Guns N' Roses Guitarist Gets Police Captain In Trouble

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Guns N' Roses were well-known hellraisers back in the day, but we haven't heard a lot from them lately. That is, until guitarist DJ Ashba asked Captain David O'Leary and Officer Ray Horsley to help him out with a romantic proposal for his girlfriend.

The Las Vegas-based officers took Ashba and his girlfriend, Colombian actress Nathalia Henao, on a "fly along" in a helicopter back in August and arranged to land in a field near police headquarters where Ashba had set up roses and champagne. The trip isn't uncommon for civilians, but the problems arose after it was released that the pilot had made a stop rather than ending the flight at Air Support, as is protocol.

"A fly along and a patrol ride along are typically done for the purpose of exposing members of the community to the duties of law enforcement," the department's statement said. "A fly along would begin and terminate at Air Support and would not include any off site landings as occurred in this case."

The officers were caught after Ashba posted a photo of the trip on Instagram and thanked the pilots for helping him with the proposal.

After an investigation, Captain O'Leary decided to retire rather than accept the demotion that was to be his punishment. Officer Horsley will be transferred out of the Air Support Detail on the 11th and will no longer be allowed to fly for Metro.

Ashba and Henao declined to be interviewed during the investigation.

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