Grand Theft Auto Mods May Be Coming to iOS, Android


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Last month we reported that the 2001’s controversial Grand Theft Auto III had come to iOS and Android phones and tablets. When the game launched in 2001 it generated a significant amount of controversy for ordinary gameplay. The game’s sequel, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, generated its own storm when players discovered a hidden minigame, dubbed Hot Coffee, which tested players’ timing and rhythm by allowing them to have sex with non-player characters.

Recently members of the iOS Jailbreak and Android root communities have found that the new app has the same basic file structure as the PC game, which allowed users to customize the game in order to add their own vehicles, weapons, and the like. This means that Android and iOS Jailbreak users can introduce their own modifications, just as PC players could. The XDA Developers forum includes a thread with a list of mods, and instructions on how to introduce them to your Android app. There does not appear to be any mention of Hot Coffee yet, but the ability to modify the application means that very nearly anything is possible.