Gretchen Carlson Punked, Doesn't Think It's Cute

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Gretchen Carlson found herself in the middle of an awkward interview yesterday morning on "Fox And Friends" when a young man she was speaking to about the upcoming election suddenly got very casual and began joking around.

Max Rice told Raw Story that he had answered a call from the show for recent college graduates who were unemployed and looking to vote for Mitt Romney, and that he did it to prove that Fox News is a "fake news organization".

"They were just casting a part in a show," he said. "They were so stupid… I’m a kid messing around."

Carlson should have probably known something was up when Rice greeted her with a casual, “Hello Miss USA, it’s an honor. I wish I could see you.” Carlson was actually Miss America.

When asked about his belief in Obama's promise for "hope and change", Rice said he had been all about Obama because he'd "met him when he was little". He then insisted the only reason he was voting for Romney was because he's lost a basketball wager.

Carlson then began the accusations that Rice wasn't taking the interview seriously, and the whole thing went steadily downhill. Rumors are going around that Rice is actually a comedian who wanted to make Fox News look foolish, but so far the only thing that's been dug up on him is this video:

Amanda Crum
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