Here’s The Winner Of The Doodle 4 Google Contest

    May 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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On Wednesday, Google announced that Sabrina Brady of Sparta, Wisconsin has been named the national winner of its 2013 U.S. Doodle 4 Google contest. The doodle, titled, “Coming Home” will be featured on Google’s U.S. homepage on Thursday.

Brady is a 12th grade student at Sparta High School. She will receive a $30,000 college scholarship in addition to having her doodle featured. She also gets a Chromebook, and her school gets a $50,000 technology grant.

Google Doodle Team Lead Ryan Germick writes:

Students across all 50 states amazed us with their creative interpretations of this year’s theme, “My Best Day Ever…” From scuba diving to dinosaurs to exploring outer space, we were wowed by the ways young artists brought their best days to life in their doodles.

Sabrina’s doodle stood out in the crowd; it tells the story of her reunion with her father as he returned from an 18 month deployment in Iraq. Her creative use of the Google letters to illustrate this heartfelt moment clearly resonated with voters across the country and all of us at Google.

There were 130,000 submissions to the contest. Google lists the national finalists (who will each win a $5,000 scholarship) here.

  • http://www.google.com Shantae

    Very heart warming the photo itself says a lot!!

  • Starr

    They could not have picked a better google. So many emotions went into that illustration. Congratulations to Sabrina Brady!

  • al-cia-duh

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    • Jack

      This is about a little girl getting her dad back. It does not matter what side of a war your on.

    • dan

      It’s the Jews. If you are going to be anti Semitic at least have the balls to say it.

      • al-cia-duh

        Its not the jews but rather criminal elements within thier government. I assure you that none of it would have happened without these same criminals within our own own who continue with the Zionist support alciadu in lybia and now syria. Prior to that they were used in kosovo when they we’re the mudjahadeen

    • rob

      What the h#&@ does your comment have to do with this talented young lady winning this contest? For her- Great job! For you- Love it or get out. We don’t need your subversive, negative comments. Your name says it all.

    • James Burton

      Please go back where you came from.

    • 703

      You have enough key words to warrant investigation. Good Luck to you!

  • ThanksForSharing

    It is simple and communicates to me so it is Art. This situation stands out because there is a very good chance her daddy might not come home so that when he does it is as if the suns shines only for the two of them. My children had the same feelings towards their soldier dad coming home and there is nothing more emotional then the sun that lights up in their faces and yes, they do run to him, their dad. I believe it hits home because of the child whose love for her father reaches out to the best in all of us and the danger that he faced on our behalf, his family.

    A soldier is a hero but even more so he is her dad and she is his little princess. Her dad is her everyday hero, the first man she will ever love in life. I voted for it and I am not sorry to have done so, it spoke to me, my family and all military families in the nation. Anyone who does not feel the same on some level must have no connection to the experience it expresses, evokes…perhaps they do not have such a hero in their lives?

    Also, I like the way she put her father in as the only letter that held on its own. This sends a message on how important a role he plays in the piece as well as her life. The two of them together in color symbolizes that life is great when they share their lives. It is a beautiful, wonderful moment capture for all to see, simple, to the point and touching…I cry every time I view it.

    Way to go Google!

    • Samantha

      I fight back tears when I see it aswell, its hard not to sit back and just stare and analyze, this is an amazing peice of art.

  • brandon

    I like the picture it tells a lot about someone

  • jose

    i voted for this one because this really touched me a daughter meeting his father after coming from war really good drawing

  • Miko

    Seeing this doodle I can’t imagine another winner :) it’s very beautiful the story is very touching and well..just perfect :)

  • Ed O

    I got a chill when I saw the Google home page. THEN I read Sabrina won with this entry. Kudos to you Sabrina, Well Done!

  • Christy

    Awesome job! Loved this.