“Glee” Star Sued By Former Girlfriend For Sexual Assault

By: Amanda Crum - January 23, 2013

“Glee” star Mark Salling has found himself in a position no guy ever wants to be in and is maintaining his innocence despite a new lawsuit.

Salling’s former girlfriend, Roxanne Gorzela, is accusing him of sexual battery and assault after an incident in 2011 in which she says the two had a fight over Salling refusing to wear a condom when they were intimate after she’d expressly told him she wanted him to wear one. When she later confronted him about the incident and asked if he had any STDs, she says, he became physically violent and pushed her down, causing her injury. She filed a police report the same day.

Gorzela is seeking unspecified damages, but Salling’s publicist has already begun damage control, saying there is no truth to the claims.

“There is no truth to this. It’s the textbook case of a disgruntled girl looking to cash in on a TV star’s success,” she said. “We turn the rest over to Mark’s attorneys and have no further comment.”

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  • Jane

    Another jerk trying to get away with pushing a woman around just because he is famous. She asked a valid question because it sounds like he pretty much raped her when she blatantly wanted him to wear a condom. Good for her. I hope she sues the craaaap out of him and it goes the distance. We have to put these jerks in their place. When NO means NO it means NO!!
    He looks like a womanizer rapist. I hate that stupid cheesy show. I’ve never watched a full episode. Now I will NEVER watch it for sure.

    • Mike B

      Way to pre-judge how people look. What if the girl is the mental case and just wants money and her 15 mins of fame because she’s some wannabe? Innocent until proven guilty. You’re a douche.

    • N8tiveTxn

      So what you are saying…is that you will not watch the show, because you hate it? so why even bother…you’re laughable!

  • Vintagedog

    Jane……………..they had consensual sex and she was too lazy to look for herself, so he “pretty much raped her”? Where the hell do they find fools like YOU? It’s MUCH MORE like, this hooker laid down, and now wants her payment!

    • Kayla

      you’re right jane didn’t get that right at all. and who cares if glee is a terrible show what does that have to do with who he is and what he did? because he is an actor in the show? whoa that’s immature and not thought threw well

  • Mike W/

    Another dirt bag looking for a payout. The American female has become an utter disgrace. The way to go is to date foreign women or those that are first generation American. Otherwise, you get stuck with a violent nasty feminist with a butt so big that it should have a sign saying “Wide Load” hanging from it.

    • Peace Angel

      One in three women will be raped in America before they turn 18. The rapists and women beaters are the one who are an utter disgrace.




  • Matt

    Jane, so your a typical woman thinking that every guy is guilty of rape just because a woman is trying to take the easy road on life and take his money claims that it happened. You sound like a feminist bitch.

  • mia modern

    The thing about this story that is GLARING is that there is someone on “GLEE” who isn’t homosexual. Who knew?

    • Anne-Marie

      The only homosexual actor on “Glee” is Chris Colfer – you stereotyping moron.

      • blindfeline

        Actually Jonathan Groff. And Jane Lynch to name a few.

      • Gryff

        Actually, Chris Colfer isn’t the only homosexual in the cast. There’s Dot Marie who plays the football coach, and of course, Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester! Then, there’s Jonathan Groff who had played one of Rachel Berry’s boyfriend. 😉

  • Aaron

    if it were rape then he would be charged with more than sexual battery. Im not saying he didn’t push her or anything but WHERE ARE YOU GETTING RAPE FROM?

  • Jennifer

    Okay.. there has to be two sides of the story which we’re getting. He says he didn’t do it (which could very well be possible).. she says he did it (which could also be possible).. but look at it from both sides.. What if she is lying? Girls lie. Just because she said he did it, doesn’t mean that it actually happened. But.. that also goes vice versa.

  • Winnie

    So he refused to wear a condom after you said you wanted him to do so. But you continued having sex with him. Then you confront him about whether or not he had an STD. So are you saying he raped you after you asked him to put on a condom? If that is the case, why didn’t you file a report after the rape and not after the alleged “assault” where he pushed you down? This story (as they are telling it) does not make sense.

  • Michelle

    Cmon jane cut the act we all know you’re really Roxanne smh