Gretchen Carlson Punked, Doesn’t Think It’s Cute

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Gretchen Carlson found herself in the middle of an awkward interview yesterday morning on “Fox And Friends” when a young man she was speaking to about the upcoming election suddenly got very casual and began joking around.

Max Rice told Raw Story that he had answered a call from the show for recent college graduates who were unemployed and looking to vote for Mitt Romney, and that he did it to prove that Fox News is a “fake news organization”.

“They were just casting a part in a show,” he said. “They were so stupid… I’m a kid messing around.”

Carlson should have probably known something was up when Rice greeted her with a casual, “Hello Miss USA, it’s an honor. I wish I could see you.” Carlson was actually Miss America.

When asked about his belief in Obama’s promise for “hope and change”, Rice said he had been all about Obama because he’d “met him when he was little”. He then insisted the only reason he was voting for Romney was because he’s lost a basketball wager.

Carlson then began the accusations that Rice wasn’t taking the interview seriously, and the whole thing went steadily downhill. Rumors are going around that Rice is actually a comedian who wanted to make Fox News look foolish, but so far the only thing that’s been dug up on him is this video:

Gretchen Carlson Punked, Doesn’t Think It’s Cute
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  • http://att.net mitch

    fake are you people crazy . the guy said fox called him,asked if he was unemployed and a college grad and not voting for obama again. where is the fake from fox. they called up what they though was a average person not a plant. he lied plain and simple. if you people are so blind that you cant see that please buy my ocean front in arizona if have 60 lots for sale 500k for 1000 ft. email me I will give you instructions on how to pay!

  • Grumpy1138

    Methinks he obviously has too much time on his hands, and that there should be more important “news” to occupy ours.

  • Scott Catherine

    Gretchen Carlson tried to do an honest professional interview of a supposed “college grad”, not a put in Romney plant. Rice just makes an ass out of himself. If anything it proves Fox News is LEGIT. If it was MSNBC they would put an Obama trained seal who’d be reading from an Obama scripted teleprompter.

    • mj


  • Wee

    I saw the interview and the young man came through as a moronic and profoundly immature tweener. No wonder he doesn’t have a job.

  • ray mowery

    This is an excellent example, and concrete proof, of how great and legitimate Fox News actually is! They took this man at is word, and then could not stop him from “self-destructing!” Nothing our of context. Nothing edited. And she did not cut him off – Fox believes in/supports free speech.

    My hat is off to a fine lady – Gretchen Carlson

    Garde de Paris

  • jeigh

    He was probably fondling himself during the “interview.”

  • Swanny

    I don’t see this as a big deal. FOX News is kind of a joke.

  • Emmitt Smith

    Just shows the lack of thoroughness of fox news. They put a joker on who they think fits the fox narrative and ends up making them look foolish.

    Clown news organization.

  • Sipus Pourtezkyo

    Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :-) Yung punkz is funny!! :-D

  • http://FoxandFriends Linda

    If this “child” is an example of an Obama supporter, they should be very worried. Gretchen has so much class throwing him out on his …

  • Debbie

    Gretchen did a great job of interviewing this clown. I love FOX news and especially Fox and Friends.

    • Mickey

      Carlson is also a clown.

  • http://FoxandFriends Linda

    I’ve been reading all the previous comments and not sure if I should laugh or cry. My opinion won’t matter so I will do the only things I can, Hope, Pray and Vote. Good Luck America, we need it.

  • jworles

    neither is cellulite

  • Mickey

    Carlson is dumber than sarah palin and romney put together. enough said.

    • Tony Rohl

      Carlson graduated cum laude from Stanford University in 1990, with a degree in sociology (organizational behavior). While at Stanford University, she studied abroad at Oxford University.

      • Rigo Rodriguez

        Education is not analogous to intelligence.

        • DevinDenver

          Rigo, Case in point: Barack Hussein Obama.

  • pat

    She didnt mind when she was anchor in richmond va on wric tv8 and had an affair with a married fellow anchor.

    • Terry

      You really know that do you?Or are you just trying to make her out to be a slut? Either way,I hope you never made a mistake in you’re life that someone can tell about you.

      • pat

        Ill be the first to tell my dirt. but they say what is done in the dark always come to light.

  • Terry

    Our founding fathers planned and created this great nation and it flourished for some time,but when the socialism started,it also started in decline, How long do you think it’s going to last at 16 trillion and counting folks.Not very much longer and then the gravy train is over.

  • barry

    What kind of journalism do u expect when a reporter got her job soley on what’s betwen her @###@ and cant stay faithful to her husband is doing the interview. Cant be respected as a reporter if she don’t respect herself

  • http://aol demo crat

    Gretchen is a witch. She was a Miss America? Central America no doubt. She is stupid, knows nothing and is a bimbo with black roots showing. Hey Gretchen–
    Merry Holidays !!!!!

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