking your faith to many people are scared of preaching or speaking for they might defend someone God’s the one I fear not man

  • Dick

    I don’t hate Homosexuals, but their sexual practice is not normal. It’s also not normal for same sex marrage.
    God creatted us to procreate and people of the same sex cannot do this. They demand privlages that they don’t desirve. Their sexual practices can cause and spread disease, then they demand for all of us to pay for their cure. I believe Phil Robertson is right and has a right to his opinion, don’t take that away. What ever happened to majority rules? Bring that back and do away with political correctness!!

  • ben dover

    All phil really said is that “its adam and eve” not “adam and steve” I hope more celebrities start speaking out against gays now. We need to change the trend that being gay is cool. Its not. Its unnatural and a sin in the eyes of god. That’s what I teach my children. Maybe someday the gays will keep it at home like the old days and stop trying to pollute our childrens minds with their filth.

  • ben dover

    the folks at A&E are having a gay orgy right now