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At the end of June, Google made some big changes to the Google News home page. In fact, Google called these changes the biggest redesign of Google News since its beta launch in 2002.

Since this redesign, Google has been making some adjustments as people have shared their feelings about it. "Some of you told us that you really liked it, especially how the 'News for you' section lets you see a stream of articles tailored to the interests you specify," says Product Manager Chris Beckmann on the Google News blog. "The positive usage data we saw during our months-long tests of the redesign has continued since we introduced it to all users of the U.S. English edition, and hundreds of thousands of you have already customized your Google News homepages. But some of you wrote in to say you missed certain aspects of the previous design, such as the ability to see results grouped by section (U.S., Business, etc.) in two columns."

"At Google, we're all about launching and iterating, so we've been making improvements to the design in response to your feedback," adds Beckmann. "For example, we're now showing the entire cluster of articles for each story, rather than expanding the cluster when you hover your mouse over it. We've given you the ability to hide the weather forecast from your local news section. We made the option to switch between List view and Section view more obvious."

Google has also now added an option in "News for You" for a Two-column view, which shows three top stories from each section:

Google News - News For You Two-Column View

While the new version of Google News is available in English in the U.S., the company said upon launch that it would be extended over the next few months.

Chris Crum
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