Google Highlights Answers in Search Results

Google Launches Answer Highlighting and Rich Snippets for Events

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Google has launched a new feature for search called "answer highlighting." This is based on Google Squared, Google’s structured data project announced last year at the company’s Searchology event. What it does is highlight answers to applicable queries within the search snippet.

For example, if the query is "empire state height," it will bold the actual answer for that, in addition to the words used in the query. Previously, it would have only bolded those words.

Answer Highlighting

"Most information on the web is unstructured. For example, blogs integrate paragraphs of text, videos and images in ways that don’t follow simple rules. Product review sites each have their own formats, rating scales and categories. Unstructured data is difficult for a computer to interpret, which means that we humans still have to do a fair amount of work to synthesize and understand information on the web," says Google. "Google Squared is one of our early efforts to automatically identify and extract structured data from across the Internet. We’ve been making progress, and today the research behind Google Squared is, for the first time, making search better for everyone with a new feature called ‘answer highlighting.’"

Don’t expect answer highlighting to be present in all search results, because in many cases, it just doesn’t make sense. You are more likely to come across it when there are specific answers or data involved.

Google also launched rich snippets for events today. To learn more about the RDFa, which helps Google find content for rich snippets, read this. Google has been using rich snippets for things like product reviews, and people information, but now events will sometimes utilize them. For example, if you search for a concert venue, you may see a few upcoming concerts listed.

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Google Highlights Answers in Search Results
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  • http://spartanseo.com Furniture SEO

    Will be interesting to see how people respond to this. So far it seems pretty helpful.

  • http://www.duran-seo.co.il Duran seo

    it seems that googles goal was always to provide us with fast and accurate information.
    we tend to see more modules like these that keeps up on the google search results page without the need to even click on a result.

    we can see this modules coming up with googles one box for music and other subjects.
    some industries may lose traffic in the future as google is improving its analisys in comprehanding information requests.

  • http://referencedesigner.com Vikas Shukla

    Google still lacks the human element in the search engine results – a lacuna that is being filled by ezdia. At ezdia you will find an expert associated with a search result with whom you can connect to if you wish – just in case if you want more answers to your queries.

  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Speedup Your PC

    It is a well known fact that people never read full sentence or words. We actually recognise the words from experience. Now if Google bolds out the words as answers, people will stop even recognising the remaining words and what the webpage intended the reader to understand and what the reader understands may be totally different at times.

    If Yuo Culod Raed Tihs Snetence, Tehn, Yuo Undretsand Waht I Maen.

    Just the first and last alphabet in a word need to be correct and your brain will read it by recognising the word. Let us wait and see the Google game fails or succeeds.

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com Neil

    Isn’t this how Bing is supposed to work?

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    This is interesting! Does anyone have any idea about the possible SEO implications it might have??

  • http://www.inverter-china.com Richard

    Highlights Answers in Search Results by google?

    But I think it was for a long time. Am I right?

  • http://www.hdforensics.co.uk/ SEO2010

    I think this would be very useful as everyone wants to get information as fast as possible. This will help in NOT scrolling through all results on the page. Google usually highlights only the words you put in the search box and now if it highlights the answers to the questions in the search box, then this would be brilliant. Saves us a lot of time in searching.:)

  • http://411newyork.org/forum/ New York Forum

    We tried your link but the “1250” and “381” was not in bold.
    Is that a feature that has been phased out or browser specific?

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