Google Trounces Yahoo, Bing In Mobile Search Report


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Although Google's undoubtedly best known for dominating the traditional search market, the company's no slouch when it comes to mobile.  New stats from Opera indicate that Google has a huge lead over its closest rival, and that its other well-funded competitor barely enters the equation.

Google LogoAccording to the latest Opera State of the Mobile Report, Google's search portal accounts "for more than 9% of all page views on the mobile Web."  Obviously, that's impressive.

Moving on, things take a turn for the ho-hum.  Yahoo can only claim 4.3 percent of page views, which isn't bad, just kind of embarrassing next to Google's twice-as-large share.

Finally, we arrive at something shameful.  To quantify Bing's share, Opera had to consider an extra place to the right of the decimal point.  The final number: 0.03 percent, which is one three-hundredth of Google's share.

Google hasn't quite taken over the world, however.  Jon von Tetzchner, Opera's cofounder, said in a statement, "While Google performs well globally, we also see several local search engines, such as Yandex in Russia and Ukraine, and Baidu in China, have impressive results in their key markets."