Harrison Ford Pierces Jimmy Fallon's Ear [Video]


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Harrison Ford has had some incredibly memorable roles throughout his career, but piercing Jimmy Fallon's ear on his late night talk show was not one of them-until last night. Ford was a guest on the show to talk about his new film Ender's Game, which is based on the popular young adult and science fiction novel.

The veteran actor proceeded to pierce Fallon's ears in front of the audience, and people watching his NBC show all over the country. The operation was very secret until it happened, and Fallon even neglected to tell his wife about what he was doing, as he joked about during the segment. He and his wife Nancy are new parents, after welcoming their baby girl in July.

Harrison Ford, of course, is known for his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, in the iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. The 71-year-old actor also famously got his ears pierced in 1997, at the age of 55.

During the show, Harrison Ford walked out on the stage wearing a white doctor's lab coat. After he and Fallon joked about the procedure and what it could do to him, he began to do it. The step-by-step operation showed the talk show host squirming and squealing throughout the process.

Harrison Ford tried reassuring Fallon throughout the that it would not hurt, and he tried not to freak out during the segment, but as anyone who has had their ears pierced before, it can be pretty terrifying. And just imagine if you had thousands of people watching the whole thing as Fallon did?

Check out the hilarious segment.

Image via Youtube