Here’s What Yahoo’s Homepage Is About To Look Like [Report]

    October 12, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo is reportedly rolling out a new redesign to its homepage. It’s not dramatically different, but it’s different.

Business Insider has gotten ahold of a couple of screen shots. Here’s the one showing what it looks like above the fold:

Yahoo Homepage

For comparison, here’s what the old/current version looks like:

Old Yahoo Design

The most noticeable element is the disappearance of the Yahoo Trends box from the upper right-hand corner. This will no longer be in users’ faces as much, and will be displayed in a list format int he left-hand column. Meanwhile, the list of Yahoo sites that appear there is shrunk to accomodate the trends list. Any missing sites are presumably still accessible via the “more” link. They also made a little room by getting rid of the words “Yahoo! Sites” at the top of that list. This was certainly not needed.

Additionally, Yahoo has simplified the header, adding a gray bar, which encompasses the logo (which has turned from purple to white), the search box, the sign in link and the mail link. There is a drop-down menu for search options on one side of the search box, and “search” has been removed from the search button in favor of a search icon (which is purple, as opposed to the old yellow box).

The news section has become a bit more visual, with an additional main picture added, though this pushes the list of stories down further. Those stories, however, now come with snippets, and don’t appear to be categorized like they are on the old version. It’s hard to tell too much from these images though.

There is an interesting amount of prominence given to the Astrology section on the right-hand side in the new design, but it’s quite possible that this is simply a dynamic and/or personalized section. Business Insider does indicate that sources have said more personalization is coming to the page.

Above that, there is a local weather section.

So far, we have not seen the new homepage in the wild, but Business Insider says it’s been confirmed by a a source close to Yahoo, so I guess we’ll see it soon enough. According to the report, it’s a slow roll out.

Whether or not you’re a Yahoo user, it’s hard to ignore just how big the Yahoo homepage truly is. Have you ever taken a look at Yahoo’s realtime pageview counter for it? You can access it here. As of the time of this writing (3:04 PM), it is closing in on 109 million pageviews for the day. As far as I can tell, it’s getting about two to three thousand a second.

Image credit: Business Insider

  • Marcos Salazar

    i prefer the old home page

  • http://www.grouppz.com/celebrities Celebrities

    Nice redesign, not too much, but still enough!

  • http://umstrategies.com Peter Sundstrom

    So they think it’s an improvement to remove the trending topics and replace it with astrology?!

    • http://www.ofinteresttome.com Matt

      The Trending topics are still there, they’ve just been moved to the right side bar. It’s the Daily Poll and Must See Videos module that’s been replaced by Astrology crap.

  • http://www.ofinteresttome.com Matt

    Not to bad, but I hate the 2 large News boxs and I really hope that Astrology bullshit is an optional module. Also, I notice the link to “My Yahoo!” is gone from the side bar, I hope Yahoo! doesn’t plan on Killing it off, I still use it daily.

  • http://bluegoldmedia.com Houston SEO

    Looks OK. Hope Yahoo does something about their email. Love using it but slow at times. New design looks better though.

  • http://lifeinsurancecriticalillnessnow.co.uk Jack of All trades

    I really like the new design.It is much more clearer and users friendly.

  • ida

    I hate the new homepage. Please give me a choice to decide on my own if I don’t want to use it. I HATE the new page.

  • Margaret

    Couple of things I don’t like about the new page – not categorized – too much scrolling to get the drift of the day. Plus the local news feeds are gone. I made a CHrome tab for Yahoo News which still has some categories and the local news…

  • shipdog7

    Why is my Google Chrome Yahoo home page the new one and IE9 and Firefox the old one. Weird.

  • warren


  • http://yahoo JoAnn

    I really hate this new page.

  • Elizabeth

    I hate the new home page! Can I get the old one back? I hate the Astrology crap too! It’s just a bad design all around.

  • shipdog7

    I now have it on Google Chrome. Not IE9 or Firefox. Looking for local news….not there. Tighter? Scrolled forever to find it. I don’t know about others but I want compact. A scroll or two and I have it. I seriously thought there was no end to the page. Reminds me of NetFlix. Don’t get the consumers feedback first. Just do it because your the new boss. Its your way or the highway. I don’t NEED Yahoo as a homepage. Was just convenient for my email. Time to switch.

  • http://Yahoohomepage Joy

    Very upset that homepage for Yahoo has changed. There is too much stuff and not many options. The horoscope section is ridiculous. I prefer to have my old homepage back. How do I get it back?

  • Peter Wills

    Not impressed. It does not use the entire width of my display now. It did before.

  • http://YAHOO RON


  • AJ

    I hate the new home page. I can’t find a way to select the yahoo sites I want in the left hand column. I don’t like going to the next page to find what I had on the first page before. I miss the local news area. Just not user friendly!!

  • cindy ball

    I dislike the new home page very much. It is confusing so i have now changed my homepage away from yahoo.

  • Chris


  • http://n/a marilyn




  • Me

    I HATE the new Yahoo! Homepage. Seriously it’s not user friendly, and they’ve removed the information about the articles, now it’s just a stupid pic, or I have scroll down the list.. I don’t think so…time to change my homepage! Bring back the last version or I for one will have to move on…tell that to your advertisers!

    • Rod C.


  • Rod C.

    I’m forced to use the att.yahoo.com page which sort of looks like the old page. I REALLY HATE THE NEW HOMEPAGE.

  • Mindi

    Hate it.I prefer the old version.I already sent in a comment complaining about it.I really dont expect a reply since I wasnt singing their praises.Like others have said,I think its time for a new home page.
    And,incidentally,the stupid thing cant even keep my astrological sign right! Not that I really care about that,just another issue they mucked up.DONT fix what isnt broken..geesh.

  • Paula

    I absolutely hate the new home page. I DO NOT want yahoo “guessing” what it is I like to read about. Just give me the flippin’ news and I will choose myself what to read!!! The whole scrolling continuously is super annoying as well. Give me a way to put it back to the old version PUH-LEASE!!

  • http://yahoohomepate nav

    Hate the new one on chrome, How do I go back!!!????

  • stephen

    Yahoo just gave me a reason not to use them as my home page anymore.

  • Jean

    HATE the new yahoo homepage. Give me back the old one!!!!!!!!!!

  • colette234

    Yep I’m hating this along with all of you. I like the trending now section best of all and it’s disappeared. Now I’ve got giant pictures in my face. Epic fail yahoo.

  • John

    I am now seeing the NEW Yahoo home page and I DO NOT LIKE IT ! What is it with Yahoo, anyway? Do they do user surveys to find out what people might want to see? NO ! I have changed to using ca.yahoo.com .
    At least for now it has the same look as before.

    • http://yahoo Tom


      I do not know how you came up with the idea to use ca.yahoo.com but it is a true stroke of genius. It popped right up for me in the familiar old format and i simply clicked on the “Make Yahoo My Homepage” phrase at the top left of the homepage screen.

      Thank you for the tip!

  • http://yahoohomepage roger

    HORRIBLE!!!! I want my last version back

  • http://yahoohomepage roger


  • dp

    The new yahoo page absolutely SUX!!! Have to hit “page down” at least 15 times to get to the bottom of the page,while passing the same stories over and over and over. I don’t care about some dam hororscope thing either. I want the old, simple yahoo.com page, or I’ll have no problem finding a new homepage. I’m sure yahoo in their infinite ‘wisdom’ will just shrug their shoulders and say “oh well… ya lose some, then ya lose some more”, but I’m sick of having changes forced on me, especially when the changes are so crappy!!

  • Mary K

    Is this why my Yahoo email suddenly (today) looks VERY DIFFERENT?

  • http://Yahoo Nancy

    I absolutely Do Not Like Yahoo’s New Home Page!!!

  • Cindy K

    It’s simple……have some respect, give us the choice of whether
    we want the new or old. I hate the email page. Give us a choice.

  • Cindy K

    Oh, and just to mention that if you use yahoo mail for a business(a very busy one) your very important contacts on your contact list don’t show up when you go yo your email page. You have to sit and look thru all of them…..awesome yahoo, just awesome.

  • June Horstead

    I hope this is the right department for my comments. I do not like the purple yahoo mail. AND I do not have any news like before. I would like to get my e-mail like before, and I noticed that the options have changed.

    Thank you

  • http://yahoo Mark W. Thompson

    When did this go into effect? It seems everybody really got used to the long standing Yahoo home page. everything was laid out in front of them. I don’t even see a sign out option and this color purple and other font change and the entire design to it is totally UGLY!!! This is something that if you want it to change, fine, change it, just like you change your screen saver. DO NOT force this change on other people who are not ready for this change. Whoever made this change needs to change it back and leave it the f… alone. This was a DUMB ASS Idea. Keep this shit up and you’ll find a lot of people boycotting yahoo and looking elsewhere. Give them a nice Christmas gift and change it back to the way it was and leave it at that !

  • Nick

    I do not like the new Yahoo homepage what so ever! They should incorporate an option to have a choice of having the new Yahoo Page or other versions! I like the old one! This one sucks!

  • Julie

    I hate the new yahoo mail. I send pictures from my phone to my email so I can send them out, but when I want to save the photos to “My Pictures” on my computer so that I can edit them in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, it is no longer an option. You used to be able to right click on the pictures and open it as MS Office Picture Manager. Now you can’t edit pictures and when you use Yahoo Mail’s “save to computer” it does not tell you where its saving picture. Give us back our old Yahoo Mail with all the same options or I will be moving on with the other haters.

  • nicholas ohotin

    The new email STINKS! I can’t scroll down the list of emails but have to keep jumping pages and GUESSING WHERE THE HECK THAT EMAIL IS!!!

    Give me back the old email, or I stop using this.

  • http://Yahoo Du

    The new yahoo home page is awful, how can I switch back?

  • Sharon Kay Smith

    how do i get back to the old yahoo page…i do not like the new one and about 1000’s of others dont either….i like yahoo as my old page but now thinking of MSN or another. Can i switch back

  • Kevin

    Give me my old yahoo page back! I hate hate hate the new format. The least they could do is give us the option!

  • Nola

    I have tried to like the new Yahoo mail but it can’t be done! Please give me the option to go back to the old format. This new stuff is so awkward to use and scrolling through mail by pages to find something takes forever. I have been a loyal user over the years, but I’m ready to switch to my g-mail account as my main email.

  • http://Yahoo Ryan

    This whole new homepage stinks from top to bottom, I can’t find one thing I like about it… How can we get the old one back?

  • critic

    I hate the new Yahoo email. I want to be able to isolate new emails from users in my Contact list. I can no longer do this. Why would a new version of a system eliminate excellent features? I plan to switch to a different email system as soon as I can!!

  • http://yahoo lynne

    I too hate the new yahoo homepage. It sucks, how do I get the old version back.

  • mkat33

    I hate it, too. What I don’t get is that I still get the old Yahoo! home page on my computer at work, but I get the awful new Yahoo! home page on my computer at home. That tells me that there must be some way to get the old home page back.

  • Amy

    Maybe now is the time to switch email and homepage to Google.

  • I Am Leaving Yahoo Over This!!!

    Once again, Yahoo forces it’s loyal users to changes the users never wanted. Instead of respecting us and our choices, they spit in our faces and say “shut up and take it!”…well..enough is enough. I am now leaving Yahoo and am simply having a blank homepage. I’d rather see nothing than this horrible new format. Newer isn’t always better, and Yahoo obviously doesn’t care how many of us complain in their bid to stay “fresh & current”. Here’s news for you Yahoo: Many of us like things to stay the way they are. This is why some of us don’t buy new cars every year. Or new houses every year. Or new computers every year. However, what will be new for me is a new homepage, because I will no longer allow you to disrespect me this way.

    Goodbye Yahoo..you just lost another loyal viewer. Tell that to your advertisers.

  • http://newyahoo crispin julian

    New yahoo format is ridiculous, trying to open two very important attachments to work on them on weekend. No longer have option to ‘save as’. It save ‘save to computer’ but where the hell does it go. Absolute omnishambles. What is going on?

  • ellen

    HATE IT. No drop down menu on writing emails, can’t find anything, HATE IT. Want old yahoo back. Please tell yahoo most of us HATE IT.

  • Denny

    Yahoo….always assumes it knows what we want to read…..It is very close to the National Inquirer. Same old garbage over and over. Hundreds of stories no one gives a damn about.

  • Diane

    I don’t like the new homepage, PLUS, have not been able to open my email account to retrieve or send messages since the update. Cannot get help from anyone, what do I do now?

  • Susan Reid

    I have been getting away from Yahoo and have changed my homepage for some time. I really liked the way that they had it and would only read their news in the past. As of today, Jan. 17th it’s even worse! I hate it! I have had my Rogers account and they use Yahoo and they keep changing my email format. I can’t send a url to a friend without writing a few words, they won’t let me. Many other problems, too many to describe. I don’t know why they think that changing what we like is good. It just pushed people away. Their games were too slow so I went to MSN now this! Good by Yahoo!