Giuliana Rancic Wants More Kids After Baby Saved Her

    June 13, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Giuliana Rancic had a well-documented struggle with getting pregnant; it was the subject of many episodes of her reality show, “Giuliana and Bill”, which showcased the E! host’s life with her husband. After several invasive rounds of IVF–In Vitro Fertilization–Giuliana was told she had to have a mammogram done as part of the treatment. If it hadn’t been for the couple’s struggles to conceive their son, Duke, she might not have known she had breast cancer until it was too late.

“Technically this baby saved her life because had she not gone through IVF — the doctor made it mandatory that she get a mammogram — they would have never found what they found so we owe this little guy debt of gratitude and I’m sure he’ll never let you forget it!” Bill said.

Despite their struggles to conceive and all the pain that came with it, the couple say they definitely want to try it again.

“We’re definitely thinking about it,” Giuliana said. “We’d love another child. So, we’ll see. I’m like, ‘Bill, I’m Italian, I need a big family.’ I mean, there’s nothing more beautiful. I think [you should] have as many kids as you can handle!”

Rancic had to undergo a double mastectomy in 2011 to save her life, but is in good health these days. She says Bill was the main factor in getting through it.

“I feel so bad when I meet a woman who doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend or someone that can take care of her…I don’t know how they do it,” she said. “More than anything, yes, [Bill] was at all the doctor’s appointments, but where I really needed Bill was at 2 o’clock in the morning when I would wake up sweating and crying and just devastated. That’s where I needed Bill to calm me down and talk me off the ledge. I wish there was a way I could be with these women, in the middle of the night when they wake up like that, because that’s the scariest thing. That’s why I always say to friends of women going through breast cancer, try to sleep over, try to be there, ‘cause that’s when you really need someone — in the middle of the night when you just wake up and your just like, ‘What the hell is going on?’”

  • Mildr ed Willingham

    Congratulation Guilliana & Bill on your new Baby Duke and I wish you many more children because you both are very good at whatever you do together. (Smile w/ God all things are possible). I don’t get to see you on Cable Channell #136 in Ky. But I feel as if I know You and Bill. I am 65 yrs young and married for 11 yrs. to my last two Babies Father. I had five girls ,1 grandson, 1 grand-daughter and a bun in the oven grandchild by daughter #3. Children are a blessing from God. P.S. I was unwed,fertile and retired from 30 yrs as office Assistant. No regrets. Just lots of love for my African American Family. I am also a empty nester My Husband and I.

  • Efan

    She was so good in that movie “A Bug’s Life”

    • Lawrence

      This is a joke, right? Cuz she does look like a bug! Only I always thought she looked like a turtle.

  • momof2

    I have watched her struggles but have to wonder if she really wants another child.I have watched her with the one she has and when she holds him she acts like she has no idea what to do with him.She acts like she is on edge and sort of hands him off to her husband constantly.Hope she has another for the right reasons.

    • Lawrence

      There is a reason “from above” why some people can’t get pregnant. But they try to override their karma and take their own will into their hands. People who don’t have a clue how to raise a child shouldn’t interfere with destiny.

  • Susan

    I wish her well, she adores her son and hope she can have more children. I really liked her comment on wishing she could be there with women who have breast cancer. It’s horrible to go it alone, I have been doing it for a year and a half now.

  • Meranda Perla

    Why doesn’t she try to conceive her own child Or use invitro? They certainly have the money for it. It could be she could not conceive because she is too thin and probably over exercises. It just seems to me that the last time someone carried her baby she acted like she was in a movie.

    • emma

      Did you not read the article? They tried for years to get pregnant. Finally, they realized a surrogate was the only way, short of adoption.

    • Lawrence

      I have to agree with you it is because she is too thin. You need fat to produce estrogen. But she did use in vitro and the fertility drugs gave her breast cancer, so they told her to stop trying while getting cancer treatment.

      • Kari

        I weigh 100 pounds & gave birth to twins. I am super-duper skinny. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • mgk

    That’s great that they want more kids. She may never be able to have children of her and bill’s. This is an avenue, if you have the money and apparently they do.

  • MargieGSimon

    That’s great that they want more children. Guilliana and Bill may never be able to have kids of their own (born).
    its great that they have the money to do this. What about some of us, that can’t afford to do this, because of no money.

    • Team Rancic All The Way!!!

      They sperm and the egg that produced the embryo was “THEIRS”

      It is their child. Someone else just carried it.

    • Team Rancic All The Way!!!

      They sperm and the egg that produced the embryo was “THEIRS”

      It is their child. Someone else just carried it.

  • Jennifer

    Look you want another child then do so. If you have the money that you make millions of dollars. then have one. United States is nothing more than a “if you have the money then you can make a baby”.

    Octo fraud – Kate gosselin, mommy duggar and Julian REsnic and crew all of you populate the world. While there is so many single women above the age of 40 whom wanted to have kids but never found the right guy to settle down with. Now like I said … shouldn’t we be concentrating on helping women get jobs and support ourselves first?

    the rich of a person and material…. dear goodness on my future as a good person.

  • Lawrence

    So stupid, this thinking. The IVF drugs CAUSE breast cancer, which is why the doctor makes a point of checking for it. DUH! The baby didn’t reveal the cancer, the treatments CAUSED it. But this will never be public info, so they let the Rancics carry on thinking otherwise, otherwise in vitro would be out of business. BTW, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s a statement of fact.

  • jds

    she should gain some weight to get pregnant. i watched her show years ago and her doc told her to gain 10lbs and that would up her chances of getting pregoo naturally-she was horrified and all but flat out refused to gain weight. shes an idiot.

    • Team Rancic All The Way!!!

      Gaining weight is not her issue! The woman is on anti-cancer meds for the next five years! How many of your relatives or friends have gone through cancer and it NOT changed their appearance????

      I have three children all natural births and I was 5’7″ and weighed 105 lbs and all three kids were 7lbs or more and i was still very tiny! Big or small, it hurts to be called names and picked at and made fun of! I just don’t understand why folks are sooooooo freaking MEAN! It hurts me to see anyone picked on or poked fun of.

  • Incognito

    Typical ignorant human, as if the world doesn’t already have enough people in it, let’s concieve and make another child so that he can go on to live the same pointless life like everybody else. Also, who gives a damn if she wants to have children, do we really need to post this on the internet? On that note, its 2013 where the fuck is my jetpack!? God damn, when is someone gonna send this world into nuclear war and just kill us all?! These are the things we should be discussing…