High school coaches fight after football game

    September 3, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Want to make high school football more exciting? Set up a boxing match between the coaches after the game. Two high school football coaches in Alabama find themselves in the center of unwanted national attention after getting into a post-game fight on Friday, which was caught on video.

Emotions were clearly running high during the game when Cullman High School came from behind to defeat Walker High School 13-10 in the final 18 seconds of the game. While such situations may lead to trash talk and scuffles between opposing players, no one expects for the coaches to be the ones throwing punches. This time, however, the ones behaving badly were two men who were supposed to be setting a positive example.

As the teams began leaving the field, Matt Hopper, defensive coordinator for Cullman, began shouting at John Halladay, head coach for Walker. After exchanging words, the head coach took a shot at Hopper, which led to a brief fight. As the players rushed to defend their coaches, police officers had to separate the men. Halladay didn’t appear to be injured in the fight, but Hopper left the field bloodied. No arrests were made, but the Jasper Police Department is looking into the matter to determine whether charges need to be filed.

Halladay resigned from his head coaching duties on Tuesday, and Hopper has been placed on leave. Hopper’s bloodied face and bruises may be the worst punishment he receives for his actions. According to Suzanna Harbin, president of the Cullman Board of Education, “Our superintendent, Dr. (Doreen) Griffeth was at the game. I talked to her and I understand there is no need to reprimand our coaches and players that they acted with class and dignity during the situation.”

Hopefully for the Cullman and Walker football teams, their coaches will find alternative ways to earn national attention under the Friday night lights as the season continues.

Image via Daily Mountain Eagle

  • Reality

    This happens all the time in the South. Alabama and Georgia are simply crazy states. They would rather build a high school football stadium than classrooms for their kids.

    High school football is rather meaningless in the grand scheme of life. But in the deep south, it is all they have. It is the craziest thing.

    • jojo44

      That isn’t a fair statement. High school football is major everywhere. Where did the big rape coverup take place recently? Not the South.

  • The Tapper

    Winning isn’t every thing, it’s the ONLY thing!
    You may now proceed to your daily dosage of VALIUM, you large anus!

  • bob

    Typical rednecks, no need to say anything else.

  • Ray Hennessy

    Way to set a good example of maturity and sportsmanship, guys! Well done!!

  • @Real

    I agree. The South is crazy and backwards.

    Heck, 1 in ever 13 people in Georgia is in jail, on parole, or on probation (this statistic is from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution). The reason for this is that Georgia makes a ton of money off of locking people up. The Department of Corrections is the states largest employer and they have 23 industrial prison plants. All of this stems from a mindset that has not abated from the Civil War era.

    Really think about that 1 in every 13. The national average is 1 in every 31 people. Georgia locks people up at a rate of 2.5 times most every state in the country. The Unites States has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the world’s prisoners. So in essence, Georgia is the worst place in the world as far as prisoners.

    Don’t even get me started on religion in the South. The Southern Baptists are fighting with every other baptist because they don’t want to drop the word Southern. It is the year 2013 and they are still fighting over a word. It is craziness.

    • Jojo44

      Well, Georgia *was* founded as a penal colony, can’t hardly blame them

      • @JoJo

        Problem is that this is the year 2013 and not 1788. You would figure a state would progress a bit.

  • John Marble

    WOW…Prejudice never dies and arises in all forms. In my visits to “the south.” (This includes Georgia, Mississippi, So. Carolina etc.) I have found people to be extremely hospitable. And I have seen Hockey coaches in the north brawl in in the North East, and baseball fans kill each other in the parking lot over what jersey one is wearing in California. It isn’t the geography guys. It’s our country’s dependence on winning to validate ourselves. Unfortunately, people need to identify with something successful, in order to not feel they are total losers in their every day life. Even a FAN (who has absolutely nothing to do with the results of a game) will do these things. I coach high school Varsity Tennis, and I have seen some pretty stupid things on the court. And I live in California. So let’s not show our own prejudice’s towards our fellow Americans, so that we can build ourselves up. People can be jerks everywhere, geography not withstanding.

  • Cliff Saxon

    Both Coaches Should be Fired And Banned For Life (Walker’s Coach Has Already Resigned), Walker High’s Football Program Should Be Shut Down And It’s Players Expelled From School. Football Is A Privilige, Not A God Given Right, And If You Cannot Exhibit Good Sportmanship, You Should Not Be Allowed To Have Football, Period, End Of Discussion!!!

    • Cliff Saxon

      Also, All Football Players And Coaches Must Undergo Mandatory Weekly Anger Management Classes.