Here’s Audio Of John McAfee As He Hides From Cops

By: Chris Crum - November 13, 2012

John McAfee, who until this week was best known for creating the McAfee antivirus software, is wanted for murder in Belize. He claims to be innocent, but is in hiding as cops pursue him as the prime supsect in the killing of his neighbor. More on the story here.

As previously reported, McAfee has been calling Wired reporter Joshua Davis, and Davis has been tweeting about the calls as they happen. Davis has now posted the following audio of McAfee:

“I do not think I’m a psychopath,” he says.

Here’s Davis’ Twitter timeline, so you can follow his tweets in real time:

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  • kelp radiation

    I suspect the Prime Minister’s convicted felon son killed Faull. Why don’t you investigate that, Joshua?

    I’ve met Americans living in Costa Rica, well educated, well-off Americans who retired from their professional careers. And when the poor, crazy locals repeatedly rob the Americans’ homes, they respond by trying to make the locals fear them. So they put on a “crazy gringo” act. One man said he’d go into his front yard when the locals were around, and hack away at a tree with a machete while screaming and looking around wildly like he was getting ready to kill someone. He didn’t have dogs or security guards or guns. But if he had them, he’d use them, too.

    There are many countries like this Joshua, beautiful places with many beautiful people, but corrupt government, corrupt police, and some corrupt locals. Every country has it’s good and bad sides. Apparently, the good outweighs the bad for McAfee in Belize, relative to what other countries have to offer.

    Why don’t you try traveling alone in the world, in poor countries, Joshua? And see how it can be challenging to stay safe when you’re the “rich gringo,” the easy target. And see how you have to adapt to the people around you, the people “you associate with,” as you sit in a cafe or restaurant and strangers come up to you to talk. Yes, in your words, these would then be your “associates.” It’s not like, say, San Francisco, where, if you don’t like the looks of someone who tries to say hello to you, you just give them a rude look and walk away. It’s not like that in countries like Belize. You do that and you might get killed, Joshua. Someone will want revenge for being treated contemptuously. (But I’d love to see you try it.)

    Where did you grow up, Joshua? I grew up in the SF Bay Area, and there were enough poor people, first generation Americans, and illegals around, and they wanted to be treated with respect. If you made the mistake of treating people disrespectfully, you might need a gun for self protection, because they had guns and knives, and they were getting into gang-fights.

    What little suburb did snot-nosed mama’s boy Joshua grow-up in? What homogeneously white middle-class suburban schools did you go to? Just how sheltered has Joshua been all his long life of, what, 23 years?

    Joshua, all that’s happening in these interviews is that you sound like a little dumbass. You’re a little 20-something year old twit with no experience in life, and you’re making yourself sound like a complete idiot.