Hilary Duff Talks Motherhood: More On The Way?

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Hilary Duff hasn't been a mom for very long--son Luca is just 19-months old--but she says she'd like to have at least one more child. However, it will be a bit down the road.

The 26-year old actress says that when the time is right, she'd like to try for a girl, although she will of course be just as excited to have another boy. Actually, when she first found out she was pregnant with Luca, she was scared about the prospect of having a little boy around the house.

“I actually had this strong intuition that I was having a boy, and I was so excited, but I grew up with a sister and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with a boy!’” Duff said.

But, like most moms, as soon as she met her son she fell in love despite her initial anxieties.

“The bond has been so incredible! I love play wrestling with him and I love how sweet and cuddly he gets. The mom and boy relationship is really, really sweet and I’m so obsessed with him," she said.

Of course, it helps that Duff's husband, Mike Comrie, is an equal partner when it comes to raising their son.

“He’s an amazing father,” she says. “He’s so patient and loving and involved. He’s all the things that I knew that he would be.”

Duff took to Twitter recently after doing the People interview, because rumors that she's trying for a second baby began getting out of hand. The former Disney Channel star says that she's working on a very different kind of baby.

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