Google Penguin Update Hasn’t Been Refreshed Since October [Report]

    February 21, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Search Engine Roundtable reports that it has confirmed with Google that it has not launched a data refresh for the Penguin update since the last reported refresh in October.

Barry Schwartz writes, “Google has told us that Penguin is rarely refreshed, unlike Panda and we didn’t miss any Penguin refreshes since.”

Apparently some people thought there may have been unreported refreshes, and misconstrued something Google’s John Mueller said in this Hangout:

The Panda is updated regularly, and much more frequently. The last one of those came last month, as Google announced on Twitter.

We’re still waiting for Google to release its (what used to be) monthly lists of algorithm changes (or “Search Quality Highlights”) for the past several months. They haven’t done that since October either.

So far, Google hasn’t really pushed out any earth shattering updates in 2013.

  • http://www.sactrapezfiyatlari.net Trapez Sac

    Because they are confused as to what the update should be : delete panda and penguin and carry on with turkey

  • http://www.trapezsacfiyatlari.net Trapez Sac

    Why bother removing the links that google does not like, it is upto them to give values to those links or not. We can not go on searching for links that we are not responsible for.They think that everybody is trying to fool them and they try to police it .
    Google really out of its mind, they are going bananas,
    There is a good saying if something is working dont try to fix it , this is what google is trying to do with so many updates, fixing !