Google Panda Update Addressed In New Google Announcement

    February 4, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google today listed changes it made to its algorithm in January. As previously discussed, the biggest takeaway from that (at least in my opinion) was an increased focus on freshness through not only updates to the “Freshness Update,” but also through changes to universal search, which focus on the queries that deliver news results.

The company also addressed a recent Panda tweak:

High-quality sites algorithm improvements. [launch codenames “PPtl” and “Stitch”, project codename “Panda”] In 2011, we launched the Panda algorithm change, targeted at finding more high-quality sites. We improved how Panda interacts with our indexing and ranking systems, making it more integrated into our pipelines. We also released a minor update to refresh the data for Panda.

Google actually confirmed that this happened last week. Google reportedly said that there were no additional signals or actual changes to the algorithm, which would explain why there wasn’t a whole lot of fuss made about it, compared to Panda updates of the past.

Of course, there has been much more fuss about Google’s introduction of Search Plus Your World last month, which many have complained about with regards to its impact on Google search results relevancy.

Followers of the Panda saga may find this somewhat ironic, given that Google has spent nearly an entire year releasing Panda updates with the goal of improving search quality. Obviously this is not a goal Google is publicly backing away from, but some are questioning whether they’re placing a little more priority on making Google+ successful.

  • http://ephedrinewheretobuy.com Mike Budd

    Refreshing news 😉

    I’m not sure that freshness always goes with quality and relevance…
    But if this helps identifying websites offering quality information and updating regularly their content (posts for instance) I think it’s a good thing – regarding Google’s efforts to push Google+, well that’s quite normal, I don’t see any company which wouldn’t push their strategical products??
    And personally I find Google+ very cool in the way you manage circles and for the integration with their other tools.

  • http://www.studioartistx..nl Alexander

    I dunno what to think about Google algo’s updates anymore. I wonder if anyone can still follow it.

  • http://www.localsearchspecialist.co.uk Greg

    Is placing the emphasis on freshness Googles way of trying to compete with Facebook , Twitter etc ?
    From what I have seen on those sites they are bloated with low quality rubbish.

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    • http://marketingcoopgroup.com robert kight

      If you do business the same as your response watch out for the panda.

  • http://teasastipss.blogspot.com LaTease Rikard

    I don’t keep up with Google’s algorithm updates anymore. My focus is on creating content my readers enjoy.

    • http://youthfulinvestor.com Youthful Investor

      I agree with LaTease. For the most part, producing quality content has been the key for me. I will still do just a little Google Keyword research just to make sure there is an audience for something before I spend the time to write it. Otherwise, good, original and yes timely updated content is key.

  • http://www.banburyshireinfo.co.uk Ian Gentles

    Thanks for the update Chris. I’m keeping it fresh.

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    I too have seen some of my web pages got PR1 from PR0.

  • http://marketingcoopgroup.com robert kight

    going by what i have read and seen the panda is a good thing and sites that have earned there ranking with good content and hard work will not have to put up with fully loaded adsense sites with automated backlinks taking there spot.

  • http://freemovie4u.in Rishi

    I dunno what to think about Google algo’s updates anymore.

  • http://dehumidifierreviews.us Dehumidifiers

    I too am confused as to whats happening. A few of my keywords have more or less maintained steady but most have dived and I really don’t see me having done anything wrong.

  • http://www.beatlottery.co.uk Peter Dolinaj

    I think Google should concentrate more on how much time users spend on the site which would indicate if the content is good or bad. Fresh content with 100% bounce rate is no good. Old content with little bounce rate is good!

  • http://www.adorablekidswear.com Robert

    I’m irritated because of the ambivalence of a clear action to take. My sight is new, and small, but size shouldn’t matter if content is king. S0 from new unique pages to curated content, neither seem to be seeK

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    ps: content is KING!

  • http://www.globalebusinessdeve.com vikesh Pithadiya

    More than 30 % results in google index were badly affected. I was surpirsed when I came to know that Apple, Amazone and other giants were also affected with it.

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  • http://www.bmcinternetmarketing.nl BMC

    We are happy with the fresh algoritm. Less happy we are with https settings of Google and the effect on Analytics (not provided keywords)

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    The recipe now more than ever is new, interesting, original content for your site…