Google Accused Of Stealing Money From AdSense Publishers

    April 30, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Someone claiming to be a former Google employee has accused the company of stealing money from AdSense publishers.

Are you buying it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

In a “leak” on Pastebin, this person says, “To sum it up for everyone, I took part in what I (and many others) would consider theft of money from the publishers by Google, and from direct orders of management. There were many AdSense employees involved, and it spanned many years, and I hear it still is happening today except on a much wider scale. No one on the outside knows it, if they did, the FBI and possibly IRS would immediately launch an investigation, because what they are doing is so inherently illegal and they are flying completely under the radar.”

It’s a pretty lengthy and detailed explanation. Here’s a portion:

In the first quarter of 2009 there was a “sit-down” from the AdSense division higher ups to talk about new emerging issues and the role we (the employees in the AdSense division needed to play. It was a very long meeting, and it was very detailed and intense. What it boiled down to was that Google had suffered some very serious losses in the financial department several months earlier. They kept saying how we “needed to tighten the belts” and they didn’t want it to come from Google employees pockets. So they were going to (in their words) “carry out extreme quality control on AdSense publishers”. When one of my fellow co-workers asked what they meant by that. Their response was that AdSense itself hands out too many checks each month to publishers, and that the checks were too large and that needed to end right away. Many of the employees were not pleased about this (like myself). But they were successful in scaring the rest into thinking it would be their jobs and their money that would be on the line if they didn’t participate. The meeting left many confused as to how this was going to happen.

What did they mean by extreme quality control? A few other smaller meetings occur with certain key people in the AdSense division that furthered the idea and procedure they planned on implementing. There were lots of rumors and quiet talking amongst the employees, there was lots of speculations, some came true and some didn’t. But the word was that they were planning to cut off a large portion of publisher’s payments.

After that point there was a running gag amongst fellow co-workers where we would walk by each other and whisper “Don’t be evil, pft!” and roll our eyes.

What happened afterwards became much worse. Their “quality control” came into full effect. Managers pushed for wide scale account bans, and the first big batch of bans happened in March of 2009. The main reason, the publishers made too much money. But something quite devious happened. We were told to begin banning accounts that were close to their payout period (which is why account bans never occur immediately after a payout). The purpose was to get that money owed to publishers back to Google AdSense, while having already served up the ads to the public.

This way the advertiser’s couldn’t claim we did not do our part in delivering their ads and ask for money back. So in a sense, we had thousands upon thousands of publishers deliver ads we knew they were never going to get paid for.

Google reaped both sides of the coin, got money from the advertisers, used the publishers, and didn’t have to pay them a single penny. We were told to go and look into the publishers accounts, and if any publisher had accumulated earnings exceeding $5000 and was near a payout or in the process of a payout, we were to ban the account right away and reverse the earnings back. They kept saying it was needed for the company, and that most of these publishers were ripping Google off anyways, and that their gravy train needed to end. Many employees were not happy about this. A few resigned over it. I did not. I stayed because I had a family to support, and secondly I wanted to see how far they would go.

From 2009 to 2012 there were many more big batches of bans. The biggest of all the banning sessions occurred in April of 2012. The AdSense division had enormous pressure from the company to make up for financial losses, and for Google’s lack of reaching certain internal financial goals for the quarter prior. So the push was on. The employees felt really uneasy about the whole thing, but we were threatened with job losses if we didn’t enforce the company’s wishes. Those who voiced concerned or issue were basically ridiculed with “not having the company’s best interest in mind” and not being “team players”. Morale in the division was at an all-time low. The mood of the whole place changed quite rapidly. It no
longer was a fun place to work.

The bans of April 2012 came fast and furious. Absolutely none of them were investigated, nor were they justified in any way. We were told to get rid of as many of the accounts with the largest checks/payouts/earnings waiting to happen. No reason, just do it, and don’t question it. It was heart wrenching seeing all that money people had earned all get stolen from them. And that’s what I saw it as, it was a robbery of the AdSense publishers. Many launched appeals, complaints, but it was futile because absolutely no one actually took the time to review the appeals or complaints. Most were simply erased without even being opened, the rest were deposited into the database, never to be touched again.

Several publishers launched legal actions which were settled, but Google had come up with a new policy to deal with situations such as that because it was perceived as a serious problem to be avoided. So they came up with a new policy.

There’s much more to the explanation. Read the whole thing here.

Obviously Google denies the whole thing. Google has given several news outlets the following statement:

This description of our AdSense policy enforcement process is a complete fiction. The color-coding and ‘extreme quality control’ programs the author describes don’t exist.

Our teams and automated systems work around the clock to stop bad actors and protect our publishers, advertisers and users.

Google’s Matt Cutts has been defending the company on Hacker News. He wrote:

Everything about this post strikes me as a conspiracy-laden fake, from the typos to wrong terminology to untrue policies to the lack of specific names of people. I passed this pastebin to the ads side to confirm for sure, but I would treat this as completely untrue.

Added: Yup, I’m hearing back from multiple people on the ads side that this is pretty much untrue from start to finish.

Also notice that the “rmujica” account that submitted this item has never submitted any other story or written any other comment on Hacker News before today.

In another comment, Cutts added:

I’ve worked with the people this post talks about since 2005. Even though I’m the head of the webspam team, I’m familiar with how AdSense deals with fraud.

For example, I often see disgruntled publishers complaining on the web, and from time to time I’ve followed up on specific blog posts to get the other side of the story. In addition, the group that manually fights webspam at Google is a sibling organization to the group that fights adspam.

Finally, I passed these claims directly to the ads side and so far I’ve gotten three (now four) different “this is fake” responses from people I trust and have worked with in different capacities for years, including an engineer that I worked with in search quality who later went to work in ads.

Someone commenting a Valleywag article said, “I never participated in adsense (fuck google) but I was part of a big online group who used it hard. Thousands were banned without reason in a single sweep near their payout date. It matches this description perfectly. I always suspected foul play and now this describes exactly what happened around that exactly time. Coincidence. I don’t think so…And what a group of small people could do against mighty Google?”

This person continued in another comment, “I didn’t participate in it as I was just a witness to the uproar. But what people were saying at the time matches what this guy is saying. It was a forum called WarriorForum, dedicated to Internet Marketing. I was planning on selling apps for them but nothing came out of it but it was around the time the ban fest happened.”

It’s unlikely that the “leaked” story will be proven, unless more of the mentioned employees come forward with real identities. At the same time, it could be difficult for Google to prove its case beyond a “you’re going to have to take our word for it” kind of scenario.

AdSense is said to account for roughly a third of Google’s revenue.

What do you think? Conspiracy theory or not? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image via AdSense (YouTube)

  • wertwert

    Why am I not surprised. Angry, yes, surprised no.

  • Yo Mamma

    I look at Google like I remember Altavista and Netscape

  • Craig Payne

    I call BS on this. It sounds more like a disgruntled ex-publisher than an ex-google employee.

    • Author DrDhillon

      Did you ever tried adsense? It looks from your post that you never did.. Cheating is real, but I don’t know if employee is disgruntled..

      • Craig Payne

        I have been an Adsense publisher since day one.

        • Guest

          Then your an idiot. All my traffic has gone up since 2009 while all my income from AdSense has gone down without explanation. I knew it was a screw job… we need some courageous whistleblowers to step forward and give this thing some teeth. Google needs to pay us all for loss of revenue that has affected business growth and personal health.

          • anteck

            It’s ‘you’re an idiot’. Learn to use english properly before you attempt to insult people because they don’t believe in your opinion.

          • Guest

            If you look downwards you will see I spelled YOU’RE just fine, when I wrote YOU’RE a paid shill. So I do know the correct spelling. Sometimes I am guilty of fast typing whereby I don’t properly check my spelling, and for that I apologize. I agree with you: debating is much classier if we all take an extra second to check punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

          • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

            Hello Anteck,
            Social platforms can be very entertaining as well as provocative. However, we must all try not to lose our temper. I got a post from Jan, on this issue, I was very disappointed over one of her comments. After her explanation I understand that’s not what she meant. What I am trying to say is we should try not to lose our temper on social platforms. Thank you.

          • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

            I think when you deal with different countries sometimes the English language doesn’t come across the same way you intend it to. And always with text, there are no facial expressions or ways to say “I’m with you” or “I’m against you.” Anyway, we all have to deal with the political arguments on every discussion on the internet. We sure don’t need to be fighting with each other on here.

          • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

            Thank you Jan, I respect your opinion, it was just misunderstanding. I am behind you. Thanks.

    • PattiSluth

      I call BS on you…

      Here’s a PDF white paper showing how companies like Google hire people to “opinion spam” (just like most of the pro-Google comments posted here) – check this AMAZING document out:


      • Craig Payne

        WTF has that got to do with this topic?

        • Guest

          She is saying YOU’RE a paid shill. I think you’re just a jackass.

    • First Eagle

      I have a different perspective here. I was a purchaser of Googles adsense not a publisher and I followed through all my site metrics and something did not add up. The clicks were being recorded on Google’s end but these did not reflect on my site. I dropped Google and never went back because I smelled a rat. Was Google taking money away from me and I was receiving nothing in return? I can not prove it but that was my suspicion. Does this surprize me when Google is stealing from its publishers, not a bit.

  • Chris McElroy

    I’d like to believe Google didn’t do that. My comment is in response to something Matt Cutts said. He pointed out the guy’s lack of naming names as a reason not to believe him, then proceeds to tell us he talked with people at Google to verify and he didn’t name names either.

    Problem is, you can’t prove a negative. I was around the forums when people were complaining that their accounts got banned as soon as they were about to get big payouts. There were a lot of these accusations from publishers back then.

    That doesn’t make it true, but their policy of banning adsense publishers was very suspect during that time. Those publishers may have actually been cheating and just got caught. Don’t know. And don’t think we ever will.

    • Author DrDhillon

      Whether you believe or not, cheating was real… I am telling from my experience. I did it more as a hobby and was not there to make money by cheating.. So I know I didn’t cheat but google did..

      • Craig Payne

        Cheating is very real. Heaps of Adsense publishers were cheating the system!

        • Guest

          TROLL ALERT.

          • anteck

            Believe it or not, a troll is NOT someone who posts something contrary to your opinion. You’re just being a self serving arse hat calling others ‘trolls’ because they write something you don’t agree with. Learn to accept that you’re not going to always be right, and that’s ok. If anything, you’re probably the best contender to be labelled a ‘Troll’ in this conversational thread. Seriously. You’re all over it. Consider yourself the Troll.

          • Guest

            Actually if you read through these comments we don’t have ANY anecdotal evidence of someone saying hey, my income is going UP or even, hey, my income is doing the same as always. We have complaint after complaint claiming of unfair account closures or throttled income. The evidence supports my position here, not yours.

          • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

            I’ve been with Adsense almost since its inception. One of the first and most primary rules they ever had was that you were NOT allowed to go online and discuss how much money you made, in what ways, or anything about it. That is something to keep in mind, and since a lot of these people here are so quick to jump and say this, they might have done it back then and THAT could be why they were banned, too.

    • jeff

      This is real, it happen to me > “their accounts got banned as soon as they were about to get big payouts” and the excuse adsense told was a lie.

  • viking99

    Happened to me just last November. I had a good site, racked up almost $5,000 in November alone, and got my account banned late in the month. So yeah… sure, they had “reasons” but the money earned while the account was approved (I had it for many years, no problem) is gone. It’s like getting fired the last day of the month and not getting paid for that month. That in itself is unfair. Thanks for letting me vent. No use complaining to Google, they are the ultimate control freaks.

    • Jorge

      That’s quite a good point. When this happens to an employee, the labor board gets back wages plus a hefty fine. Anything you earned in good faith is due you: the debtor has the burden of proof to demonstrate that the debt was created fraudulently. Sounds like the basis of a class-action suit. Any attorneys listening?

      • Guest

        The problem of course is the TOS basically say we have no say so in anything. Google can do whatever the hell they want and we had no recourse… BUT if we can prove they were telling employees to cheat the stats and skim at threat of job loss, I would say that is a horse of a different color.

  • Mark

    Holy cow! This exact thing happened to me. I was banned for invalid clicks on my blog right before my measly $100 payout was to occur. I do believe that because I was traveling and left blog page open on a public computer in a foreign country, that a few invalid clicks could have happened but instead of just taking those away, they took all of my money for valid clicks and banned my account for life even after I explained what I thought the problem was.

    • Ali Kashfilah

      This thing exactly happened to me too :(

  • Bill

    Several of us Bloggers were saying this right after PANDA update. To Us – PANDA was Google using its analytics to stop paying the top Adsense blogs that were legit and making $$$. My sister who is still a writer was making over $2K a month because of Adsense. My site made just over $1K a month – all our content original and real sites. GOOGLE just killed our traffic among many other. Basically if you use to make $$$ off Adsense Google wanted to stop paying you – so they would dump your ranking.

    Why does nobody talk about Adsense anymore?
    Because Google worked against anyone that was making $$$ from it.

    Then with PENGUIN Google shifted traffic to Amazon and Channel Advisor affiliates
    (3 members of Google board or directors are former Amazon)

    Basically PANDA was a quick way for Google to stop sending checks to the people who helped creat the internet after they promised high trafficed sites they would hep montonize them – they flipped and decided they did not want to do that any more.

    PENGUIN was all about the ecommerce consumer control filp from a level playing field to a manual override to lift Amazon and its 3rd party companies they invest in.

    Google is just all about control

    They use our our analytics against us to make them more and more $$$

    Yahoo has what resembles the older more acuarate results of people who really specialize in their industries.

  • Alex

    I got banned in this period…….very very bad news for Google…

  • Jared

    “pretty much untrue from start to finish.”

    Pretty much untrue?
    So there are elements of truth in this. Sounds like Matt is trying to carefully word his responses to be left uninvolved WHEN a class action suit is brought. He can’t flatly refute it if he knows something which will later come up in court.

    When will people wake up and finally work out that corporations are not fluffy, green friendly and fun? I don’t care what public image Google puts out there, the very NATURE of corporate business makes it cut-throat, and there are people within EVERY corporation who would gladly shove kittens on spikes if it made them another $10k.

    I don’t believe Google at all. I trust the many hundreds of people I have seen all saying the same things.

    And Matt, remember the “conspiracy” of Google hacking and stealing data from private Wifi networks while “patrolling” our streets?

    Remember the “conspiracy theory” of Google handing massive amounts of data to the NSA unchallenged?

    Yeah, keep trying to dismiss this as disgruntlement or paranoia, some of us are not that naive.

    I hope more come forward and a real investigation starts. It’s about time this internet mafia was broken up.

  • Sandra Lynn

    I could believe either way on this. I was swept up and lost my Adsense in August 2011, conveniently right after I was to get my first payout (something around $140) which had only taken oh about 2 years or so to earn. But I was earning more with my YouTube vids and I was stoked to continue with that.

    I will never forget the day I received that email from Google, stating they were taking away my account, citing that I could, in the future, potentially, mess up.


    I hadn’t broken any rules. They just thought I might. Someday.

    I tried to appeal but to no avail.

    They are Google.

    I am me.

    And I know, piddly amount comparatively, but to be told I’m being banned because I may someday break a rule? And my earnings were growing faster with the vids…anyway…

    Do I believe the above article could be true?

    Either way… :(

    They are Google…

  • http://bamajr.com/ bamajr

    I had an account, which got banned, before a payout, though probably not as big as others. I was given a reason that I had violated the terms of use, having to do with clicking on your own adds. However, the IP addresses and ISPs I was given, as proof, didn’t match my IP address or even the IP address managed by my ISP. Initially I thought it was a mistake, which Google would correct. But after my appeal was first denied and then ignored, I started digging around and found I wasn’t the only person that had happened to.

    I hope this story is not true, but as an account closure victim myself, I would definately not say this story is impossible.

    I do have the highest respect for Matt Cutts, though, as a person who is constantly in contact with the public, he would likely be one of the first few this would be kept from, if it did infact happen.


  • workking1

    I was one of the victims, just when it was time to get paid, bam account closed. No way to fight them, i like their new back links policy, scaring everyone.

  • http://www.confidence-guide.com Elaine Sihera

    It’s difficult to know who to believe, unless a lot of people come forward with hard evidence.But Google has the power to do what it wants, so the onus is on it to act fairly. One thing is certain though: the bigger these companies get, the greedier they seem to become. Depriving the small person seems to have no morality for them.

  • http://www.hockeydino.com Hockeydino

    It happened to me in that month too. They never gave a reason.

  • http://www.couchespouradultes.fr/ Patricia

    My best sites got banned around this period too ( as soon as i passed the 5K limit ). I think it is true. Anyway, google is evil, that is a fact. All for what, to store money in a computer in the Bahamas…

  • http://www.MaryCummins.com Mary Cummins

    I’ve been using AdSense for years. First year my traffic and revenue was great. Next year traffic was similar but the revenue went way down. I asked if there was an error in the ads or my pages and they said no. They said it was “seasonal.” I then compared months to same month year earlier and it was still down. I then increased my traffic and my revenue was still down. My traffic went up and revenue went down 80% since 2009.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      I think we almost all can say this. But there are so many reasons that could be the cause. Advertisers probably are not willing to pay the huge amounts that they once did. Remember it’s a bidding thing. The average business learned about SEO and started paying the SEO companies back then – and even more so today. That would have kept them from shelling out a lot of money for ads. I’m in the real estate end of it, and the way agents and hotels and rental companies spend today compared to back then is completely different. They put their money towards advertising on Zillow, Trulia, Trip Advisor, etc now. That alone could account for our loss in revenue. Add to that the Panda thing that killed off directory sites, or any other sites that were there just to earn money and nothing else. It could be anything like this.

      • FunnyOne

        Funny, actually advertisers are paying a lot more then in those days.

  • http://www.markgoodge.com/ MarkSG

    Sounds like total bollocks to me. If it was happening on the scale alleged, we’d be hearing the squeals from the banned account holders. It is, after all, their income that is being lost. So were are the forum threads packed with big money Adsense earners complaining that Google has ripped them off?

    In any case, it doesn’t make sense, financially. If Google ban a publisher in this way, what do they get? One month’s worth of ad income that they don’t have to share with the publisher. But then what? They’ve lost all the future income from that publisher. It only takes a few months before they’ve lost more than they gained.

    I’m one of the accounts that could be targetted like this if it’s true. I easily earn more than $5,000 every month. But the reality is that, far from attacking us, Google bends over backwards to keep us big accounts happy. We are, after all, the source of a big chunk of their income.

    • Kevin

      It ain’t bollocks. I squealed all over the place in 2012 when they shut down both my personal account and my corporate account, one month apart, and right before payout date. both were over your paltry 5k a month. But squealing doesn’t help.

      Luckily it’s not hard to start a new adsense account with a new llc. Google is evil, but google pays the bills. All the whiners that say “F google, just monetize another way” have no clue. Google pays exponentially better than any other company.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      It doesn’t make much sense to me, either. Why would Google kill off all its highest paid accounts when that just means a loss to them as well? If we make money, they make even more. I have always held Google in high esteem and believed them to be one of the best companies in the world. I hope they can prove somehow that none of this is true.

      The labor board used to be able to come into any business, and interview any or all employees under oath about anything that had been reported as wrong doing. That might be the answer. This happened at a finance company I worked for years ago that didn’t pay overtime to certain employees…but they made too much money to complain otherwise. Few people are going to take a chance on perjuring themselves.

      • Guest

        because there is a push to kill the little guy. If you read the whistle blower posting they laid off the big corporations that could fight back. They were on a green list. In other words sharks don’t eat other sharks.

        • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

          They didn’t kill off the “little guy”. The claim was that they were doing it to the ones that made $5000 or more a month primarily, and then working down. $5000 a month may be “paltry” to some people, but that is a pretty huge salary to the average person who usually makes $30-$40k a year. Yes, the whistle-blower claimed there were large corporations that were green-listed. But none of us can compare ourselves to an Amazon or a Donald Trump blog, either. Those companies are the ones that make Google money… and in turn they also advertise WITH Google. So they are a win-win.

      • consumeralertreporter

        These are not Google’s highest paid accounts. Google gets paid by publishers who are on a budget. They pay the same scheduled amount month after month. If Google bans one site, those ads simply move to another. Google loses nothing.

        There is a glut of Google ad space. That’s why you see so many sites where Google is using its space itself to advertise its own products. By reducing the overall available ad space, Google will be able to raise the cost per ad over time.

        Google bans the little people and Google wins.


  • Trent

    While I didn’t lose as much as others, I too was hit with the ban hammer without much explanation or a chance to receive any unpaid funds.
    The real problem is that Google doesn’t give you an easy way to appeal bans, through an organized ticketing system or something like that.
    It’s more like send us an e-mail, and we’ll respond if we feel like it. And if we give you a second chance and then find ANY sort of infraction (no matter how minor), we ban you for life with no chance for appeal.
    It’s a pretty messed up situation, since they killed the text link market, and then cut you off at the knees when they give you the boot from AdSense.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      On the other hand, Adsense once emailed me with a warning because one of my beach sites had a funny picture on it about thongs. They said showing buttocks was against the rules and I had 10 days to remove it. Now if they were so anxious to shut down the little guy, they could have used that as an excuse and not gone to the physical trouble to email me. So I have a hard time believing it.

  • Author DrDhillon

    I was angry right when they kept my money quite a few years back. More than money my frustration was being helpless when I knew they were cheating. The reason given was breaking their terms or something like this and there was no appeal. I knew very clearly Google was cheating and there was no doubt in my mind. Money was not much and I could afford to lose but helplessness was killing me and tried hard never to think about it. And I never did till today.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

    The stealing of money by Google is something going on for a very long time. No matter how much your advert earns on blogs, money always decreases. At one time I earned $70 and they put in 52 cents in my account. They asked me to confirm how much was put in the account for them to know is mine and I did. This happened three years ago, the rest of the seventy dollars never came. Today I discovered the $5 I earned last month is completely gone, but left with 82 cents. It worth to take away every advert from blogs or websites because they make sure you don’t earn anything from them. Professional white-collar thieves.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      But even if you yourself didn’t cheat, how do you know that $70 wasn’t one of your enemies or competitors (or helpful friends) performing click-fraud? You can’t know that. They are in a position to look at the clicks and see where they come from…even where they were before they went there and clicked…such as from an email.

      • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

        Hello Jan,
        I received a letter from Google over the earnings of the $70 from America. I live in Belgium. The earnings also reflected on my dashboard. I still have the letter right now. I followed the requested instructions from the letter and they deposited 52 cents into the account I provided. Later I got a mail from them requesting for the confirmation of the amount they deposited into my account. I confirmed it as 52 cents. The remaining 69.48 wasn’t paid till now. That was four years ago Jan. I can’t lie to you. Another 25 dollars wasn’t paid, but that letter came from Belgium not America.

      • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

        I failed to read your letter well. Why did you say “But even if you yourself didn’t cheat.” I don’t live to that standard of life. You don’t know me so when writing to someone you don’t know please choose your words carefully. I am a journalist writing for Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper in Brussels, for the past 25 years, I have been writing articles against crime, teenage pregnancy and every social problems affecting our community, therefore to say such words to someone you never met before hurts. I wish you the best.

        • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

          Perhaps in Belgium words are not interpreted the same as they are here. There was no insult in what I wrote. I was merely saying that just because you didn’t do it intentionally does not mean that one of your enemy competitors or even a well-meaning but less knowledgeable friend might not have clicked a bunch of ads.

          • http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6 Joel Savage

            Thank you Jan. I have accepted your explanation and I am not angry as well. I’m now following you.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      You do realize they don’t pay out less than $100? They may still have the records, and if you put up a site and earn the other $30, you could then get a check.

  • http://www.admain.co.uk AdMain

    I find it weird because of the dates. I used to get monthly payments from Adsense, not enough to retire on, but if it was $650.00, it was a poor month. The first date that the article mentioned, March 2009, my revenue dropped to not getting any monthly payments at all. I only started hitting the payment threshold every three or four months, yet my traffic hadn’t declined.

    So in effect I went from, at minimum, $650.00, to $20.00 or $30.00 per month. Now obviously, it was the height of the credit crunch and many of the web pages generating me adsense clicks were loan/mortgage related and very few lenders were lending, but still, amazing coincidence on the dates mentioned.

    I did put it down to the credit crunch and after a year or so, it wasn’t worth the hassle maintaining the sites, so couldn’t tell you if the revenue came back after the worst of the credit crunch was over either.

    Really wouldn’t surprise me though. Obviously as the credit crunch hit, the first thing all the brokers, lenders, comparison sites did was cut their advertising spend. What would be the point of advertising loans/mortgages if they simply couldn’t broker them or lend.

    would Google stoop so low to keep shareholders happy? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      “Obviously as the credit crunch hit, the first thing all the brokers, lenders, comparison sites did was cut their advertising spend.” Exactly. Now add to that that they now put their money on SEO companies and big advertising websites like Century 21 or Trulia. Everything has changed since 2009 – EVERYTHING. And if your sites ranked before Panda and then fell out, that’s the biggest thing of all. You can still earn a bit from showing in the SERPS on Yahoo and Bing, but nowhere near what was made when you ranked well in Google. And now, unless you are a legit company…not a directory or advertising site specifically, you won’t rank well.

      • CutttheCrap

        You 2 clearly don’t know how it works.
        If they loose revenue at least some will step up their advertising.
        Because when revenue goes down the whole profitability of the business comes in danger

        And this happened. So please, stop commenting because you’re defending something you clearly do not understand how it works

  • Jay

    It happened to us, too. We weren’t even a huge earning site, but we were closing in on our first payoff when suddenly out of the blue our account was closed due to “suspicious” traffic. Since it took us about a year to come close to getting our first payout, I can’t imagine how much suspicious traffic we could have possibly had.

  • John Rigdon

    I have not been banned although ad revenue is down year to year almost half, yet my site traffic is up 30%. I’ve been wondering what’s up with this. Maybe it’s time to put together a serious alternative to adsense.

    • David Hurley

      Left us know when you find one…

    • Guest

      same here

  • curlew

    was around 2009 that my adsense got shut down never did see any payment from it, and google would not enter into any discussion,, google judge and jury

  • http://plantbasedsynergy.com Plant Based Synergy

    I can say for sure that Google has kept my Adsense money legally as per their policies. I am not an Adsense guy, but have tried out on a site about 2 years ago. I managed to make a whopping $85 or so, and Google still has that money, because they don’t issue a check until you reach the $100 threshold (I believe…i have not checked on this in some time).

    So I can say that regardless of policy or not, they aren’t giving me my money and I am 99.99999% sure I will never get a check with a letter from Google stating “We are giving you your money because it doesn’t look like you will be using adsense anymore, and it doesn’t belong to us, so here you go”.

    But I guess you never know.

  • http://www.2bubbleblog.com 2BubbleBlog

    They don’t just banned. February was a good month for one of my sites after months of low earning and guess what, when I was paid in march, I had 250€ cut from it without explainations (apparently click fraud but nothing said about it in fact) and it’s not the first time that happened but never that much…

  • Kevin

    They have been stealing from publishers since the beginning, they have also under paid their federal taxes by billions. They are also stealing from the advertisers as well because they charge for ads, nuke publisher accounts, keep the money from the advertisers, never crediting for the ” so called bad publishers ” money back to the advertiser, they did not pay the publisher and they did not report that as earnings. They have been doing it since the beginning and have stolen billions !

  • Andy Eyles

    This happened to me on my website. We had built up around £400 in advert revenue, then before payout our account was banned by google, saying that there was illegal activity. What BS!!! They ripped us off and it looks like they did the same to thousands, maybe even millions of others!

  • flabbybuns

    Google AdSense had a $28,000 payment coming with another $12K due to my site and right when it was time for payment, bam, account couldn’t be accessed anymore. Banned.

    I researched and heard of publisher going to small claims for money owed, with Google fighting and losing. I guess the TOS says Google does not need to prove anything to ban you, and can ban you for having Green Eyes, if they were to decide Green Eyes was something worth banning.

    Why I don’t know about wide scale, the timing of my issue does seem crazy coincidental.

  • Random guy on the internet

    If true, Google is guilty of wire fraud (At the least). An investigation of every banned account should be done to show legitimate cause. The State Attorney needs to grow a pair, and a Grand Jury should be considered. You don’t make contract to pay someone for their efforts, and then deny them payment when they fulfill their contract! Who is running Google? Thugs? Google should be interested in the public’s perception of them, because THAT is what has made them successful.

    • Kevin

      They are russian thugs aren’t they?

  • http://www.theinfostrides.com IFS100

    No doubt! Google AdSense is a rip off… I got banned for no reasonable reason. All I keep reading was invalid activity without any clues. My earning in February was more than 5K Euro reducted to 2.7K Euro and later got my account banned in March. So pathetic! Google AdSense is an advanced scam that must be investigated by the appropriate authorities.

  • Real Story

    On Dec. 25th 2006, with $3,000 owed to my account and 4 days to payout, my account was cancelled with an email on Christmas day. As a loyal Google supporter, I was devastated. My appeal was returned, “Our reasons are proprietary. No further recourse is available. Your account is cancelled.” A second request received no response.

  • http://www.growwithrob.com/ Rob Dennis

    I got banned during this period. It was a day or two before payout. Bear in mind that the clicks were checked quite a few days before payment and they confirm when you will receive the money.

    I believe this is exactly what happened and is still happening. The thing with google is that you can’t reverse a banned account.

    One day, google will have to answer for the crap that they do.

  • Grey Olltwit

    And still continuing I believe right down to small publishers like me. They brought in their new payment system which suddenly started to reverse payments using the reason ‘invalid traffic’. I ended up paying Adsense back money from subsequent months earnings i.e. I got zero earnings last year for about three months.

    Now I’m using Admob too for Android apps that pays through Adsense and there’s a ceiling on the amount I can earn each month. 300k impressions for Feb, 400k for March and now 550k for April. I earned almost exactly the same (and I’m talking about just a tiny fraction above the payout threshold) for each of these three months, in fact April is lower than February, Go Figure.

    I like that Cutts stated “I’m hearing back from multiple people on the ads side that this is pretty much
    untrue”. PRETTY MUCH in my book tells me there is some truth in it, so what an admission.

  • alan

    I know they are doing this they did it to me

  • coelacanth

    It might very well be a constructed story, because as far as I remember around the time most of those bans happened there were hundreds upon hundreds of “internet marketers” offering their similar products and training and so on for high prices that were marketed with AdWords and that bought traffic from all around the world, bot networks etc. for low prices and thus kind of duplicating their money, in a way. The SEO then tried to circumvent Google’s algorithms to get better visibility with all kinds of tweaks that were against the rules. There were silent rumors that those companies were also used for money laundering. Those are reasons that are more than enough for bans, right?

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      I don’t know if that is against the rules or not, but I personally know a guy who did this. He had an Adwords account and he would pay to advertise for very long-tail phrases would cost him a nickle or dime to do. Then if the consumer clicked on that ad and went to his website – then clicked on one of HIS ads – perhaps a big picture ad from Priceline or something – he made about $5 per click. He swore it worked and made a lot of money from it.

      So is that cheating?

  • Googlesucks

    I can tell you that I was caught up in this as well. I started serving ads for Google on my sites way back – near when the program first rolled out I believe. I was suddenly banned not long before my payout was due with no explanation about 2 1/2 years ago after serving ads on my sites for them for years. No appeal, all money earned was kept by Google, I never saw a cent of it. It made up a large portion of my income and not only did it suddenly stop, but the payouts owed to me were negated and my access to the adsense interface was closed so I could not even log in to get information on what was owed, what sites had what clicks, etc.

    I 100% believe in what this person is saying as I know all my sites. There were no fraudulent clicks or schemes going on, it was all natural traffic and clicks.

    This is yet another reason I stopped using Google and instead use Bing. I think everyone should stop using Google search and switch to a different provider.

  • HappenedToMe

    Yep, sounds what exactly happened to my account a few years ago. Got my Adsense earnings up to around $700-$800 a month a month and then got banned right before a payout. When I read the forums after that happened I heard a lot of the same stories that people were getting banned for little or no reason right before their payout date. Finally it’s come to light and hopefully someone takes Google to court over this as I’m sure it’s still going on. I would also like to have an investigation into the advertisers side of Google as well because I’m it’s not just Publishers getting ripped off.

  • tessadick

    I know that Google stole my lousy $20

  • Laurel Cole

    Sounds like big corporations raping the little guys…we have all heard it before…their bottom line is what counts…what better time to wipe out accounts, right before payouts. Many bloggers have stated they were banned with no reasoning and it happened in 2009. So, do you think Google cares more about their jobs and being profitable or a small time blogger making monies?

  • http://www.geneeugenio.com Gene Eugenio

    Whether it is true or not, it definitely makes for great clickbait.

  • http://www.moonc.mobi/ Martin Nygard

    There is little doubt Google has large problems with false cross displaying and clicking on ads. I do my own counters independently to Google, and can see large amounts of shown ads on AdMob without any hits counted in my own stats.
    I would assume most publishers could see this if they refreshed their stats frequently. Now Google eradicates them quickly but in early summer last year you could spot them by originating from ip’s with no country designation.

    This was particularly prevalent in the old AdMob. After it was changed into a new AdMob in the summer of 2013, and I was an early adopter, Google have been very active in eradicating out these false displays and clicks. And they are still a huge problem. Some days they can be more than 60% of all ads counted at any one time, and for some app pages more than 98%. However Google’s correcting actions has been pretty much spot on. It is seldom I have more counts on ad displays in my own stats than Google has on their corrected AdMob/AdSense display counts or vice versa.

    I can’t say all these false ad display counts are somebody maliciously trying to hide false clicks on their own sites/apps in a sea of hits on other sites/apps willy nilly. I would assume some of them can be down to the new trend of large caching farms updating a whole host of stores if even just 1 ad is requested.

    I can understand the frustration by website owners and app makers over the seemingly large loss of counted traffic, However some publishers, who have not had the benefit of own independent stats, will have to realise that their previous AdSense/AdMob stats was not the true story and that their sites and apps was not as popular as they had thought.

  • Sam

    Not only do I buy it, my data over the years PROVES it! Since 1997, my site was doing fine year after year with small but nice gains in traffic and in Adsense revenue. As of 2010 however, the bottom fell out. Every year since it has dropped while Google’s profits have exploded. They now make about $2,000 per second or $168 Million every day. We’re not stupid. We knew it was Google and their greed program under Lord Larry. I’d love to see the FBI, IRS or federal regulators to step in, but with DARPA in G’s back pocket, that will NEVER happen.

  • Mike C

    I was banned about 1-1/2 years ago after 7 years as an adsense publisher. My best month was about $20k, however due to panda and other search algo changes I was making about $2k per month in the fall of 2012. I never once clicked on my own ads, never bought or sold links, never used any black hat techniques, never scraped content. I worked hard creating hundreds of websites.

    Same story, the email came one day with no warning, no explanation. I appealed but received a one sentence reply “it’s a policy issue”. To this day I have no idea why I was banned, but this story sounds very realistic. I never did trust what Matt Cutts said anyway, he always defended google’s policies, their chief apologist.

    Anybody want to join a class action lawsuit?

    • http://www.moonc.mobi/ Martin Nygard

      You where possibly the innocent victim of other website owners robots requesting / clicking on ads on your site to hide the sea of false requests / clicks they did to their own site. Before Summer 2013 I don’t think Google had any other way of dealing with this problem. Google was being hit by advertisers demanding the money back the advertisers had paid for fake clicks.

      • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

        Now that makes a lot of sense, and is a problem I had not even considered.

  • gimpy2585

    Fake and no need for it. Google found a better way to kill many of their top Publishers. They just changed the search algorithms to bury them and thus stop paying them. And they still encourage Publishers to place lots of ads above the fold which just feeds their agenda.

  • Carl

    I joined Adsense to try out about a couple of years ago. Deposited my money with Google, made my ad. and it got rejected because I used a forwarding URL (to monitor traffic I received). Google kindly suggested which URL I should use, so I used it and got my account frozen. My money was never released so I’ve never spent a penny with Google since. Support had no interest because I broke the rules, even though I used the URL they suggested.

  • Jenny Jenkins Newsome

    This is actually happening, for all of you who disbelieve it. Google can deny all they want too, but I have proof. I have screen shots of all days the campaigns ran, the earned income and screen shots of what I paid each day for my paid traffic. I was running 8 separate adsense campaigns and purchasing safe adsense traffic from the period of March 10-15, 2013. I sent over 65K clicks to these campaigns and was owed over 1100.00 and they banned my account for no reason whatsoever. This not to mention I still paid over $200.00 for the paid traffic, which they refused to answer an appeal.

  • anteck

    I call BS within 25 seconds of reading into it. Google, needing to ‘tighten their belts’? As shitty as google are, this just doesn’t gel.

    • Guest

      Think before you type. The economy was in recession, the whole system is based on BIDS for clicks… the bids were down, Google was going to show a downward trend and they hid it by robbing their publishers.

  • http://www.shopandmall.com.ng/ shopandmall.com.ng

    while it may be difficult to believe or now what is truly happening, since they have given us the impression that they monitor the accounts so well and can determine when something goes fishy, if they are truly as honest as they want us to believe, why dont they payout what the account made before things got messed up, at least they will be able to estimate earnings, but rather they shut down the account and the money made over months and years is suddenly non legit?

    Is this the way to do business? Something is fishy!

  • Random guy on the internet

    Chris, you asked what I think.
    I think at this point you should be asking yourself who is running your business without you.. and if I were you I’d be saying “heads will roll” when I find out who is responsible.
    just sayin

  • Random guy on the internet

    oops, sorry not you Chris, Larry Page – Sergey Brin

  • HJ

    Matt says “this is pretty much untrue”!!! “absolutely untrue’ or “pretty much untrue”? :)

  • Jorge

    More and more, Matt Cutts’s sound-bites make him look like a dim-witted shill. Now he says “Also notice that the “rmujica” account that submitted this item has never submitted any other story or written any other comment on Hacker News before today.” Does Matt Cutts think Mr/Ms Mújica needs to be a professional whistleblower in order to be taken seriously? Maybe the Department of Commerce should subpoena Google’s HR records to see if they fired someone named R. Mújica recently.

  • Jeff

    April 2012 was around the same time my account and many of my friends’ engaged in online marketing got disabled. This completely makes sense

  • Pure Evil

    All written is true, when you search every forum all minds are one. They know that google was down and they need back up money, and yes they want to ban more and more publishers to earn and earn more. Too many families were affected and they don’t gave a damn care. They loved money – PURE EVIL

  • Razors Edge Ent

    I would like to say for several years now I have been a Publisher on google and they are doing something that is not right.

    I work my A..- off everyday producing great Banners for them by the thousands and to only get $0.01 cent for my affords over a 30 days period in insane.

    Google owes me for years of publishing their Banners for their Advertisers and won’t adhere to any of my request for answers about why I get pennies for Thousands of Banners published. I make nothing. I see in my office all the banners, made but everyone I make disappears. I get nothing. I seem to only get paid earnings from my videos from YOUTUBE. I am a publisher for YOUTUBE also. This is unlawful and something must be done. Let’s stop them some kind of way. I am willing.

  • http://mikescommentaries.blogspot.com/ Mike Shields

    I had this happen as well. When I was about $7.00 from a payout I got banned and lost the money.

  • PattiSluth

    Anyone who thinks Google is innocent here is either a Google paid shill or not opening their eyes.

    I’ve been tracking G’s banning for years, and it’s ALWAYS the same pattern – ban a webmaster right before the next payout and keep mum about it. Just amazing that people still try to get back into Google’s dark world.

    And by the way, this isn’t about the money. Google is the NSA/DARPA/government/Federal Reserve, etc. They print the money. They don’t need the money. They are a front from the government/military’s intelligence…

    One company name will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know:
    In-Q-Tel – Google it (how ironic is that).

    This is about the war on the enemy. And the enemy isn’t same guy in a cave with a towel on his head…

    Regular folks like you and me are the enemy.

    Google has literally pulled the rug out from underneath us… those who were able to create content and get paid for it over the ‘net. Entire families have been ruined because of Google’s lie after lie after lie.

    Another lie not talked about… create great content. That’s a WHOPPER of a lie… because now Google steals our content and uses it on their page 1 search results.

    I could go on and on.

    I KNOW for 100% certain this “do no evil” plan to abolish AdSense was hatched before Google was even created. 100%.

    In fact, I’d be willing to bet a small fortune that Google is the leaker of this “leak.” How about them apples! I can’t wait when that comes out.

    (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

    • skyway1234

      I have thought for years that Google watched everything everyone says online, they know who runs each business, and if they don’t like you they squeeze all of the traffic away so you can’t make any money.

  • Derik

    there is no such thing as quality control, this is the adsense pub id of a confirmed content thief using dozens of blogspots of only scrapped content.


  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Great post for generating engagement! The problem that I see with what is alleged in the article and comments is that AdSense accounts were banned right before payouts, which means that advertisers got screwed because they paid for ads that were determined to be fraudulent. Publishers got screwed for the legitimate ads served. The only one benefiting in that scenario is Google, hence the distrust.

    Whether or not there is a wide spread conspiracy, publishers should be paid or advertisers should be refunded. More transparency in the process is required in terms of the publisher bans with legitimate reasons by Google provided. This will avoid the conspiracy theory while educating publishers on activities to avoid which can result in a ban.

    All publisher appeals should be tracked by Google and taken seriously. Publishers should get paid for legitimate ads served or be told precisely why they are not getting paid. Why should the ad network (Google in this case) keep the ad proceeds? Seems like bad policy to me, if nothing else, from a PR perspective.

    From a pure business perspective, unless they have an unlimited number of publishers, it would not make sense for Google to ban legitimate AdSense publishers. Save one month of revenue in exchange for future earnings potential? Does not make sense and is like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Outside of search, publishers are the Google Ad Network (i.e. their cash cow). Google makes $0 future earnings off of banned sites.

    The key takeaway for me is that Google should provide additional transparency and recourse to publishers on potential violations and refund fraudulent ad charges to advertisers.

    • jeff

      They have an unlimited mass, recently they banned all Asian adsense user for half year only after half year they can apply, this is pure racism.

      • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

        That’s not racism. They just know there are thousands of Asians and Indians sitting in factories doing nothing but click-click-clicking on ads all day long and screwing the advertisers right and left. Someone in Beijing is very unlikely to be clicking on an ad for a beach house rental in Wilmington, NC, and you know it, and they know it. The best answer to avoid this is to robots txt- block foreign countries from accessing your website.

  • Pon Nya

    superpower rules the world weather it is just or not.

  • Imran

    One of my friend’s account was banned in april 2012; :( They banned accounts the day he was waiting for payment. So he lost all money earned in previous money plus money made in 26 days of april. that’s ridiculous.

    If a publisher is involved in fraud, why he wasn’t paid income of previous month “march” ? I’m sure that money went to straight to pockets of google. And these claims are not old. everybody tells you story that he was banned for no reason at all and people spend thousands of dollars promoting their websites and making money which google just steals from them one day.. terrible.

    • PattiSluth

      I’ve been tracking comments like yours for YEARS about Google’s banning.

      And the pattern is almost always the same… banned 4 days before a payout… just like clockwork.

      This is just sick.

      People should be OUTRAGED about this.

  • http://docsheldon.com/ Doc Sheldon

    I’d have to call BS on this one, Chris, for a number of reasons. Mostly, it just makes no sense.
    Google is always being scrutinized, in the EU and here… they’re not likely to risk giving overzealous regulators any ammunition. Even if they were willing to be “liberal” in their interpretations if what’s legal and defensible, does anyone really believe they’re stupid enough to call a bunch of meetings and pull more people into the loop? Especially people in a group that has a relatively high turnover? Sorry, I’m not buying that. If they wanted to do something shady, I’m sure they’d limit their exposure a lot more than this alleged ex-employee says they did.

    There are other things that flag this as BS for me, but that’s the biggest.

    • PattiSluth

      Oh please, “Doc” – Google is in the same club that members of the EU are in.

      This is why you’ll NEVER see a real investigation about this.

      You might see a “show trial”… but actual justice – no way.

      If I listed all of the wrong Google’s wrongdoing in this comment, it would blow you away.

      Instead, Google gets slapped on the wrist with relatively low-cost penalties.

      Google is a front company of the NSA. Just look into In-Q-Tel.

    • Jordan McClements

      Maybe when Matt says it is “mostly” untrue he is saying the physical meetings described didn’t take place but most of the rest of it is true? :-)

      • http://docsheldon.com/ Doc Sheldon

        Could be, Jordan. Hell, “mostly true” could even mean that they just couldn’t corroborate the fact of it being a former employee, because the leaker’s name isn’t a real one.

        Most likely, we’ll never know. I still find it hard to imagine any management being stupid enough to execute such a nefarious plot in such a vulnerable way.

    • http://www.myrtlebeachwebdesign.com/ Jan Chilton

      I have to agree with this 100%. And that would have leaked out to the press from those employees, friends, and family members within a few weeks.

  • Guest

    I see a LOT of truth to this. Knowing how many bloggers from many different niches, in addition to one of my close friends losing her Adsense account JUST BEFORE they were all to make payout…I think the whole scheme goes deeper than accounts nearing high payouts…but smaller accounts as well.

  • jeff

    That is correct, they stole me over $ 300,- from the adsense account about 4 month ago by constructing a artificial situation which could not be verified from my side and as I know today ( I found out after) was a blunt lie and my EARNED money was gone.

  • Plain2010_g

    I do not know if somehow Google steals money. If I base my judgment purely on reputation, I would say they probably do.
    People say that Google eavesdrops private communications. That is a very serious crime.
    This is very dangerous situation to any society.
    Something certainly has got to be done.
    Society as a whole has got to get the record straight.
    This is a very serious matter.

  • BullS

    “extreme quality control on AdSense publishers”
    I stopped using the system because they wasted my time by extreme control of not dotting ‘i’s’ and ‘T’s’. Illegal clicking was something Baidu was accused of.
    My ads use to go off the scale, until the budget was gone – even quote “low click terms”

  • darrylgreen

    I know that it is true! I have had lot’s of sites online and have had adsense on almost all them. Over a period of 5-6 years at least, Google has managed to not pay me a dime!

  • Imral Haffatt

    I too lost my Adsense account around the time of the “mass” closures. Google refused to tell me how it was that I violated their TOS. I know I did not, so why is it that they could not give me a reason. It’s because they have none. They want to keep all the money for themselves. Matt Cutts and all the other high paid son-bitches at Google will never admit to Google stealing publishers’ monies for fear of losing their job. It’s just like a cat telling a mouse to not come out of the hole or else he’ll get eaten – in fear, the mouse stays in his little hole. That’s the hold Google has over its employees. Google is a load of fetid turd! They steal publishers’ monies so that they can stay rich. But keep in mind that just like other once mighty corporations that have fallen in the past, Google’s day of destruction is near!

    • PattiSluth

      I’m 99.99% sure this has NOTHING to do with “the money.”

      Google is a front company for the people who run our lives behind the scenes. They print the money. They don’t need the money.

      This was always about gaining our trust and then pulling the rug out from underneath us.

      If it was really about the money, they wouldn’t ban AdSense accounts.

      And don’t forget Google dropped the ban hammer on big-time advertiser accounts several years back, too. Many complained that their 6- or 7-figure a month payments to Google got terminated. Google is throwing away a ton of money for no apparent reason – that tells me this isn’t about the money.

      I’m guessing hundreds of thousands… maybe even millions of innocent families who have made a comfortably living online have been ruined by Google BS.

      • Guest

        You might have a point, maybe the goal was to drive people to become homeless so the elites could foreclose on their properties?

        • PattiSluth

          If Google really wanted to make more money and be more greedy, they could instead silently (and slowly) throttle the commission amount (which was always secret by the way) instead of world-wide bans.

          Banning is an in-your-face F U. And there’s nothing you could to about it.

          It’s CLEAR to me this is all about screwing web site owners and screwing families in mass… not about “the money.”

          • Guest

            that is what is happening to me…I am being throttled. It’s maddening.

  • Jordan McClements

    :-) Slightly off topic, but since we are bashing Google here… It’s a similar story with Google Image search. I used to get reasonable amounts of traffic from this (and decent pocket money AdSense revenue) until Google decided to ignore copyright on images and become the biggest scraper site on the internet, (imagine what Matt Cutts would say if any other site did the same)…

    • PattiSluth

      You’re absolutely correct, Jordan – take a look at this:

      It shows 100% proof that Google steals our content as their own and shows it on the first page of their search results.

      I KNEW when douchebag Google shills like Rand Fishkin convinced the world to put out “quality content”, it was a massive trick to get us to be content slaves. And now Google steals our work and leaves us in the dust.

  • Guest

    I’ve been a publisher on 2 sites – I was paid nothing. they have thier own rules and can get your account banned at any time. I didn’t lose a lot of money -about 20 euros on each one so about 40 … but there are thousands of people like me

  • http://www.whiteoutpress.com/ Whiteout Press

    I’ve seen dozens of complaints from publishers over the past 3 years, so I’m confident Google really is doing this to some extent. It’s also true that ad fraud among publishers is/was widespread. But I don’t think the 2 have anything to do with each other except that they’re both true. 2 items that raise red flags for me are when Matt Cutts says the accusation isn’t true “for the most part”, then goes on to say it’s completely not true. Also, if Google were sacrificing its publishers for a one-month influx of cash, I doubt they would kill off their highest earners. They’d stop payments on the tens of thousands of little publishers with no power and whose money adds up to much more than the combined top-tier publishers. Just my thoughts.

    • PattiSluth

      Google can stop click fraud in one simple line of simple HTML code:

      If the same IP address clicks on the same ad with xx seconds, don’t count the click.


      This would INSTANTLY end click fraud.

      Everyone wins – except Google.

      And Google will never implement this.

  • BannedfromGoogle

    I got banned myself with around 13k GBP in my account.. I was 2 days til payout and my account was closed for no reason.

    I’m IN for a COURT GROUP, so that we can SUE Google for playing with people’s lives!

    • PattiSluth

      Only lawyers win in a class-action lawsuit.

      To hurt Google, you must spread this far and wide.

      I’ve invested my entire day yesterday and now today commenting and posting in various forums.

      That’s how you get them back.

      Unfortunately, kiss your owed payouts goodbye… one person successfully won in court for this, but still hasn’t gotten paid.

      Google is beyond evil. In so many ways. If you only knew.

      And Matt Cutts is a LIAR. He should be dealt with in the town square the proper way.

  • musical-world.de

    That is exactly what happened to us. Our adsense account was banned without reason shortly before the first pay-out.

  • john

    Totally believeable.Google knows no limits, it aspires to have a finger in every pie around the world. If a single person displayed this kind of meglomaniac desire for control and domination they would be described as a likely psychopath ( not the fictional type but the real condition ). Can companies become psychopathic? Probably – certainly Google shows the characteristics, Cutts sits in his throne rooom and makes his global decrees. If only the masses could see Google the same way as those who deal with Google – we would all bang on the door of the other search engines and ask them to get their act together so that we could have competition and dilution of this Oligarch.

    Regime change please !

    • PattiSluth

      Almost everyone at the top is psychopathic, John.

      That’s how you get to the top.

      Isn’t it AMAZING that the shitizens of the world admire these companies?

      By the way, Eric Schmidt has to be a big player in all of this.

    • jeff

      Who is behind this cutts? page and brin, cutts is only their puppet this people simply got megalomania since they earn this lots of money but cant mentally handle it. By the way did you know that all people who do their forums are freelancer? The never get paid for their work, did you know that they moved most operations to India now to avoid taxes in the US and EU?

      Do you know that they employ mostly kids from the school to avoid a normal salary? Page should consult a psychiatrist, this guy has a mental problem he fatally reminds me to Kim in North Korea.

      Now what to do? The law enforcement (FBI etc.) must force them to re-install all closed accounts since 2007 and as a penalty they must pay each adsense account owner they closed down $ 1000,- damages this should be the parameter to finish this case since this is petty cash for them anyway buy page is so money grid ridden something must happen is there any attorney on the case yet?

    • Guest

      Is this why they are now buying military robots? Does Google = Skynet?

  • Ashley Johnson

    well i made a scenario, Blog = Blogger to WordPress, Earning = AdSense to Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine = Google to Desperately Waiting….. 😛

  • James Ambrosio

    Aside banning people account, I have also notice they keep cutting my revenue. I think the AdSense thing is a scam..

  • PattiSluth

    Google is in full public relation’s mode right now… flooding the internet marketing news about their new AdSense layouts.

    Stunning. Sick.

    • Guest

      what they should do is simply PAY US OUR DUE… then we can go back to working on our businesses and everyone wins. They don’t want to share the wealth, its inconceivable. They’ve earned a lot of bad karma.

      • PattiSluth

        I agree with you 100%…

        But here’s the problem…

        One person sued Google in small claims court (in Mountain View, California). The judge ruled against Google. Yet the web site owner (last I heard) still did not get his payment.

        That’s how the law REALLY works – it’s not like on TV or the movies.

        Just because you “win” doesn’t mean you’ll collect.

        The most devious part of this is Google blocks access to your account stats the instant you’re banned – this is why most people give up the fight – how evil is that?

  • http://www.celcomplan.com SarahZigler

    dirty !

  • John

    I used Google Adsense with a regular payout since 2006. Suddenly they disabled the account just before payout in January, no explanation. Nothing changed about my site. Links, traffic and clicks were all natural so I’m at a loss to explain why. Oh well, their loss. I was spending 10x more on Adwords (for a different business) than I earned from Adsense… I pulled that :-)

  • Guest

    Let’s get the class action suit going, we need some whistleblowers to step forward. Someone organize this! Maybe Google competitors can sponsor a backlash movement, we’ve been robbed for years, it has affected my health my sanity my quality of life… we could have grown our businesses, instead they are trying to crush us. Any day I see good earnings there is a 80% chance they are subtracted from with no explanation. I have always suspected this was going on but there didn’t seem to be viable alternatives.

    • PattiSluth

      Only the lawyers win in a class-action lawsuit. Suing Google would be a colossal waste of time and energy.

      The best way to get back at Google is to spread this information far and wide.

  • Sonny Koo

    yes, is true, i have 2000 adsense payment which adsense refuse to pay, when i question them, they said fund is going to refund to publisher, but in my publisher account fund is not return …. cause i know my ad publish in my own site via ADSENSE and some one does click ….

  • Rene’

    This would explain what happened to me several years ago. I was stripped of my adsense because I shared the same building as someone who did violate TOS. When I complained, they simply said, “Yeah, we see that there were no unwarranted clicks to your blog but we’re closing you down anyway. Guilt by association.” The irony is that the other person was able to regain his adsense account months later while, when I asked, I was denied.

  • Jannick Halben

    Seach Machine Companies’s seek services is not giving/showing/trustfull results to any end-user anymore…if the owners is making money on the seach.
    Same for Google and all the other seek machines they own or took over as Altavista.
    If they close accounts to get add money
    if they close good ranked sites down to zero and ask for money for bringing it up again is same case.

    The last they did to my firm/site http://www.nor-pro.dk in 2009/10! We had a page rank of 4-5 same as an huge American competitive company, and suddenly one day I was at Zero. I Call Google to just to hear/learn that I had to use ad-sence or ad-words etc to bring it up again!

    Stealing money again.
    The seeks coming up on the first 1-3 pagers is just those which pay the provider most money – not a real webseach anymore.

    The industry really needs newcomers in this sector.

  • Numidian

    I believe this 100% the time mentioned atcually makes sense because it’s around that time in 2012 my business partner’s adsense account was canceled due to too much activity. He hadn’t had the account for more than 4 months, but our Seo optimized website was getting enormous hits and clicks and Google accused of us of manipulating it and used some really crazy explanation. Google is gulity, guilty, guilty. I would never use adsense ever again. They have become a monopoly worse than Microsoft ever was, they think they’re above the the law…Google’s dirty and they know, that’s why they’re denying it so vehemently, karma is a coming…

  • http://cmoneyspinner.tumblr.com/ Treathyl FOX

    I’m not going to say that it’s impossible and that it couldn’t happen. I will say that it’s stupid if it did or is happening. Dishonesty is never smart.

    • PattiSluth

      Cordially, saying dishonesty is never smart is a VERY naive thought.

      Nice people never get to the top. Never.

      The top is littered with a club of psychopaths. Psychopaths are charming and hire public relation’s firms to fool us.

      You might ask the people at Apple Computer how Steve Jobs was really behind the scenes – it would STUN you.

      Bill Gates – seriously worse than Hitler. I’m still blown away how evil that guy is after looking into his pet projects.

      Disney litters their cartoons and movies with subliminal sexual messages. Even worse, Disney is the world’s largest distributor of soft porn… you know that pay per view porn that’s available… yep, that’s a Disney product.

      I could go on and on.

      • http://cmoneyspinner.tumblr.com/ Treathyl FOX

        Why is that people who respond to my comments always have to be faceless with fake names? Cordially huh?
        Well I certainly can’t say you were rude. I said “Dishonesty is never smart.” I’m not taking it back!!

        • Guest

          it is bad business… but the guys at top don’t care. They blow things up, and leave with golden parachutes.. they love leaving devastation in their wake. It is their modus operandi. They must have a serious hatred of humanity.

        • PattiSluth

          I went years and years whistleblowing with my real name and website address – it was economic suicide and pure hell for my family. Never again.

          Google is a monster. They use every dirty trick in the book to destroy whistleblowers.

          In fact, I shouldn’t even be posting here. Instead, I should be doing something more productive…

          But when I see such a massive scam, I can’t hold back.

          Like the ex Google employee, I’ve got REAMS of data to show wrongdoing.

          The comments I’ve left (above) can be checked out on your own.

          My allegations about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Disney are all over the place – just look for it. It’s right there to be see in plain site (when you look for it).

          This isn’t about me. It doesn’t matter if I’m faceless and/or anonymous…

          This is about how the beloved Google is pulling the rug out from underneath its “partners.” Yes, it was an unwritten agreement… we create content and drive in the traffic and Google would fund us for displaying their ads. It was beautiful. Everyone won. And now, we’re spit out and left to starve.

          And no, there are no alternatives. I’ve tried them all and the payouts are slim. Google is like the Walmart of the internet – they put their competition out of business, then dropped the hammer on us all.

          We even took a leap of faith – not having any idea how much we’d get paid. In retrospect, that should have been a big warning sign that something wasn’t right.

          Punchline: dishonesty is ALWAYS smart if you’re willing to do anything to get to the top. Honesty is a surefire way to failure in this corrupt monied system we live in.

          Sad. But true.

  • AMK

    The problem with it is not so much whether or not it is true. The problem is just how believable people are finding it. Which shows just how badly Google has screwed things up, where people do not find such an accusation surprising.

  • Celeste

    I’m totally disgusted to hear this about Google taking hard-earned monies from publishers. That explains why I’ve been financially struggling so bad with my websites since 2009. Such greedy, evil, and immoral practices has a boomerang effect on the entire economy. No wonder the internet is headed for a downfall.

  • Incorporate in Nevada LLC

    It’s very interesting that Matt Cutts says we shouldn’t believe this whistleblower because he doesn’t name names, but then Matt Cutts isn’t naming names either.

    I have paid for ads on google and found it to be a ginormous waste of money. The clicks google registers don’t appear on my sites. They just charge and charge and charge while delivering nothing. I have gotten much better returns by paying for small ads on relevant sites, and just good old fashioned work.

    I am more inclined to believe the whistleblower (who has nothing to gain from this), than Google and its current employees (who do have something to lose by admitting the scam).

  • Jon

    Something happened after 2009, but I don’t know what. In the two years that followed, I went from being the owner of a thriving stable website (good original content) that paid the equivalent of a wage, to absolutely nothing – zero, ziltch.

    • Guest

      That is the million dollar question. Isn’t that the same year as the banker bailout? I really believe these people mean to destroy the world and head for the bunkers.

  • Cretin

    A couple of my thoughts.

    Argument 1 that this is fake#: The maths doesn’t add up! (Pseudo logical arguments I see attempting to argue.)

    -Except, where does any high-traffic site majorly get it’s traffic from? THAT’S RIGHT, GOOGLE. What makes you think they can’t reshuffle traffic? Google owes their own search engine by the way, not you or me. And they will never lack publisher inventory. Since it’s pretty easy to sign up for an account and qualify for a payout. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do so. And according to the leak, they are now messing around with analytics, so instead of people being banned, they are simply shown lower fake figures, while Google collects the money under the table.

    Argument 2 that this is fake#: My account is not banned and I have been earning $2k or every month!

    -Except, NOWHERE in the leak did it say that ALL accounts are simply banned outright. They cull accounts methodically, with a quota system. In other words, if 40 accounts are meant to be culled this month, only 40 will get banned and everybody else will be paid.

    Argument 3 that this is fake#: Then why isn’t anyone making a big stink about it?

    -First, how much “stink” can nobodies make anyway? Second, re-read the leak, people/companies with the media power, legal power, people power or any kind of power really, to generate “Stink” are placed in a Green Group, where their accounts will never be banned, even if they click their own ads 1000 times. So, “quietness” is more or less assured.

  • Cretin

    Google Adsense Leak, the second Part!


    • Guest

      I have spread this news far and wide the best I can. Everyone needs to do the same.

      • Cretin

        You are one good fellow, askthecards!

  • MSFT

    Agreed with Chris, Google withhold my $50000+ (USD Fifty thousand) with a lame reason of Webmaster Guidelines and Spirit of Policy violation. Google have a very Intelligent System to check the websites, But they let publisher to get work for them and provide them Free ride, Soon they think that this Moment is More suitable to Get the Maximum they Block the Account and withhold all the Finalized or Issued Unpaid Earnings which is unjustified and Un Lawful. Only Withholding of Estimated Earning is justified but what is the reason to Stop Issued Payment. I have all the proof, If anybody need I can provide them as well.
    A Google Victims

  • Dutchman

    I lost 90% of my ad revenue in beginning of 2009, I always suspected manipulation of stats as traffic was nearly the same on my 150 sites.

  • Gilad

    I believe it has true in it and that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    I didn’t utilize AdSense much but I can tell for sure that as for website I had on the years 2010-2012, there was a consistent behavior of Google search engine in which any website started to product affiliate money (most of the traffic came from from Google) was removed from the index a week or two after starting to show some success.
    It became so predicted that I could tell almost for 100% which site will be removed next from the index according to site success. My explanation for that behavior those days was that Google as an Advertising company fight any alternative income channel that competes with its AdWords. So if user get into website and does not return later within some time to search engine list (“in order to be exposed with more Ads”) and if this website has affiliate links in it will be removed.

    Of course this is only speculation and I have no way to approve that but I can say for sure that this behavior was systematic. After each success come the ban. On the other end similar sites with no success stay for months.

  • contentrix

    So they banned larger earners to save money? Ummm…don’t large earners actually MAKE them money? Banning them so they avoid paying them one check doesn’t seem like a solution to their supposed problem.

    • Guest

      Actually if you read the leak he says they had a green list whereby corporate entities were allowed to carry on… they did this to individuals… so theoretically Google can send traffic to a site, kill the site before payment, collect the bounty, and repeat with another individually owned site… its a limitless process really. They laid off corporations because they have legal departments.

      • contentrix

        And again, how does this make sense financially? What you mention doesn’t address the fact that making this move to save money makes absolutely no sense. Add to that, why would low level employees be notified that they were implementing this plan to “steal” money?

        After I read the comments here, I found this article, which seems to look at the situation much more critically than this article: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/29/adsense-whistleblower/

        • PattiSluth

          Techcrunch gets direct funding from the EXACT same funder as Google – once again, they’re both in the same club.

          Of COURSE Techcrunch is going to side with Google. It’s called propaganda.

          Look into:

    • PattiSluth

      I’ve said this several times. And I’ll say it again.

      It’s not about the money. The money excuse it one big whopper of a red herring distraction here.

      Google is a front company of the bankers that secretly rule over the masses from behind the scenes. The bankers stage manage us. And they print the money. So they don’t need the money.

      This is about “austerity” – the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.

      Google pulled the rug from out beneath a ton of people (like me) who partnered with Google. Almost everyone who got screwed did nothing wrong (sure, a percentage gamed Google – no doubt… but most people I know where 100% honest with their traffic and display of AdSense and still got banned 4 days before the payout date).

      If this was really about the money, Google would simply use a Fabian-style method of slowly reducing the payouts each month. They didn’t do that. Instead, they just screwed a ton of people in one fell swoop. Wammo!

      I know this sounds like too big a conspiracy to keep a secret…

      It sounds unreal…

      You’d think a bunch of people would blow the whistle on this scam…

      And that’s EXACTLY how Google gets away with it.

      Because anytime these huge front companies scam the masses, they use their legal system to scare whistleblowers into silence. These bankers also own the media – and the media stays silent about this.

      This ex Googler did his/her homework. The only thing I’d like to see is smoking gun evidence that anyone could “Google” to confirm. Hopefully that’s coming.

      It’s amazing to me that people don’t remember Enron, WorldCom, Bernie Madoff, etc. They’re all in the same club. And as George Carlin is famously quoted saying, “… And you ain’t in the club.”

      (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

      • contentrix

        Okay, so it’s not about the money, but it’s about: “This is about ‘austerity’ – the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.” ?

        I feel like we’re going in circles here.

        • jeff

          We dont go circles, google need to show money at certain times to satisfy the banks and keep the rate at wall street high, so they trash 100 adsense partners and they can show it because they wont give them the earned money and it stays with them. The thing is they dont care because they have some more millions adsense users coming in every week. They are also racists by the way why otherwise they blocked all people trying to apply for adsense from Asia for half year? They dont do this for any other, only Asians. Google is a case for the FBI on large scale fraud, racketeering, racism and all kind of cheats plus cheating on taxes after they put the the company who make the earnings to Ireland and now also to India. I really hope that someone will start investigating the boss because this guy is giving the parameters.

          • contentrix

            So if they trash 100 Adsense partners, pocket the month for that month and lose all the subsequent income from that partner…the shareholders are going to make more money? There seems to be a math problem here.

            But let’s put conspiracy theories aside for just one moment. If one NEEDS Google to run a profitable online business, there is a much larger problem with that business model. Google is but one traffic and one income source.

          • PattiSluth

            Ah, pulling the “conspiracy theories” card. That’s quite manipulative.

            I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

            I’m just a regular guy that can smell BS a mile away. And everything Google has been doing since 2006 is BS.

            Look into austerity and Agenda 21 – Google it.

            Our world is run by front companies – in so many way… under the guise of “making profit.” But when you unveil the real owners of these front companies (like Google), you find out they print the money (i.e. The Federal Reserve). They don’t need the money, because they print the money.

            Look into In-Q-Tel. Dig deep. It would BLOW you away. And that’s who funds most of the most recognizable companies here in the States.

            Punchline: This is all about separating people from “the club” – those in the club get richer… those not in the club (most of us) must live in “austerity.”

            Revisit my comment years from now once the agenda is in plain view. Right now, what’s really going on is still mostly hidden.

          • contentrix

            PattiSluth, my reply about conspiracy theories was to Jeff, but I suppose it applies here as well. I do hope you’re aware that the definition of “conspiracy theory” is:

            “1. a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.

            2. the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.”

            (Source: Dictionary.com)

            Not sure how I manipulated anything…other than to use a word that accurately describes the things being mentioned in this thread.

            As I mentioned, if one thinks Google has any power to keep them from running a profitable online business, that’s an indicator of a very big problem. That is simply a business that is designed to fail. I think you’d agree that we shouldn’t give one entity such power and that’s what I see happening throughout this whole comments section.

            For me, I haven’t given Google much thought since 2007…things are going quite well.

          • PattiSluth

            If you only knew what I did for a full-time living… I’m VERY familiar with the “conspiracy theory” tag.


            Google is Microsoft is Yahoo, etc.

            That’s the whopper of a lie here – that there’s competition and we have choices. We don’t. They’re all one. It’s the club.

            For example, did you know the CEO of Google (Eric Schmidt) was until (relatively) recently on the board of directors of Apple Computer:


            That’s great that things are going well for you. They are for me as well… that’s only because I saw this scam being played out since about the same time as you – 2006.

            And yes, people need to take responsibility here – that’s what I’m trying to help with… showing that these HUGE front companies don’t care about the money… it’s all about controlling the “profane.”

            I have no skin in this game – I’m not selling an alternative to AdSense…

            I just have this irritating habit of trying to help others get back at EVIL freakin’ people.

            One thing I forgot to mention in all of this to further prove it’s not about the money…

            In 2009, Google banned a TON of AdWords’ accounts. Yep, Google literally prohibited advertisers from giving them money. We know this is true as of today… just look at their ads’ section… there used to be hundreds and hundreds of ads per search query – not anymore.

          • contentrix

            I definitely don’t dispute that Google bans accounts arbitrarily…I just don’t believe it’s a ploy to make more money.

  • Frank Trueblood

    Google cost me over $300,000 a year. Am I a larger earner? Well apparently not in Google’s eyes!!! In my opinion there needs to be several class action lawsuits filed against Google and all of their BS.

  • George Muammar

    There is no doubt that Google Adsense cheat their customers. I have put it to test very simply and realised that the stats were skewed. Its a no brainer

  • http://www.netbuilder.com.my/home/SEO+Malaysia/q?m=article&article_id=24 Danny Cheng

    Can’t wait for this to hit the fan….

  • senseblogger youtube

    not surprised that those with big checks coming all at once get that draeded E mail soory but your account is at risk to our advertisers and your account is now disabled,

    I’mgslowly building up my network and now at about $150 a month. Funny thing tho i get blogs removed for spam and there is no spam involved they all are sepearte on real things for sale that when someone buys one i earn a comssion from that company. Cant contact blogger about it or google to find out what they mean by spam. I track all my blogs to make sure i don’t get a click bomber i have that google anaylytics running on every blog that has ads plus the blog software trcker that shows who last 10 vistors where and where from… So i’m protected from any illegal clicks.

  • senti

    Google surely has been screwing publishers either intentionally or unintentionally. I was running a youtube channel for over 4 years and in time has accumulated a large subscriber base and my videos started getting large number of views over past few months (about 3.5-4.5 million views per month). And then what happens google handles me 3 strikes within 12 days and bans my account and 2 strikes on videos(with most views one having about 1.4 million views and other having 2 million+ views) for obscene, vulgar or sexually suggestive content though there was not even a hint of obscenity in them. And the reason given for the third strike was spamming but i was never told which video they considered to be spam. I appealed but it went in vain. Than i noticed that these videos were reuploaded by some other users on youtube but had only few hundred views. So i reported those videos to check if my videos violated youtube guidelines than these should also be taken down by youtube. But no action was take on these videos. That meant google just gave me strike so that they can ban my account and they don’t have to pay me 2600+ dollars which were in my adsense account. This was done either intentionally by Google or their system has serious flaws which allows their employees either to give or not to give strikes based on their own will irrespective of whether a user has violated their policy or not.

  • Yenny

    Yes, I believe this article is 75% correct :D, before Google banned me, I received a check for the previous 2 months revenue ($2500), since I don’t live in US, it usually takes a month to process the check. The next month, Google banned my account while I still had another $2000++ revenue in my account. And you know what, Google also refused to cash the check, the reason: my account was banned. That $2500 check was my right since Google already received payment from the advertisers and I already serve the ads from my site. So yeah, fuck google adsense.

  • Andrei

    I tend to believe the story of the ex-employee. The ads from my site were removed after 3 years in which Google have earned almost $40 000 from me (adsense share + adwords campaigns). My appeal is ignored for more than 2 weeks (“in progress”) but it’s clear to me after reading the article what their intentions are. I’ll expect 2-3 more days than send a newsletter to all my 120K members explaining them the google tactics (I’m sure there are many adsense publishers between them).

  • guest

    Why is everyone saying Google is doing it? Its the owners of Google doing it. They should be called out by name. They are the individuals responsible, and giving the orders. Google is just a fake name to hide behind. In other words, it should not be “Fuck Google”. And they are ultimately the ones who should be receiving subpoenas.

  • Joe

    I don’t understand some of you people. If Google would steal $50k from me someone would get murdered. I wouldn’t just let it go. Jeez, go to Google’s headquarters and do a suicide massacre. What a great way to go out.

    • PattiSluth

      I’m TOTALLY with you Joe…

      It’s STUNNING that there’s no real outrage about this. Stunning!

      Of course, we’ve been trained that violence isn’t the answer… yet the people at the top have been using the threat of violence and bullying to control us throughout the ages.

      I’ve been commenting a ton here… trying to wake up the sheep – yet most just accept the theft as the “cost of doing business.”

      The kicker is most who get banned from AdSense… get this… try hard to get back into it! How stupid can you get?

  • Adrian

    Yes, I had always thought there was something going on (and I always trust myself on this kind of thing). I was banned from my adsense account about that time, and I got no warnings or explanations. It is a totally respected, well-used academic vertical portal/directory, with a lot of high-wuality links in it – it is not a rubbish site and there was no (apparent) click fraud going on. My monthly income had been rising rather well that year, and when I asked for my money back for the month owing got no reply. Disgruntled? Angry? Of course – but I certainly did nothing wrong or illegal. This is about justice and fairness – it’s not mere hot-under-the collar, petty anger stuff. Some people image if you complain about such things there must be something wrong with you, or else you’re a professional complainer or conspiracy theorist. It’s like being accused of not liking Snow White. ‘Do no evil?’ I don’t think so. Take them to Court, I say – and let’s see if they are as snow white as they claim.

  • ever

    I got a warning right at $99 dollars that I had to remove my ads because I had affiliate ads on my blog and posted links to clickbank. So I do believe Google is doing this. I have my own content in the blog that I’ve written, but they said that it was not enough original content.

  • Engels’ Friend

    IF I WERE AN ADSENSE PUBLISHER, I’d rush to the Drugge Report site and use their form to send a tip about this news, including the url. They are pretty good about posting a link on their site and millions would read it right away. Don’t rely on others, the more people contact them, the faster it will show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yourdatingguru Albert Arul Prakash

    i owned an account which was blocked stating that the picture of an actress i posted is pornography or child abuse where as the picture was taken by another news site (which was not affected but google affliate type) during a film awards function.

    ya during that time my dollar earned was 98 USD. This happened after me having adsense for 8 years and website of 10 years old. Today closed the site

  • http://uyocalyaxis.com Emmanuel E

    Well you all can keep speaking as if you don’t know what google is about. I remember what happened to me during the same period the article states. So let’s just forget it. The account that was closed then with about $500 was reopened sometime last year with $0 balance. Despite the fact i wrote many emails to google begging them to reconsider my case.

    The question i want asked is, why does google stat always return the lowest results when compared to others? I know all about robots visits to web pages and so on. But still it doesn’t explain the discrepancies. When Webalizer, AWstats are others are reporting 10,000 views a day, google will report a paltry 500 views. Call it what you want. I am not interested in suing or anything like that. The truth remains that google cheats and BIG TIME.

  • mikesingermusic

    Here is the most recent email I had to send concerning Google and their CRIMES:

    Dear FTC, SEC, DOJ and FBI (Internet Crimes Division):

    We have provide the ULTIMATE information within our website that PROVES Google has been operating an international SCAM. They have been deceitfully luring people in and stealing their money.

    Google is in FACT guilty of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices and Theft. We have documented it SOUNDLY and PROVEN it, more than reasonably, within our website: http://www.GoogleDeception.com

    Furthermore, we have expressed our concerns that nobody within the appropriate Government Agencies is going to do anything about this because they, YOU, are either: A.) Not doing your job. B.) Incompetent. C. In on the SCAM… “In bed” with Google and “on the take” from their money-making SCAM. We hope that one day SOON somebody within these appropriate Government agencies will step up to the plate, do their job and prove us wrong.

    Every time another Google Victim contacts us through our website, we will forward their complaint to YOU and all of the other Agencies and Media that we can forward it to.

    Wake up. Get righteous. And do what is RIGHT.

    Please note Name and Email of new possible Victim (below).

    Thank You!

    GoogleDeception Team (And, yes, there is a Team of us)

  • Everythingalmost

    Google canceled my account for invalid clicks! Which is Bogus, I never had a chance to get invalid clicks, I spend my time designing, upgrading, and marketing my site not setting around invalid clicking. Its Ridiculous they dont ask any questions they just Shut You down . Then I appealed and this is what they replied with.—>Reply Begin Re: [3-7192000000792] Invalid Activity Appeal



    to me


    Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate the additional information you’ve provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdSense program. However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re unable to reinstate your AdSense account.

    Please know that, once we’ve reached a decision on your appeal, further appeals may not be considered, and you might not receive any further communication from us. Note that AdSense publishers whose accounts are disabled for violations of our Terms and Conditions are not eligible for further participation in AdSense. For this reason, you may not open new accounts.

    Also, accounts disabled for invalid click activity will receive no further payment nor any reissue of previous payment. Your outstanding balance and Google’s share of the revenue will both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    We understand that you may want more information about your account activity. However, because we have a need to protect our proprietary detection systems, we’re unable to provide our publishers with any details about their account activity.


    The Google AdSense Team

    On 04/14/13 02:19:32 adsense-adclicks@google.com wrote:


    This message confirms that we’ve received your appeal submission.

    We’ll get to your appeal as soon as we can, though due to the high volume of emails we receive, it may take us up to a week or more to process it. If you’ve previously submitted an appeal for this account, you might not receive a response to this or future appeals.

    Also, please be aware that appealing the disabling of your AdSense account does not guarantee that it will be reinstated.

    If you have any questions or concerns about accounts disabled for invalid activity, please visit https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=57153.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


    The Google AdSense Team

    We understand that you may want more information about your account activity. However, because we have a need to protect our proprietary detection systems, we’re unable to provide our publishers with any details about their account activity.<—END

    I understand exactly what it means it means plainy put we have no PROOF of why we shut you down and we can do what the hell we want nanner nanner boo boo!
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    Name should be HAHAWEGOTYOU.com

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