Google Panda Update: Matt Cutts Talks About Recovery (And A Bunch Of Other Stuff)

    July 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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It’s pretty common for Google’s Matt Cutts to appear in Webmaster Help videos, but they’re usually only a few minutes long. This time, he’s treated webmasters to an hour-long Google+ Hangout (from India), with some other members of Google’s search quality team.

In the video, Cutts responds to a user question, asking if it’s possible to make a one hundred percent recovery from the Panda update.

“And the answer is yes,” says Cutts. “It is possible to recover a hundred percent from Panda….So, it is possible to recover from Panda in the following ways. Remember, Panda is a hundred percent algorithmic. There’s nothing manual involved in that. And we haven’t made any manual exceptions. And the Panda algorithm, we tend to run it every so often. It’s not like it runs every day. It’s one of these things where you might run it once a month or something like that. Typically, you’re gonna refresh the data for it. And at the same time, you might pull in new signals. And those signals might be able to say, ‘Ah, this is a higher-quality site.'”

So, there’s a solid group of engineers that I had the chance to work with who have been looking for signals that differentiate the higher quality sites from the sites that might be slightly lower quality,” he continues. “And if look at–even in the last, say, two or three months–we’ve done a better job about differentiating all those. And so, when we rerun the pipeline to recompute the data and then we push that back out–I think the most recent one was earlier this month–there was one that was probably about two weeks ago.”

Google pushed two Panda refreshes in June. More on that here.

“And so, when that happens, if, according to our signals, it looks like the site is high-quality or there’s new data or there’s new signals, then you just wouldn’t, you would pop out of being affected and you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all,” Cutts says. “So, in order to recover from Panda, take a fresh look and basically ask yourself, ‘How compelling is my site?’ We’re looking for high quality. We’re looking for something where you land on it, you’re really happy, the sort of thing where you wanna tell your friends about it and come back to it, bookmark it. It’s just incredibly useful. That’s the sort of thing that we don’t want to get affected. So, yes. It is possible to recover.”

More on Google’s Panda update here.

  • Nick

    Thanks for posting this video. At the 40 minute mark he talks about tags. I never thought about the tag cloud as spam and keyword stuffing. I thought it was just a normal WordPress thing and Google would ignore that section, so I never bothered doing anything with it and kept it on my pages (even though tag clouds look ugly). I have now removed the tag cloud on all pages.

    I have always wondered why some of my blog posts don’t rank, especially since my content is better and/or equal to some competitive sites with similar information. Hopefully my pages will start to rise without the tag cloud.

    • Nick

      I mean the 42 minute mark.

  • john

    wow, him not tell – ‘start with new site’? cool, at least we know what him need some our attention. looks not everything going well in google kingdom.

  • john

    “So, in order to recover from Panda, take a fresh look and basically ask yourself, ‘How compelling is my site?’ We’re looking for high quality.”

    Google must to do it, see on their MFA website with fresh look and basically ask yourself – why webmasters starts hate us and surfers go away to bing.

  • Anti-Google

    John: You could not have put it better! Google is on the self-destruct road..hope Bing kick their butts in the future. The “little man” has made Google, and now Google step on them…the wheel will turn..

  • john

    question : what about ads above fold in google search results.

    m cutts answer : it only few amount of pages, we not place it in all pages. But we disallow crawling of our search results.

    is here sense in this answer? or it professional politician speech?

    So we can also put ads above fold on few of our pages???

    Also it cool to know forum visited by this indian webspam team. hahaha

  • John D

    Here is some fun part in this hangout video, starting at 16:45 when discussion about recovering from “Panda” happens – notice the face scratch gesture starting with Matt Cutts then continues with many discussion panel members….. do you know what this face scratch gesture indicates?

    • Robin Green

      it mean, ups… we cheated them again

  • http://styledip.com umair

    its all about luck if you are unlucky you will get hit by panda………

  • Remus

    Matt Cutts owns google :)

  • Kyle

    Nick, have you noticed any changes after removing the tag cloud?

  • http://jasjotbains.com Jasjot Singh Bains

    I agree with Matt Cutts that a website can recover 100% from Panda. Mine did too, in April this year

  • http://bankvibe.com Dan

    I wish he talked more about partial recoveries. Do all recoveries come as 100% or nothing? I’ve heard of several people regaining 30-50 percent. If this sort of thing happens, does that then mean it was entirely unrelated to a panda refresh?