Home Alone, Your Favorite Xmas Movie, Gets an Honest Trailer

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I'm not going to lie - Home Alone is one of the best things about the holidays. Ever since I was 8 years old, I haven't let a December go by without watching the John Hughes-produced classic at least once. It's endlessly quotable, it has a great soundtrack, and it even manages to hit you right in the feels at the end. Plus, Daniel Stern's scream - it's a Hollywood legend.

A few Halloweens ago, a buddy an I went as The Wet Bandits. Everyone knew who we were. You know why? Because everybody loves Home Alone. If your holiday movie schedule doesn't include Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and Die Hard, well, that's unfortunate. I'm not going to pile on, because I assume your holidays were sad if you didn't watch these movies growing up. Very sad.

So it brings me great joy to announce that Screen Junkies has finally decided to do one of their honest trailers for Home Alone.

Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof.

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