Howard Stern and Howie Mandel Have A Catfight

    July 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Considering who Howard Stern is, and considering his new job consists of critiquing people’s talents, it’s not really a shock that he’s getting snarky. In fact, I’ve been waiting for it since his first night on the show.

Apparently Stern didn’t take kindly to Howie Mandel taking the nice-guy approach with a contestant on Tuesday night’s episode and wasn’t afraid to call him out on it. When “Big Barry” butchered a version of Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good”, Mandel gave his critique with some niceties.

“Barry, I’m going to be totally honest with you. You’re not a good singer. But you’re an amazing character, and you’ve got this God-given stature and sound,” Mandel said. “I think you’re an incredible novelty act that people would come and see and pay for.”

Stern immediately ripped into Mandel by way of a passive-aggressive comment aimed at Big Barry.

“You know, the Howie filibuster is getting annoying to me actually,” Stern said. “I gotta tell you, Big Barry, this isn’t about you. This is about Howie and how he treats the show. This is about the apology you owe Flo Jo’s daughter [Mary Joyner], Andrew DeLeon — all the people who could have gotten through instead of Big Barry. It’s offensive.”

It almost seemed like Mandel wanted to push Big Barry through just to irritate the other two judges, who both voted to cast him out. Sharon Osbourne actually reached over and pushed Mandel’s buzzer for him before getting in the middle of their bickering to get them to stop.

Similar episodes of “American Idol” come to mind, when the judges were split two to one on whether or not to send someone through and it became something of a matter of principle rather than one of actual talent. We’ll see if Howie continues to rub Stern the wrong way; for now, watch the video of the episode and tell us what you think.

  • http://yahoo Kenneth Lake

    REALLY NOW!! Who is Stern to be critizing anyone. I will watch AGT again when Stern is fired.

    • JohnMcGuire

      Stern is the only honest judge on AGT and the only one who takes the job seriously, He knows the winner’s life can be transformed and some of you are offended that he takes that responsibility to heart? You do realize the show is a competition, right? No one forced these people to put themselves in a position to compete and be judged. No one forces you to watch, either.

  • http://teamhaiti4jesus.com/ Laura Elrod

    i think HowARD WAS SO WRONG!!! the man is standing there thinking he is good and he is degrading him right there and fighting over him and the ppl sent home, i felt sorry for Berry its a shame they dont care about feelings of ppl THEY PUT THOUGH!!! i agree he was not good but my gosh why they put him though then. shame on u Howard!

    • paul

      Howard was completly right, this goof took up a good spot for someone who really should have been there… AGREE 100% with howard

      • sleepercy

        HOWARD was the 2nd vote for BERRY – don’t you watch

  • Robert Abooey

    You people are crazy, Howard was dead right. Howard has been entertaining people for over 30 years and that entertainment is worth millions. He is more than capable of judging talent. He is honest, earnest and his opinions, so far, have typically been dead on.

  • Don

    I think Stern is right calling Howie out. Fine he may have been hard on the TalentLESS BIG Barry, but thats how he felt. Barry put himself out there to be judged. If you watched the show each judge got to pick one of their faveroite’s. Howard is known for bringing Bad acts fowared with ZERO chance winning. All this does is DECREASE the chance of other good acts to go further. Im NOT a fan of Stern. But he hit on a topic that should be looked at. I think Howie is great, but if you ask me he should be the one whose replaced, Not Stern.

  • Eric The Actor

    listen @$$w1p3 I’m club farking footed

    This is schtick for ratings.

  • James

    I think the AGT show would be a lot better without howard stern on it. I had his smart ass attitude. Get rid of stern.

  • Kraig Dunehew

    Ack, Ack!

  • frunkis

    Howard Stern is a piece of shit and wouldn’t know talent if it bit him on the ass….he’s a washed up shock jock DJ who looks and acts like an old woman with a trophy wife. Another huge mistake NBC has mad by hiring this has been.

    • Icon

      Howard Stern has been doing talent show format for almost 40 years! He was the orignal american idol when he had record producers come and see muscial talent in studio in the early and mid eighties. He calls it as he sees it without pulling back ont he punches.

    • paul

      how is he washed up??

  • dontmesswithmymullet

    Hey folks it’s just Show Biz. Not to be take serious. :)

  • FredZilch

    Can’t we all get along?

  • j

    What I find amazing about Howard Stern is how he manages to get paid “gazillions” for peddling trash……like what color panties are you wearing today? THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT?

    • NB

      You clearly haven’t listened to Stern..

  • Michael

    Come on, why don’t you two stop the fussing, make up, and shake hands. Ha ha good luck with that one !!

  • Dan Green

    I think they should get rid of ALL of the judges and just leave it up to the audience and people at home. I mean, people’s tastes are so different. They could all vote off someone that I enjoy. How did “Star Search” do it? They should group the singers together to just compete with the singers, dancers compete with the dancers, kids against the kids, etc.

  • Gina B

    What a big mistake to consider Big Barry to come back on the show! He should have been axed the first time he auditioned. I feel very bad to those other deserving contestants like the daughter of Florence Joyner. She is actually very, very good. But you know what, BIG Barry would have not come that far if at least 2 judges did not mke a mistake. It was both Howie and Howard that made him come back. At least Howard knows how to apologize but Howie is arrogant and wasted other peoples chance to shine! Howie think about that, ha??

    • http://webpronews jeff

      gina ,

      you are so right..im not sure how he got the hotwomen to do that or if nbc paid for that…its kind of sad ..mary was way better.i think its just that hes a midget..no offense..you have to look at the talent

  • DR

    Both of these losers are jackazzes.

  • TheRealDeal

    Right now, I watch AGT IN SPITE of STERN. He is a narcissistic arrogant P*R*I*C*K! Can’t stand the man, and cannot wait til ABC dumps his butt. He actually spoils the show for me sometimes.

    Listen Up ABC execs: You don’t need the bum. He is “talent” that you are grossly overpaying for!!

    • paul

      AGT is on NBC not ABC so i don’t think ABC will be dropping anyone anytime soon!! HOWARD RULES

      • Ralph

        Howard is a scum-sucking pig. Any and all networks should bag his lousy ass.

    • Ralph

      I could not have put it better myself- well done.

  • Marian Campfield

    Thank You Howard!! So many good acts were dropped for Howie’s foolishness.

  • Howard Stern
  • Frank Garner

    Barry is terrible. He never has found the melody of a song and never should have made it this far on the show. The irony is that, early on, Howard Stern decided to vote him through after going up on the stage and hugging the air over over Barry’s head to emphasize their height difference and amuse the audience. It’s Stern’s fault that Barry made the semifinals!

    • mark

      I’m glad somebody finally told Howie Mandel what a lot of us thinks. I dislike H.M. so much I hope they take him off next year. People, please don’t let it over shadow that fact.

    • angela

      Good point. There also had to be 2 votes for him to make it to New York….I wonder who else voted yes besides Howie.

  • http://Yahoo Rick Lawrence

    Howard is 100% correct Big Barry sucked and kept someone with talent from getting a chance on the show. Do not doubr the king of all media again.

  • ALL

    I stopped watching the show when Howard Stern was hired as a judge. He is a serious waste of space. He appeals to the lowest common denominator in society. However, Howie Mandel is no judge of talent, and never has been.

    • http://yahoo Relish

      You are so right, he is so nasty and insulting…..

  • Ipokesmot

    Howard who?

  • http://yahoo Relish

    Howard Stern is a waste of space. Dirty old man thinks he is so great when actually people make fun of him and he does not know it. Get rid of Howard for we will not watch the show anymore. Many of my associates say the same thing. He is a dirt bag period.

  • angela

    I agree with most that Big Barry does not deserve to be on the show. However, Howard Stern is a prick and has no respect for anyone, not even hid fellow judges. You don’t see Howie Mandal insulting the opinions of the other judges or interrupting them when they are giving feed back. I am really sick of Howard Stern thinking that he is the star of the show and that what he says is always right. I really hope they get rid of Howard Stern.

    • http://webpronews jeff

      angela…but howie is a dreadful judge..howards definitely better and not biased for the crowd favorite..he reminds me of simon. simon is way rougher than howard..

  • JAX

    America’s got Talent?
    Where? I haven’t seen anything except 2nd and 3rd rate acts so far.
    So, the “judges” clash to boost ratings.
    Stern is 100% correct about “Big Barry”.
    Mandel looks like an idiot not an idol.
    However, Howard Stern is not a team player,
    never has been, never will.

  • e

    Who are you to judge them? You watch them for 2 hours a week! And maybe listen to stern on the radio and thats it! You know nothing about any of they lives but wat the press say!! No one has the right to judge them unless you know them personaly!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Get rid of Howard Stern. He is a boor!

  • http://Yahoo Ray

    Howard’s probity speaks for itself. Where else can we find a gentleman like him.