Gordon Ramsay is Ratted out By 9-year-old

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Gordon Ramsay is known for his rants against hopefuls on his cooking shows “MasterChef” and “Hell’s Kitchen” and his restaurant makeover series “Kitchen Nightmares”. His meltdowns are legendary and highly anticipated when things don't come up roses for the angry Brit.

So, the logical step would be to get him to host a junior version of “MasterChef,” where the contestants range in age from 8 to 13. The big question was how Ramsay will be able to contain his Hulk-rage around the little darlings.

Turns out, he couldn't. According to Today, When Ramsay tried to weasel out of a question about whether he had slipped on the show, he babbled, “My wife is an ex-school teacher. I think, like any sport, any situation under pressure, when some bad words come out, they get bleeped. I don’t think I swore once across ‘MasterChef Junior.’ "

Sarah, the 9-year-old sassy little chef who seems able to go fork to fork with Ramsay, proceeded to totally rat him out. When asked if he was engaged in an anger management therapy, Ramsay tried, unwisely, to pass the question to Sarah.

“Seriously?” the little girl said, looking at her mentor. “Really? Answer your question!” Later, she approached TODAY and offered to dish on the famous chef, saying, "Well, I’ll tell you off the record. Turn off your recorder ...”

She dished that he slipped not once, but twice, and had to contribute to the set's "Swear Jar".

“I have seen almost all of Gordon Ramsay’s shows,” she said. “But I wasn’t really frightened about it because he can’t be really mean because, like, we’re kids.”

Sarah may not be afraid of Gordon Ramsay, but her fellow hopefuls might feel, oh, maybe a little threatened by her. In the preview clips, the cutie screams at a teammate during a challenge, “Whip IT! Whip it like a MAN!”


I think I may be a little afraid of her!

What's clear is that "MasterChef Junior" won’t be a trophy-for-every-kid kind of competition. The winner gets $100,000, and the losers get shown the door.

“I think being firm and fair is something that we cannot be short of in any country, and (we need to be) brutally honest", Ramsay told TODAY.

Better sit down for this, America. There will actually come a point that these children have to be told they just aren’t good enough to continue on in the competition. (Gasp) Oh, No! What about their fragile self-images?

Ramsay, who has three daughters and a son ranging in age from 11 to 15, claims he spoke to the young chefs as if they were his own and pointed out that it’s important to let kids know not everyone can win at everything.

"MasterChef Junior" airs Fridays at 8 p.m on FOX.

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