Google's New Databoard Lets You Create Custom Infographics

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Google has just unveiled a nice little data sharing tool for businesses that aims to keep up with the latest data available from studies Google chooses to include. It lets you easily get right to the data points you're looking for, and share them with others in visually appealing ways.

The tool is called the Databoard for Research Insights, and taps into the company's most recent research. While it only includes a handful of studies right now, Google intends to update it with new research frequently.

"It’s important for businesses to stay up to date about the most recent research and insights related to their industry. Unfortunately -- with so many new studies and with data being updated so often -- it can difficult to keep up," writes Google mobile marketing manager Adam Grunewald in a blog post. "To make life a bit easier, we created the Databoard for Research Insights, which allows people to explore and interact with some of Google’s recent research in a unique and immersive way."

It would be nice if Google partnered with some of the leading research firms to expand this tool, but even with Google's own research alone, it's pretty cool.

The tool has easy sharing access for individual data points, which is nice, because it means you can get right to the exact point you wish to reference rather than pointing your friends or colleagues to an entire study for them to wade through. Sharing options include Google+ (of course), Facebook, Twitter and email. Curiously, LinkedIn is absent, which to me seems like the most obvious sharing destination for a professional-minded tool of this nature, but hey, it's not like you can't just paste a link over on LinkedIn itself. There is an easy "copy URL" option on each data point.


While the individual data point sharing is a nice convenience, the best part of the tool is the "Add to Infographic" feature. Again, this would be more helpful if it included more than just Google research, but will no doubt get more useful if Google does indeed update the tool frequently with new data. You can add any data point to create a custom infographic to suit your needs.

Build Your Infographic

"Most research studies set out to answer a specific question, like how people use their smartphones in store, or how a specific type of consumer shops," says Grunewald. "This means that businesses need to look across multiple pieces of research to craft a comprehensive business or marketing strategy. To address this need, the Databoard allows users to curate a customized infographic out of the charts or data points you find important across multiple Google research studies. Creating an infographic is quick and easy, and you can share the finished product with your friends or colleagues."

The Databoard is optimized for consumption via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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