Google Reader Disappears from Black Bar Menu Inside Gmail, Google+

    March 20, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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As you all know, Google is killing Google Reader on July 1st. I’m sure plenty of you have shed some tears in the past week. For Google Reader power users, this sucks – plain and simple. And despite the loud cries of its supporters, don’t expect Google to cave. Reader is going bye-bye.

But if you thought that it was going to be a clean death, like a guillotine on July 1st – think again. Google Reader is probably going to be slowly poisoned with arsenic.

Gmail users are noticing (and complaining on Twitter) that their link to Reader in Google’s omnipresent black bar has gone missing. If you’re in Gmail, and you click on the “more” tab up top, “Reader” is nowhere to be found.

It’s also gone from the black bar inside Google+.

“Reader” still exists as a link when you’re on the Google homepage, or within maps, play, youtube, news, drive, calendar, and so on. But it’s clear that Google is slowly but surely wiping the web of Google Reader. And if getting to your Reader feed by Gmail was you’re preferred route, you’re going to have to find a detour.

  • Kelvin

    I find it faster to just open a new tab/window and type reader.google.com.

  • Tony

    the link is now back in Gmail as of this morning

    Is Google having second thoughts??

  • Chinaman

    Boycott Google … Don’t use any of their service … Head of this bully is getting too big … Money is too easy for these morons to even care what do you guys think … Most important of all, Boycott Adsense. I have done just that … I don’t even use Gmail now.

    • tom

      It’s back!