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    This has me a bit worried. I have always been told that a blog within my site is the best way. My blog gets good traffic and brings traffic to my home page, but now it seems my home page will be penalized for people not spending as much time there as on my blog. I’ve tried to streamline my homepage with quick access to the things people really want to know about my property (a b&b). What’s a girl to do? ARRGGHH!

  • http://www.pugetseo.com Bellevue SEO

    Great infographic. Couldn’t make Panda any easier to understand than this.

  • Keep on Wrecking the Internet

    Call me someone that no longer cares what Google does.
    Their search becomes more useless with every update.

    All the while they tell webmasters what they want with a bunch of undecipherable doublespeak.

    I love the “less ads above the fold line” now with their AdSense newsletter arriving telling me to put more ads on my site above the fold.

    Google has gone Schizophrenic, and they need to take their meds! The right hand and left hand are now working in totally different directions and I personally no longer have any desire to make changes to my website to follow the drivel that falls out of their mouth.

    If you try to follow what Google wants you will become just as crazy as they are!

    My aim for 2012 is to work on my websites and make them appear as I see fit. The one bit of advice I will take from Google is not to write content for Google and I’ll apply that across the board including the appearance of my site. Mt website is mine not Google’s.

    Stuffit Google!