Google Revamps Google News Homepage

Google News Gets New Features, New Look

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Google has made some changes to the Google News homepage.

"There’s an old saying that all news is local," says Google’s Kevin Stolt. "But all news is personal too—we connect with it in different ways depending on our interests, where we live, what we do and a lot of other factors. Today we’re revamping the Google News homepage with several changes designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you."

This video pretty much sums it up:

More info here.

The new version of the page is rolling today in English in the U.S. This will be extended over the next few months. Google will also make the ability to choose which sources you see more or less often available in all English-language versions of the site.

Google Revamps Google News Homepage
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  • Angry User

    And Google has completed the Moron Trifecta for 2010!

    1) Buzz forced on all GMail users, without a working opt-out button.
    2) Pictures on the homepage forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.
    3) New Google News format, roundly panned by testers, forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.

    Remember when Google was sane and intelligent? You know, 1996-2009?

  • Guest

    Bad move, Google. The new layout takes away personalization and moves a set of (to many people) unwanted sections at the top of the page. The new column layout means twice as much scrolling to see the sections I really want. I don’t care about incorporating Twitter, Facebook, or any other service; news is news. Bring back the old layout, please.

  • ed

    Read the posts on the google site about the changes and you will find hundreds of complaints and rejections of the new design, no acceptance. So bad that I have dropped google news from my favorites, gotten rid of the google toolbar from my browser, and will start migrating from my gmail account.

  • Mark S

    New Google news is really BAD. I have tried. There is no way that I can easly check the news anymore. I am looking for a new site for news.

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