Google Analytics Real Time Reports Get Even Better

    March 28, 2013
    Chris Crum

The real-time feature is probably the best thing Google has done for Google Analytics in a long time, at least for publishers like us. Now the feature is getting even better.

Google announced some improvements to its real-time reports, including the ability to analyze Events in real-time, breakdown real-time by Desktop/Tablet/Mobile traffic, create shortcuts to your favorite real-time segments, and compare real-time filtered data against overall real-time data.

“With the real-time events report, you can now not only see the top events as they occur but also filter on particular event categories (and actions),” the Google Analytics team notes in a blog post. “Additionally, you can see whether particular segments of visitors trigger different events and debug your events deployment in real time.”

“If you are trying to see what events a particular segment of visitors generate, that is easy as well,” Google adds. “Any filters you set up in any part of real-time are preserved in the Events report. For example, in the above screengrab we have set up a filter here to see what events are triggered from visitors coming via organic search.”

The breakdown by Desktop/Tablet/Mobile feature is going to be an interesting one to watch, and will give publishers a better sense of their current audience at any given second.

More on the changes here.

Earlier this week, Google also launched some new social reports for Google Analytics.