Here’s a Song About Mass Texts and I Don’t Really Know What to Say About It

    July 17, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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The word on the internet is that this song “Mass Text” is the new contender for worst thing on the internet. I guess we can call it the “Rebecca Black” award. Whatever.

Unlike some of the other “worst things on the internet” that try to take themselves seriously, only to become the worst thing on the internet – this is different. This knows what it is, and it embraces it.

From recording artist Tay Allyn (who also has a minor acting career), here’s your new thing to talk about around the water cooler:

Here’s what Tay has to say about herself:

“Tay has created a new breed of Pop that’s like Ke$ha without the sex, and Gaga without the avant garde- what are you left with? Pop songs about the mundane issues you face in everyday life. It’s sassy, fun, and RELATABLE.”

I don’t have anything else left to say. See you guys later.

  • Name

    Even as a spoof …. that song is pretty horrible ……I don’t see this woman having a long career in the music industry…. but hey, she is going after her dream and that is a good thing. I wish her well… just please no more songs like this.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/josh-wolford Josh Wolford

      See, I don’t even know if “spoof” is what it is…not even a parody. It’s just shamelessly bad, for the sake of being bad. It’s earnest, that’s what it is.