Google Offers Free Small Business Websites

    March 2, 2012
    Mike Fossum
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Small businesses in California are getting a bit of help from Google. On Thursday, Google launched a program called California Get Your Business Online, which offers small businesses a free website, and access to live training regarding inline business development.

Google Free Websites

Google is covering the domain name and web hosting for the first year, and then users would pay $2 a month for the domain name and $4.99 a month for the hosting. Google has previously unveiled similar programs in other states, including North Carolina, Michigan and Georgia – but Google has stated California is by far the biggest market to have access to the program. Scott Levitan, Google’s director of small business engagement, states “there is a perception that getting online is hard, that it’s expensive and time consuming. As a company with roots in California, we want to make it fast, easy and free for any business in the state to get online.”

In mid-March Google will host some free classes to help business owners learn not only how to put their websites together, but also secure the domain name, get connected with customers, and even delve into micro targeted advertising.

According to Google, 97% of Americans use the internet to buy local products and services, but surprisingly, only 38% of small businesses in California are online.

  • http://timmyhoward.com Timmy Howard

    I wonder if the guys at Automattic are concerned about this at all…

  • Big Aussie

    Look at it from Google’s point of view. More sites they can stick Adwords on. Like any business — Google are aware how much money they can make from every website displaying Adwords; so this is simply the cost of acquiring new customers.

    Nothing altruistic in this story — just increasing the size of the cake instead of sharing the existing cake.

    This is a good example for all businesses — online or bricks and mortar.

  • http://backwaterstudio.weebly.com/ Kathleen Johnson

    OK, Mississippi is always so far the from “top” of so many lists – how about adding us to the top of this program?

  • aisha

    Big deal. I’ve had my site hosted free at http://www.zerohostingfees.com for ages now.

  • http://www.jdppropertymaintenance.co.uk dean king

    Well they didnt offer me anything in the uk.
    so i’ll just put a tag here.

    and google come and offer me a free website, AD free of course.

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  • http://freedomainhosting.com/ Mike

    It’s great news for small businesses in California.

    But may have negative impace on web hosting providers in California or in the US.