Howard Stern Talks About Rush Limbaugh

    March 16, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Here at the week’s end, after all the further mess Rush Limbaugh has faced this week, we present a clip from the Howard Stern show.

Stern cuts right to the chase about Limbaugh’s current predicament. He says that it’s a mess, but it’s got people talking about him.

Stern also has an opinion on Limbaugh’s birth control argument, during which he called Sandra Fluke a slut.

Maybe Stern will have some words of advice for Limbaugh about transitioning to a satellite radio market if the advertiser boycott keeps up. At the rate Limbaugh is losing ads, he might need a plan B before long. Stern famously made the transition to satellite radio and has been doing just fine ever since. Dr. Laura Schlessenger also abandoned terrestrial radio for a satellite and online setup after being faced with an advertiser boycott that dried up her show’s funds when she compared gay relationships to bestiality.

  • http://wfnt.com Dan Foley

    Rush was crude and worse, unfunny. He was neither as crude or unfunny as Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, etc. For some reason, Maher & co. don’t seem to bother the pious left as much as Rush does. Maybe it’s good to be held too a higher standard. Worse yet was the goof. By calling poor Sandra a slut (and to be fair, he didn’t really CALL her a slut–more of a syllogism; it was merciless logic that FORCED him to draw the conclusion) he conceded that the issue was about contraception–you know, because she needed a really lot of it. This is a lot funnier: http://wfnt.com/strippers-in-neck-braces-have-rights-too

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Howard Stern saying somebody is a slut is not the same as Rush Limbaugh calling somebody a slut. I would agree that both shows are talk radio, but Howard is more of a comedian and Rush is more of a political activist. Both of them shock you to get you to tune in, but people know that what Howard says is to be taken as comical while what Rush says is to be taken a bit more serious. So there is a lot that Howard can get away with than Rush can. It’s not just because Howard is on satellite radio either. Advertisers can pull out for any reason at any time they like and if Howard pisses off a few advertisers by his comments, they probably would stop advertising.

  • PaulTT

    She is worse than a SLUT, she is a phoney!

    • FiMiller

      Please post your mailing address so you can be sent a dictionary.

  • Marisa

    When Howard says slut, he says it like it’s a GOOD thing….LOL. There’s a huge difference. I would say that Howard Stern is probably not a hater of women, Rush probably hates them based on deep seeded anxiety and self loathing… Rush has Mommie issues.