Google Gives You A Checklist For Making Sure Your Mobile Site Is Up To Snuff

By: Chris Crum - December 11, 2013

Google has put out a checklist for improving mobile websites. The search engine recently made several ranking changes for sites not configured for smartphone users, so you may want to pay attention.

The list is broken down into three main steps: stop frustrating your customers, facilitate task completion and convert customers to fans. Don’t worry.The points under each one are more specific.

For step one, there are tips related to removing extra windows from all mobile user-agents, providing device-appropriate functionality, testing, etc.

For step two, tips get into ptimizing crawling, indexing and the searcher experience and optimizing popular mobile persona workflows for your site.

For step three, tips are about considering search integration points with mobile apps, investigating/attempting to track cross-device workflow and brainstorming new ways to provide value.

You may also want to take forty minutes or so to watch these two videos from Google’s Maile Ohye discussing improving high-traffic, poor user-experience mobile pages, optimizing the top mobile tasks on your site and quick fixes for mobile website performance.

Last week, Google added smartphone crawl errors to Webmaster Tools.

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  • Michael

    I have been using SavvyCard for my mobile marketing. It is a platform that I could use for free that let me set up a mobile business card that is optimized for cell phones and tablets.

  • A Wilsch

    omg can’t someone watch them for us and put them into a LIST we can use???? No one has time to watch 40 minute tutorials. Lists, texts… come on folks…

    • Moin Shaikh

      Hi Wilsch, Sorry no offense intended but there are tons of web masters, designers who care for quality and invest their time and i am one of them.

      I really believe that these long video, text tutorials are worth watching and reading and implementing. How much more short tutorial do you expect from Google?

      I think these are already broken down into short pieces, if you take a look at their developer’s blog, you will see really long tutorials.

      Once again, i am sorry if you find my comment offensive but this is what i believe.


  • John Hogan

    Our service is a 100 out of 100 for page speed via Googles own page speed checker, with only .05 points from being perfect for mobility via Mobiready. Our site is not a static site either as it is a business submit/search engine. Webmasters SEO people would do well to review our sites code and such for Tips you may be able to implement…