Google Maps For Android Can Now Help You If You’re Lost Without A Signal

    June 27, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google made a lot of announcements at its keynote at Google I/O today, but they also made some additional ones. For one, Chrome for Android is out of beta. Additionally, there is now offline support for Google Maps For Android.

“Whether travelling internationally, carrying a WiFi-only device, heading underground on the subway or restricting your mobile data usage, you can now save up to six large metro areas (e.g., Greater London, Paris, or New York City and surrounding area) and use Google Maps for Android to find your way,” says Google software engineer Jiabei Lei.

This should be helpful if you run into a patch where you lose your connection.

“Let’s say you find yourself traveling to London this summer,” says Lei. “Before you head off on your trip, simply find the area that you’ll be visiting. Then select “Make available offline” from the menu and verify the area that you would like to save.”

To use the feature, just download the latest version of the Google Maps app from Google Play, and save the regions you want to use offline.

Google is also releasing a new version of Compass Mode for street view, which it says is smoother and faster.

  • SGR

    No It cannot help you!
    Google took what was a fully working Labs feature ‘Offline Maps’ and It made It a ‘New’ feature..
    Not stopping there, Google added more to this ‘new’ feature, LIMITATIONS, the same limitations that exist when you want Navigation and you are at an ‘unsupported’ location(!)
    Thus ‘new’ feature now works on select locations Instead to ALL locations before It graduated from Labs secton!

    Nice work Google,
    First you turn your head around on vendors and their updates timeframe thus you let us work with Gingerbread hoping after a year for the ICS update
    Now you are ready to rollout Jelly bean while most of my (our) devices dated between 2011/2012 still have 2.3.7/2.3.4 and will never ‘see’ jelly bean (fragmentation is just @ our minds)
    and with the new Gmaps update you just ruined millions of users experience!

    Keep It up!

  • Sarah

    Nice, I found the offline maps in the previous version very useful. Now that we have the official, polished release, for some reason you can only save maps for the USA and a few select countries. Apparently I won’t be retiring my well-travelled maps of Tokyo just yet. “Never carry a paper map again”, my foot.