Here's A Behind The Scenes Look At Lionhead Studios


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At the start of the Xbox 360's life, Microsoft owned a variety of studios that developed a wide range of content for the console. As the last console generation moved on, however, the number of studios Microsoft owned sharply dropped. Now the company is down to just a few with Lionhead Studios being the only studio Microsoft owns that's more than a decade old.

So, what gives Lionhead that special spark that keeps Microsoft so interested in the developer? You could argue that founder Peter Molyneux kept everything together as he helped to develop Fable into a multi-million unit selling franchise, but he's no longer with the developer. Even with him gone, the studio continues to work on evolving Fable into the must own RPG franchise on the Xbox One.

In a new behind the scenes video, we're given a rare glimpse into what goes on at Lionhead as it works on two projects - Fable Legends and Fable Anniversary. The first is a co-op RPG being developed for the Xbox One while the latter is a remake of the first Fable for Xbox 360.

Some may feel that Fable has lost its way after the disappointing Fable III and the numerous spin offs that added nothing to the franchise. With these latest games, however, it looks like Lionhead is securing its spot as one of the few trusted developers that Microsoft can turn to when looking to deliver an RPG experience on its consoles.

Fable Anniversary will be out in North America on February 4. There's no word yet on when Fable Legends will be released.

Image via GamersPrey/YouTube