Golden Nugget Fire Intentionally Started

    March 16, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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The fire at Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget casino, seeing one hospitalized and many other evacuated, has been ruled intentional by local investigators, who are beginning an arson investigation into the blaze.

According to Inquisitr.com, the fire began Thursday morning in one of the guest rooms on the 22nd floor:

The blaze, which was reported at 8:26am, occurred in an unfinished guest room on the 22nd floor that was used strictly for storing linens and bedding while the floor is being remodeled, according to Tim Szymanski, spokesman for the Las Vegas Fire Department.

The hotel’s sprinkler system contained and extinguished the fire, but as indicated, one person was hospitalized. The local Las Vegas Fox affiliate has an embeddable report of the incident, and the subsequent determination of the fire’s origin is also discussed:

Their report also reveals the damage to the hotel was limited to $1000:

The 22nd floor, along with floors 23 and 24, are closed for renovations. Firefighters evacuated 50 people from floors 21 and 25 as they rushed up the stairs to combat the blaze… Szymanski said the fire caused about $1,000 in damage to bedding material, but the room itself was unscathed.

Considering the potential damage such a blaze could’ve caused, it appears the Golden Nugget’s fire suppression system was worth the investment.

  • scott

    Hmmm. Arson used to be quite common in Vegas. Anything’s possible I imagine, as you say, perhaps someone lost everything at the Craps table and wanted ‘payback.’ That former all black Resort, the Moulin Rouge? It used to suffer from insurance and other arson related fires several times over the years, especially since its closure. Thanks. I looked it up online and several fires have been set since the 50’s and 60’s to destroy the bldgs that remain or foil anyone’s attempts to remodel. And the Nugget has changed hands many times recently, even before and since the reality show. Lots of bad blood probably remain since lots of jobs were lost in the past few years, including mine. Lots of faithful loyal folks were simply released since 9/11, too in town.