Gmail Gets Over 100 New Input Tools

    October 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced today that it is adding over 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs (input method editors) to Gmail, giving users tools to type in different languages and keyboard layouts for improved international communication.

“Finding the right words can be difficult, especially across languages, and once you choose them, finding a way to type them can be even harder,” says product manager C. Andrew Warren. “Try emailing family in Germany, chatting with friends in China or adding a Russian business partner’s name to your contacts and you may find yourself limited by the language of your keyboard.”

Gmail Input tools

“These tools enable you to type in the language and keyboard layout you’re accustomed to, making it easy to keep in touch with family, friends and coworkers from any computer,” says Warren. “You can even switch between languages with one click.”

Google supports 75 languages with these tools, noting that Gmail only supported five when Google introduced indic transliteration to the product a few years ago.

You can access these features by checking the box next to “Enable input tools” under “Language” in “Settings”. Then, you’ll see the icon for the tools next to the Settings button in your toolbar. You can turn input tools on and off from there.

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