What if Facebook Added a “Blog” Tab?

How Facebook Could Help Itself and the Blogosphere

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Facebook wants to keep users on Facebook. So far, they are doing a pretty good job of that. More and more people are spending more of their online time on Facebook, not to mention, spending more time connected to the web in general (at least partially due to rising use of smartphones).

How much time do you spend on Facebook in a month? A week?
 Let us know.

Facebook recently made it a point to show users how to use the social network to keep up with the news. Users can simply become fans of their favorite news organizations’ pages (feel free to include ours in your mix), and group them in a "news" list just as they would create a group for friends or co-workers. The bottom line is; spending more time on Facebook getting news headlines is spending more time on Facebook period. There is also talk of Facebook  working on its own web email service. Again, more time spent on Facebook.

One way Facebook could capture even more of its users’ time, is if it introduced a "blog" tab. Facebook currently has a "notes" tab, and quite a few people do use this. It’s a similar concept, but what if it was given more prominence and renamed "blog?" A blog tab might keep Facebook users even longer. First of all, the users blogging with it would obviously be sticking around to write their posts. In addition, their friends and fans would be sticking around longer to read those posts, which would generally be much longer and require more time than the average status update.

Would more people become bloggers?

I suspect that the word "notes" doesn’t quite resonate the same as the word blog in the minds of many Facebook users, although for all intents and purposes, the feature operates like a blog. You can post longer-form content for your friends and fans to see, and they can comment on it, while it all remains in tact in one spot for future reference. Not only could the addition of a "blog" tab keep Facebook users around longer, but it could have a significant impact on the Blogosphere. Simply calling it a blog and having it available right from any user’s profile page might just inspire.

Facebook Notes

Is social media killing blogs?

No, but it’s hard to say that use of sites like Facebook and Twitter (and now Google Buzz) don’t lend to less blog posts being created. If nothing else, it’s simply a time issue. It is easy to push out a quick status update if you have something to say. It’s easier than blogging. For longer-form content, blogs are generally the better option, which is one reason they are still alive and well. But if Facebook had a blog tab, the social network could cut into the Blogosphere even more, given its huge userbase, while establishing itself as a go-to place for blogging (another area in which Facebook could compete with Google, I might add. Don’t forget that Google owns Blogger).

If Facebook did this, it is very unlikely that all current bloggers would immediately go running there to do their blogging, but Facebook users who may not already be blogging may find the urge to do so when that tab is right in front of their faces. And frankly, I’m confident many current bloggers would go running there. Facebook is a powerful tool for building an audience or expanding upon one. 

It works on MySpace. Look at director Eli Roth’s blog, for example. He gets a lot of engagement there (although he hasn’t updated in several months). Facebook is another animal altogether, and its growth is unprecedented. Just look at Facebook’s latest round of stats.

Facebook is frequently adding and changing features, as any user can certainly attest (for better or for worse). It is not hard to imagine them doing something like this. For the record, the company has made no mention of going such a route, to my knowledge. There are currently ways to blog within and around Facebook if you look hard enough, but if Facebook made blogging a focal point, I think it could take off, and perhaps lend to the concept of Facebook as a news source, and even add greatly to the Blogosphere by encouraging more blogging. 

Should Facebook Have a blog tab? Would you use it? Share your thoughts.

What if Facebook Added a “Blog” Tab?
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  • http://www.worldofchat.co.uk Mr Woc

    Hi there

    Im not so sure to be honest, while I know blogging is very popular, I have chat rooms and a social networking site which both have blogs, and hardly anyone ever posts on them, might be a good idea for facebook to borrow the idea from twitter and have short blogs with so many characters, as I feel people might blog a bit more if they didnt have to write so much !


    • Chris Crum

      I don’t think there is a character minimum.

    • Brett

      Mr Woc,
      Look at the top of your facebook page…”whats on your mind?” this is what you just proposed.
      This is my second post on this subject, the internet is saturated with blogs and forums and it’s hard to keep up.
      It would be nice if we could have one product to deal with and have that one product automatically post the updates to all the various forums, blogs and social network sites we are hooked up with.

  • http://www.blazerphoto.com Steve

    I would love to be able to add RSS feeds to my FACEBOOK newsfeed. Without the RSS Feed Originator having to have a fan page. Because not every “blogger” or rss feed has a fan page. I would only want myself to see my imported rss feeds in my Facebook News Feed. Call it my Facebook RSS Reader. It would look similar to when WebProNews posts an article to there fan page which shows up in my News Feed. Am I explaining that right? But only so I can see it, I don’t want to “publish” the rss feeds to all my friends.

    This would make things sooooo much easier. I could go to ONE place to view everything I want to see. I’ve tried finding a way to do that but haven’t found it yet.


  • Brett

    It is my opinion the social networking thing in general is becoming harder and harder to keep up with, if your just a person using social networking to keep in touch with friends and family then you just pick the one’s your friends and family are on.
    But if your a business that’s a different story, as now everyone is clambering to get their company on the social network bandwagon based solely on the fact that search engines will be including social network blurbs in their search results.
    So to answer the question..NO, the Internet is saturated as is but I do agree with Steve that an RSS feed would be handy as the facebook platform is blog like as is.

    • http://www.worldwindow.info Ben Sullivan

      Facebook had micro-blogging before twitter – to use it, you type your text and click “share.” I do really like the idea of Facebook integrating its already existing media capabilities onto a Word Press like blogging platform though.

      • http://www.worldwindow.info Ben Sullivan

        Meant to reply to “”might be a good idea for”

  • Roe

    “might be a good idea for facebook to borrow the idea from twitter and have short blogs with so many characters”

    NOOOOOOOOOO! That’s one of Twitter’s weaknesses IMO. “Microblogging” shouldn’t even have the word blog in the name. You cannot — CANNOT — give anything its due detail in 140 characters, whether it’s whatever crap you ate for breakfast or your thoughts on Obama’s State of the Union.

    I think Facebook SHOULD add a “blog” tab. I’ve never used “notes” and it isn’t very compelling to call it that. Rebranding it as the “blog” tab would go a long way, very quickly. I regularly post news stories on my status updates, along with a short description of my thoughts or feelings on the subject. Being able to link right to more lengthy “note” entry would be great for those who would like to read more and engage in dialog (rather than just commenting back on my posts).

  • FredBueno

    I would love to see (and publish) some real content on Facebook. As is, I think FB is shallow as hell and I only have a page to keep up with old and distant friends. I would love to share some real ideas and articles though. Maybe, just maybe, people will have a shot of getting more friends based in real attributes (intelligence, ability to write, sense of humor) rather than looks and acquaintance only!

  • http://www.graph-a-persona.com Colin

    As a Staff Writer for Factoidz, it has always struck me as strange that Facebook caters for links to a variety of sites, but nothing in the way of talking about subjects which can be controversial, and therefore interesting. I cite Handwriting Analysis, or Graphology as one of the examples which would provide EXCELLENT material for a BLOG.

    I can open up other avenues in the process……who knows where all these things will be in 5 years time…..is Facebook just a fad?

  • http://www.shabab-rewesh.com/vb Ahmed Hassan

    i think this feature would enable more peaple to easily write and share what they love

    it would be a fantastic add

  • http://www.blogginhealth.com Health Blogging Directory

    Although the note is already in facebook making it read “blog” will surely generate interest. As a blogger and a user of socialnetworks, I always prefer those with blogs incorporated. This is a way to share your information with friends and groups etc.

  • http://www.artistinn.com Jan Garrabrandt

    I agree – a tab for a blog would certainly be easier than feeding blogs to FB – they are rather squirelly, in my opinion, working for months just fine and then refusing to work anymore. I like the notes because they have a longer stick than a wall post, but a blog tab would have the same lifespan, and it would more clearly state what it contains rather than the ambigious “notes”. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why FB gives permisson to all the mafia, farm and other applications and yet makes it so tough to get blogs to post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raymonds-Express-Travel-Services/310095858196 Guest

    I just joined Facebook. There is a lot of work, when you have other things to do. People who like to blog would benefit. I hope it makes everyone happy. I appreciate the information as always Webpronews

  • http://www.mymonavie.com/drink2betterhealth R. Hiebert

    I would use it because it would keep unrelated topics out of other categories in one spot. As a FB user I check it every day, probably two or three times. It would work to use a “blog” for a diary or journal that people in the same family or friends could read.

  • http://bmdragonswords.com bmdragonswords

    I am Owner/Self Proprietor of a Fantasy Collectibles Online Store and manage my own Advertising and Marketing, an “ever-challenging” task for a 34 year Construction Business Veteran.
    I use Blogs and Free Classifieds a lot, as well as paid advertising campaigns such as Facebook and Adwords. Every little bit of exposure helps to “get the word out” about me and my business.
    Blogs are great for Web Search exposure.

  • mpheadley

    I could not agree more.

    One important thing you forgot to mention about the Facebook “notes” feature: There is a limit to how much you can write! So not only should they rename it to a blog, they should also extend the limit at least 3x.

  • http://www.danscartoons.com/online_dailycartoon_content.htm Daily Web Cartoon

    You could also use the blog feature for helping to SEO specific “other” sites you own & allowing others to comment….prefereably via “do follow” link capabilities with SEO options in mind!

  • Ryan Kempf

    I honesty believe that their would be too much clutter on the page if a blog feature was added it seems their is so much to contend with already people need to be able to get used to whats on there right now first

  • Guest

    Why can’t facebook just be facebook and blogs be blogs. OK to link your blog to facebook and visa versa but let me tell you this constant fire to change things and add things is making it confusing and hectic for small businesses to keep up the pace as well as just general users.
    Why don’t all these companies stick to what they have and improve thier own product before they go rushing off trying to jump on someone elses product!

    And the new fan updates going to the wall is NOT a good thing. When someone has a ton of friends its hard to keep up with all the wall posts and our fan updates are being missed. It would work OK if they coupled it with the old method where you could click on pages when you wanted to and check updates for all the pages you’re a fan of but without that all the fan updates are just getting lost in the stream of farmville, games and general friends wall posts.

  • http://www.smokeoutpost.com Ryan

    Facebook already has the ability to add RSS feeds, blogs, and a host of other apps on their business pages. Try making a business page to see what it would be like on a personal profile – you don’t have to publish it. I think it’s great and because everything is split up by tabs it does not clutter the page.

  • http://just-precious.com Julie

    It would work for social and family blogging, provides all members of readers are on fb. However, not so much for business blogging for many reasons. Some:
    -monetizing through ads
    -privacy on fb
    -personal use of FB vs public use of blogoshere

  • Elton

    Its gonna be really wonderful if facebook does that.
    I’m sure then it would beat major of google products, and other such relatives.
    but then even facebook has to look upon its database. :)

  • http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com jehzlau

    it will be a great move for Facebook to really dominate the world wide web. :D

  • http://wordsmithetc.net Elizabeth

    With 200 million blogs out there already, I don’t think this market needs any further saturation. The people who want to “blog” on FB are already doing so using Notes, but that’s not what most people enjoy so much about Facebook. In fact, the fact that it’s a “social” network – not a publishing platform – is exactly what appeals to many of us (and that comes from an avid blogger and blog reader). I am hopeful that Facebook will just stick with what works so well and allow us to continue socializing with our family and friends in a number of creative ways…the people will ask for any features they want or need in the future. I don’t see anyone really clamoring for a blog tool on Facebook. That’s just my opinion, of course!

  • http://jaynecambra.com Jayne Cambra

    I love blogging and now mostly about my business.
    Getting the “word” across along the span of the internet through FB would be very beneficial to many business owners.

  • Chris R

    It would be ideal for “net-working” for finding work for the unemployed. Further, it would provide a means of meeting people outside your own area of either work or geographical location

  • http://awisersolution.com Rey

    I would love to see a Blog tag on Facebook! It is the only logical extension left for them!

  • http://www.inyourhomedecor.com Guest

    NetworkedBlogs is an app on face book where you can follow blogs and register your blogs, etc. All you fo is become a fan and register your blog and them you can link your blog to your facebook and invite friends to follow etc.

  • http://www.mypalaceresorts.com Palace Resorts

    IMHO, I am often restricted in my communication to my friends on FB because of the character restrictions.

    Since FB is meant as a means to communicate with those who have an interest in what we have to say, telling a story, describing or explaining, or going off on a rant, is severely limited. While there are financial advantages to businesses using FB, the obvious prolific users are the general public that does have stories to tell.

    FB knows that the advertising on pages designed for friends and family are exactly the pages that will be the buyers for the items that could be promoted on these pages.

    FB gives the public a place to communicate simply with a group of people that they individually select as people they wish to communicate with. Let FB fill all their needs when they choose.

  • Carlitos El Explorador


  • http://rosepetalcustoms.blogspot.com Angela

    I think it would be more helpful if facebook users could roll their already existing blog into facebook like can be done on Ning and other sites. Please don’t want to lose their reader ship and a little post is ok but a tab with the whole post may be even better. It would be even better if we could post on our blog from facebook – but maybe a problem for me since my blog is through google and facebook through yahoo…

  • Guest

    i dont want to have any contact whith this ‘ thing ‘

    Face book ? in french … Fesse Bouc ! lol

    Never !

    NEVER !!!!

  • http://onestop4everything.mynetworksolutions.com/ N.L.Olin

    Bloging is okay, a lot of people like it, should it be implemented into facebook well
    when you have blogers who like bloging, then you have clutter, my site posted in a facebook blog
    would be considered clutter http://onestop4everything.mynetworksolutions.com/
    However sense this is a blog I suppose you wouldn’t mind it being here,

    But you have raised a very good question, my opinion would be as long as it was under a tab on facebook as like “Home” Profile” Blog with a drop down menu with blog topic’s that said something like, “Family, friends” Facebook network, which you could just send blogs to your family or people on your profile or like I said just friends, or everyone who has a facebook account on the facebook Network and limit your network blog to 1 blog a day because chances are this choice in blogging would end up being total advertisements and that is what detours people from blogging most of the time.

    No what facebook needs is an open chat tab with categories different rooms with different topics where you can chat in a room with 4 people or 400 people and drop your calling card (your Add) and leave if you choose.

  • http://www.imageconjurer.com Bernie

    As a blogger myself I’m not keen to have another place to blog. I’d rather have a link to my blog that others can access if they choose. Having said that there is the possibility of a greater audience which I would certainly like.

    What I would most like from FB is to limit the things that are updated on the home page. I don’t care what groups my friends join. I don’t care that someone added LOL to a comment thread. I would like to know more significan changes and a blog post by a friend or blog I am following would be a good thing. The problem with FB for me is the amount of noise.

  • http://www.ilike.com/artist/Swayseeker/ Eddie Miller (Swayseeker)

    Wouild rather just have a link to my existing blogs

  • Guest

    “What if I started wiping my butt with charcoal?” Who cares. Why does the world need another blog net? Post a link to your existing blog for f*ck sake.

    • Guest

      Other than you got to rant with vulgar terms, you miss the point. Maybe some in the world don’t have blogs now and they could make one on Facebook.
      Myself, no time to do any Facebook junk, too busy enjoying life I limit my online time to reading news articles.

  • http://www.eesofnc.com Guest

    Blogging is not social network. They should stay within their niche’ and leave well enough alone.

  • http://www.YourFreedom123.com Carole Gardner

    I’d love just a link to my Blog!

  • http://www.simple-elegant-websites.com/ Oiseaux

    Every time I try and join /contribute to Facebook I am struck by how dull and boring the graphics are. What do ‘350 million’ folk do for 50 mins a day?

  • http://patchworkposse.com/blog becky

    I already feed my blog to facebook. I am not sure a blog would help. I agree with them staying in their own niche and not worrying about it. facebook is about little blips like twitter, not big long posts. i don’t think it meshes.

  • http://www.aweekinthelifeofaredhead.com A Week In The Life of A Redhead

    I think it is a mistake to do a blog on any platform other than your own. It’s the question of who owns the content. Now you might control what you have written but you don’t control Facebook and no one knows what will happen in the future. Where is AOL these days?

    You drive your follows to one place: Facebook. If Facebook decides the blogging aspect doesn’t work and wants to eliminate it, you have to migrate your content somewhere else and try to get people to follow you there. You would be starting over from scratch.

    Facebook has control over the ads they place next to your content, so if something is placed next to a post about your children that you don’t like – too bad.

    I think Facebook has it covered with their Notes feature and Networked Blogs, but there’s even a problem with Networked Blogs. hwen people visit your blog through Network Blogs – they are visiting your blog within a Facebook shell – not your own address so bloggers lose visitor rankings – those go to Facebook. It’s important to be where people go, but understand you are really benefiting Facebook.

    ANd if you are OK with benifitting Facebook, then go for it.

  • http://www.everythingaladyneeds.com Allen Williams

    it that would happen it would pass Myspace.com

  • Pat F

    I think this could have some great potential for many including myself. The naysayers simply do not need to use this opportunity. It seems like a win/win idea to me. I do not currently blog but I do have a website and would most likely resume blogging as well, if it were linked to FB in such a way.

  • http://www.1-dynamic-design.com Custom Blog Design and Blog Marketing by Tonya

    I would LOVE to have a Blog Tab on Facebook!
    Great idea! Right now, I am using my Facebook
    Notes Tab to write my blogs on.

    The Blog Tab would make my Facebook Notes
    look more professional and also encourage people
    to add more comments to it.

    I think the Blog Tab would help so many of
    us who love writing content about your
    business and/or personal life by allowing us
    to do so which in return will also help everyone to
    increase their blog readers at the same time!
    It is a win-win situation for everyone!

    I would also LOVE to see Facebook give
    GROUP TAB, FAN PAGE TAB, YOUTUBE TAB, and so on that
    way Facebook will be easier for everyone to navigate and
    be able to find important information faster.

    I would also love to see Facebook allow us to add
    a banner at the top of our Facebook Page to the
    right of our profile picture, so we can make our
    Facebook Pages a little more customized, but
    still keep the same clean look and feel.

    Sicnerely yours,


      You are right about being able to upload images to personalise your page,it is all about configuration,and Facebook are failing miserably with this issue,they do not seem to have the experience or the willingness to sort out their problems,and if you try to contact them,you will be IGNORED.


    There is more important issues to sort out before going down the blog path.The author of the Facebook site needs to make a lot of configuration improvements.I recently uploaded an animated gif image to facebook and it was “desroyed”and after reporting this problem I was IGNORED. Also I contacted the web master,and was IGNORED.So before messing about with trivial projects, make it easier to contact the site administrator and sort out the configuration issues regarding the types of files that can be uploaded,bear this in mind:- I can upload almost any file of any fomat and size to every site and forum except Facebook.I upload animated gif images to members who want to use them as avitars,it is a worthwhile addition to any web site.

    • http://www.angellight777.com Anayah 777

      Brilliant! I think Fb could really use a blog. So many people have so much to share!

      As it stands, the best I can do is write my blog http://angellight777.com/blog/ as a note.

      Blogging is a powerful way to add inspiration to the world!! So, Fb , and it’s users would benefit a blog in my opinion ?

      Flowing Peace


    • Guest

      Those file are tremendously large so if a half million facebook users all uploaded them to it, it would be clogged to death so no one else could use it for a few of their own smaller gifs or jpegs. Websites also have a limit to size but it is quite different from a few dozen on web servers to perhaps a half million or ten times more on facebook. I’m just trying to make an objective opinion. I do love putting small Video clips on Face book but very small. I didn’t like the format playback too well anyway or I guess maybe my clip wasn’t as good as I thought.

  • http://onlythejodi.com the jodi

    Doh! Facebook already has a blog tab. And a blogcast tab. and Networked blogs. Hello?

  • http://www.cascobest.com Michael C

    Facebook should not do a blog tab as they have a problem with who owns the content now.
    It would be in their best interest to improve on what they have now.
    Can you just imagine the thousands of blogs on their site. Traffic jam big time.

  • Robbie Motter

    I would just like to see them add a way that those of us that already have our own blog sites could just add the link on Facebook.

    Robbie Motter

  • http://project-2012.blogspot.com babzee420

    Posting a link to your blog would be better.

  • http://freebestinsurance.info indri2004

    facebook is my favorite, a lot of friends that I got from facebook.

  • http://www.3d-buffet.com ProLithic

    FaceBook and Blogs just go hand in hand don’t they. It Seems like the whole idea, if not 90 odd % of the whole idea. It Helps get some traffic to your desired destination.

  • http://www.muscle.iuhu.org/ MuscleMan

    It`s a good ideea !

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com Guest

    If Facebook did this, it is very unlikely that all current bloggers would immediately go running there to do their blogging

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